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    usb 3.0

    its all 3.0. thought about a better cable too, but the only "upgrade" is a 10m cable with amplifier for 30 euro.
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    usb 3.0

    I am using a 5m extension cabel and a hub with its own 0.5m usb cabel. I thought it should work, or is it just too long ? I get ocasional disconnects even with just a headset, key, mouse and webcam.
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    Anime Nation

    Is that here on earth ? You sure ?? How did that happen ???
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    BIOSTAR Ready to Launch Motherboards with Built-in ASICS – Great for Bitcoins

    u dont have to pay 15-20% for money transfers. that alone is huge. theres other stuff good and bad, but all in all the general idea is very nice.
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    BIOSTAR Ready to Launch Motherboards with Built-in ASICS – Great for Bitcoins

    ..2 years ago, it was done with gpus. Now the required compute power is 1 million times higher, good luck with those.
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    1600 ram is crazy, try 1500 or less. thats where tons of errors are coming from.
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    What's up with Origin

    With so much finger in your face u still want to activate ? You sure ???
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    4k: How long till you jump on board?

    So basically, for free. I would like that too :-)
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    New batch of Sapphire R9 280X TOXIC is with changed RAM ! reduce efficiency by 15% !

    Even with real ram, theres a bottleneck starting at 870 mhz gpu, which is kinda sad, considering the price and the stupid overclocking advertisement for the card.
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    Strange GPU overheating

    Is the fan still good ?
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    Is RAM Disk worth it?

    SoftPerfect RAM Disk, free, set any size, works like a charm. Great if u want to play poe without loading lag.
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    Bitcoins Bankruptcy

    From pole position to just 20% market share within a few years, dunno what happened to them, but its quite an achievement. There are new exchanges, none of them is great, but it will do. So you will prob see more coins in the future. Oh and btw, trading at ebay, thats just people throwing their...
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    ASUS MX299Q 29" UltraWide Designo LED Monitor

    Aweful. Get some catleap, crossover whatever. Got mine for 240 E + tax.
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    Does the current AMD GPU price gouging effect your GPU purchasing?

    Its just retailers. Saw a Sapp 290x for 454, one day later price went up to 620 euro. So whos more greedy, miners or retailers ???
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    Asus R9 290X Direct CUII terrible hashrate 465!!!-HELP!!!

    reading skillz are overrated, obviously
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    Asus R9 290X Direct CUII terrible hashrate 465!!!-HELP!!!

    play with the miner settings, they are probably just bad. too much intensity will give alot of stales. your memory clock is prob too high, producing errors and reducing your hasrate bigtime.
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    100 GHz Transistor

    Its not their fault, intel is still selling their ancient x86 stuff and will prob for the next 200 years
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    7870 to 280x worth it?

    60% more is nice, but 2560 is 100% more pixel than 1650 and the next gfx batch comes in october which might close the gap
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    AMD Embraces Gamers With AMD Rewards Program

    reward me with a driver that can play dota. 10 fps is not enough for 280x and the last drivers.
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    sapphire 280x low memory speed not working

    Oh yes, ur right. Low power state AND low memory max speed.
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    sapphire 280x low memory speed not working

    Cant test on another computer, its just strange..
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    sapphire 280x low memory speed not working

    Anything below 1200 mhz and the desktop will flicker wildly. Is this normal for them or should i rma ?
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    OFFICIAL Rust (Discussion)

    Maybe i give it another try on server no.4, but i guess it will be the same.
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    OFFICIAL Rust (Discussion)

    Get ur own server is probably the better option, 90% of rust players are cheaters. noclip aimbot duping maphack speedhack and flying, its all there.
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    no sound ?

    Got a new lcd with speakers, but ccc 13.5b2 tells me it doesnt support sound. Its connected with a dual link dvi cable to a 7870. Is this a driver error or do i need to do sth special ?