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    XFX 550 Core out of stock, what to get ?

    Hi everyone A friend of mine is building this gaming pc: Asus H81M-E / MSI GTX 760TF / i5-4670 / 2x4gb DDR3 1600 / Samsung 840 120gb / HDD 1TB , and was planing in using a XFX pro 550w core edition, but it is out of stock for 1 week, and he would like to have the pc tomorrow. So, is there any...
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    How configure my PWM fans ?

    Hi guys So yesterday I got 2x Notua's NF-A14 PWM. It's the first time I have PWM fans and I can't get them to work like I want. I tried to configure them with the MB Q-fan controller but it doesn't offer the flexibility that i want ( minimum rpm to high, and with medium temps to much rpm ) ...
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    Calibrate Asus VG248QE

    Hi guys I just got my VG248QE, and i was wondering how to calibrate it. Everywhere I look people say that you should always calibrate a new monitor, but i've never done it before. Does anyone have a guide or could give some help in how to get the best out of my monitor ? Thanks
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    What are the best fans for my situation ?

    Hi guys So, I recently bough a new PC :D . Zalman Z11 / Asus Maximus VI Hero / 4670K / Asus DCII GTX 770 / Corsair TX 650 V2 After playing some games i realized that my gpu was running a little bit to hot from what i expected, due to the fact that it was not receiving any fresh...
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    New Machine, Budget around 1400 dolars

    I only choose the asus board because i'm planing in staying with it for a long time, i will only change MB when the 4670k becomes a bottleneck( which i hope will take a long time, 5 years or so), and because of that I would like to have a reliable one.
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    New Machine, Budget around 1400 dolars

    Hi guys! So i have just decided to build a new gaming rig, since mine is getting a little too old. The computer will be mainly to play games like BF3/BF4, Crysis 3, Dayz, WoW etc. I will overclock (nothing too serious, 4.3GHZ maybe), but not for now, in the future i will buy an...