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    OCZ Apex or Intel X25-M

    Go with the OCZ. I have an older version that is half the speed and it rocks!! The Apex series is rated faster than the Vertex series.
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    The most puzzling computer problem ever

    I had a similar problem with two Gigabyte MBs like yours. Ended up having to RMA both of them for Gigabyte to replace the BIOS chip. Those boards are very flaky. Google the net for horror stories.
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    pureSilicon Debuts World's First 1TB 2.5-Inch SSD

    I have bought 3 SSDs (2x 32GB and 1x 64GB) in the last few months. The speed increase for gaming is incredible and since I am almost 100% only reading data when playing my games the failures due to too much writing to the SSD should not be a problem. I've had more HDDs fail than you can count...
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    Mixing copper and brass in a loop?

    Copper is a good algaecide and much cheaper than silver.
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    Samsung Now Producing 256GB Solid State Drives

    Vanguard is one game that is already over 20 GB and it is 2 years old now. I bought a 32 GB OCZ SSD to put it on and the speed difference is phenomenal.
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    Gigabyte P45 Motherboards

    After having TWO Gigabyte P35 mobos go out on me within a day of each other there is NO WAY I will ever buy another Gigabyte product. Their boards have a huge issue with the BIOS and they havent fixed the problems in over a year of selling the newer ones. Newegg has even discontinued selling...
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    Should I upgrade my 780i to a 790i?

    I just bought an EVGA 780i SLI mobo, but now I read all kinds of horror stories about it and memory problems. Should I pay the $105 to upgrade it to a 790i SLI board or does that one have the same issues? Feedback needed.
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    Help needed troubleshooting

    Well I got hers up and running with my mobo. However, as soon as I tried to put my Crucial Ballistix DIMMs in it died again. Tried removing the battery and resetting the CMOS overnight, but still no love. The only thing that seemed to work so far was completely disassembling the computer and...
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    Help needed troubleshooting

    It isnt even trying to read the BIOS it seems like. No POST, nothing. Mine just sits there powered up but nothing else. Hers is still rebooting over and over and over. We've had them running for about a year with minor problems of this sort, but now they arent able to even POST or get to the...
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    Help needed troubleshooting

    Well it isnt the PSU.....got a new one and same thing. In searching the web there are tons of people with this complaint and no real fix other than RMA the board to Gigabyte it looks like. If I dont power the CPU the computer will stay on without any problem, but then of course I cant really...
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    Help needed troubleshooting

    It is a P35 board. Gigabyte P35C-D3SR. Any trick to get it to stop doing that?
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    Help needed troubleshooting

    My wife's computer has developed a problem when it is powered off completely. It will power up for a few seconds then it shuts down for a few, powers up for a few, shuts down for a few. It repeats the cycle until you force it to power down by holding in the power button. The computer is about...
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    MMORPG Clubhouse

    Current Subscriptions: - Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Games Played in the Past: (including games I beta tested or played but didn't sub to) - The Realm, Ultima Online, Asheron's Call, Everquest, Asherons Call 2, DAoC, NWN, Star Wars Galaxies, Wish, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars...
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    what was your first computer?

    Sinclair ZX-81 upgraded with 2K and I put it together from a kit! Then I got the 64K module and I was waaaaay overpowered!!!
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    BSOD help needed

    I built this computer (check system specs to the left) and an identical one for my wife a couple of weeks ago and have been plagued with random crashes since I powered it up. Most of the errors are PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA or PFN_LIST_CORRUPT type stop errors with other random ones thrown in...
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    BiTMICRO Prepares 416GB 2.5-inch Solid State Drive

    Bah...you youngsters. I still have my old 20MB HD from the first computer I had that even HAD a HD!
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    Random BSOD and blackouts...help please

    I built this computer a couple of weeks ago and have been plagued with random crashes since I powered it up. Sometimes it will go for a long time playing very graphic intensive game so I dont think it is heat related although it might still be. I ran Memtest86 on it for about 10 hours and it...
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    Which 24" monitor?

    I looked at those monitors, but decided to go with this one for about the same price: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824116084