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    win 7 only sees 3.98gb usable memory

    I installed 8 GB memory and the system only sees 6 gb and of those six only 3.98 gb usable
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    FX 8150 voltage constantly changing

    CPU AMD FX8150 -Voltage constantly change between 0,8 to 1.44, also do cpu velocity reaching 4.5GHZ, and bus speed and multiplier.I didn´t overclock it never Is that OK? I measure it with CPU-Z and HMW blackbox
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    usb mass storage overcurrent

    sold an Asus P6T with Core i7 and now, he who bought it, sent it back to me saying that don't work I try to repair it but I can not even boot. The machine stop with a suspicious message, it said, usb mass storage found and configured usb overcurrent, the machine will shutdown in 15 seconds...