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    AMD Piledriver is called "FX NEXT"

    I like how on the slide it says "10% better x68 performance (Based on AMD projections using digital media workload)". Probably means IPC that is still really bad, maybe 1.25% better per "core" and 10% in highly threaded apps :shadedshu
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    [FS][US] FS: Foxconn Bloodrage X58 Motherboard, MSI GTX 580 OC

    Price drop on the Bloodrage. Happy 4th!
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    [FS][US] FS: Foxconn Bloodrage X58 Motherboard, MSI GTX 580 OC

    FS: *PRICE DROP*Foxconn Bloodrage X58 Motherboard SOLD Comes with all accessories pictured (2 SATA cables, driver disc, IDE cable , manual, I/O shield, original sound card). Also has a Scythe Mini Kaze fan attached with zip ties to IOH. Definitely one of the best X58 boards out there, in the...
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    New reference design for the GTX 570? Anyone see it?

    I was wondering this too but couldn't find any information on it. Does anyone know the about this supposed alternate revision? I would hope they beefed up the 4 phase VRM, since they tend to not like to be OCed really high or else boom.
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    GTX 570: Unbelievable low load temp (53c)

    Are you running Furmark with the /gtx500ocp switch? Your card might be downclocking and that's why it's low. But depending on your ambient it could be feasible. My 580 Lightning only goes to mid 60s at 920 core so the MSI Twin Frozr III coolers are pretty damn good...
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    [FS][US] Mushkin 998692 3X2GB

    It's BBSE but still a pretty good kit :) edit: just so everyone knows this isn't a troll post or anything: proof, more proof, and one more
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    Crossing over to Sandy Bridge, which mobo (and other questions)?

    As others have said Biostar TP67XE is pretty awesome. It's a great board for the price, however the layout isn't as good as some other boards, and it only has 5 SATA ports. For a slight increase in price, you can consider the AsRock P67 Extreme4. It's a pretty nice board with a slightly...
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    TSeries TA990FXE Leads AM3+ Charge for Biostar

    Just because it's 4+1 doesn't mean it sucks. You guys need to understand quality is a major factor. The Biostar 890FX only used a 5+1 phase, but you didn't see reports of it exploding did you? No, it could capably handle all hexacores overclocked. MSI 4+1 phases were terrible quality, that's...
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    Sapphire Pure Black 990FX-N is Purely for CrossFire

    VRM heatsink is pretty ugly IMO.
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    Need a good 1090t cooler that sits high.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5 people calling it a gimmick. umadbro? Welcome to the Internet, where people have opinions. Again, I said this is my opinion, and it's not like I'm the only one who thinks this way. Oh, and some relevant information to the original topic. On Superbiiz you can get the Venomous...
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    trade a 1055t for a i7 860?

    Memory performance may help a little bit, but really it's just that the CPU architecture is much, much faster on Sandy Bridge than Phenom II. Phenom II is about on par/slower than Core2Quad CPUs clock for clock like the Q9550. Since Core2Quad, Intel has released Nehalem, Lynnfield, and Sandy...
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    trade a 1055t for a i7 860?

    In the majority of games a Thuban will suffice, but single threaded performance is nowhere close to i7 chips. So if a game is poorly optimized and isn't multithreaded, you will take noticeable FPS hits. Take for example Starcraft II. Keep in mind it only utilizes two cores so the 6 core...