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    BEHRINGER Debuts New Active Loudspeakers with Wireless Mic Technology

    These are active speakers, which means they can be connected to a PC directly (without an amp) and serve as very decent desktop speakers. They also have digital sound input, which is great, because many desktop speakers don't.
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    Manli Introduces its GeForce GTX 650 Ti Graphics Card

    Dunno, doesn't look manli at all...
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    GIGABYTE Introduces the Most Powerful All-in-One PC

    Gosh, this thing is ugly, who'd want it on their desk?
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    MSI Introduces OC Certified Mainboards - Change the Game of Overclocking

    What would be the price premium for this? I can do my own 24hr stress test for free and then return the mobo if I get problems. Once again this is for lazy people with money.
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    AMD Gaming Exec Departs Chip Maker for Rival NVIDIA

    Big pay-checks do wonders!
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    AMD Readies Radeon HD 7950 GHz Edition

    too little, too late
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    Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Pits Cheaters Against Cheaters

    According to the poll there are 5% of cheaters :laugh:
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    Cooler Master Launches the Silencio 650 PC Case

    Slick, I like
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    Swiftech Launches the Apogee Drive II CPU Water-Block with Integrated Pump

    I'm a noob in water cooling, so the only other part that I will need for this to run is a radiator? And I'll need to pay for it separately? Also, what's the benefit of having the pump on the block vs. the radiator?
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    VIA Initiates APC: The $49 Android PC

    I'll take the banana
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    TIM is Behind Ivy Bridge Temperatures After All

    Hey, at least it's a cheap and easy fix; 10 minutes and you have a 15 degree drop in temps. Also, how about ditching the IHS altogether and attaching the cooler directly to the core, or will the pressure cause it to crack?
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    EVGA Develops Sleeved PCI-E Cable Adapters for Select Graphics Cards

    Wow, I think that's the cleanest cable management I've ever seen. The insides of my PC look like a jungle.
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    Intel Cuts Prices of Core i7-2600K and i7-2700K

    It's not a price cut, it's an insult.
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    GIGABYTE GTX 680 SuperOverclock WindForce 5X Pictured Some More

    Need a real review with sound and heat levels.
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    Ivy Bridge Temperatures Could Be Linked To TIM Inside Integrated Heatspreader: Report

    "Using thermal paste to do the job results in slightly inferior heat transfer" - well that's an understatement! Also, everybody is talking about waiting for another stepping, but I'm not sure much can be done here, considering the 22nm tri-gate process itself is an inherent obstacle.
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    Nofan Unveils All-Copper CR-95C Silent CPU Heatsink

    Very odd and cool looking, might get it just as a paperweight and conversation piece for my desk!
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    NVIDIA Teases Upcoming Product

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    Core i7-3770K Retail Boxes Pictured, TDP 95W, Overclocks Worse Than Sandy Bridge?

    Disturbing news indeed, totally didn't expect this.
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    ASUS Launches the P8Z77 WS Motherboard

    Sweet board
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    Philips Announces the 241P4LRY 'ErgoSensor' Monitor

    I don't like invasive features
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    Zionote Unveils WireDream High Grade SATA Cables for Content Production Houses

    With all the silver and gold will make for cool jewelry like a wrist bracelet or something
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    GK110 Specifications Approximated

    This card would be a perfect replacement for my 580, can't wait!
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    Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Concept Art Surfaces

    I like it
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    Eurocom Ships the World's Most Powerful 3D On-the-Go 12 lbs (5.5 kg) Notebook

    My desktop weighs less, ridiculous.
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    Spire Introduces the TME III CPU Cooler

    Wow, I didn't realize TherMax Eclipse II beat NH-D14! The only drawback is that it's noisier.