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  1. Sonido

    How to run Black Ops at 60FPS?

    Tere was a recent update that optimized the CPU utilization. It should be working properly. It does for me.
  2. Sonido

    How to update games on Steam?

    He's right. It's done automatically, unless you set it up so it doesn't update. You can check by right clicking the game, go to properties, and hitting the "UPDATES" tab. It should say "Always keep this game up to date". It should show in your downloads section if it's updating. Mine updated...
  3. Sonido

    FYI on future ATI products

    Hey, long time no see. I've been busy, and I'm going to get even busier. Anywho, let's get on with it. R800 A.K.A. Evergreen = Released R900 = Specs are done; prototype being built by design engineers; slated for a Q2 2011 launch. R1000 A.K.A. R1K (Rick) = Specs being finalized; no...
  4. Sonido

    COM port for Internet ??

    It's used for connecting terminals to routers for configuration. We have plenty of those for our company's Cisco routers. Cisco doesn't use them exclusively, though
  5. Sonido

    Radeon HD6XXX Hecatoncheires

    Correct. The next line-up will consist of new architecture. The only thing is it isn't just because of nVidia's developments. There's something else to it. Once it comes out, you guys are going to say "Oh, that makes sense." I'm proud of the company's dedication. By the way, Fudzilla isn't...
  6. Sonido

    PhysX only using one cpu core?

    Well, it's complicated. They won't do it themselves, but they aren't against someone else doing it. Meaning, AMD won't, but if you can, great!
  7. Sonido

    SCSI terminators - active vs. passive

    How dare you make me doubt myself! *Shakes Fist Angrily* :p I'm pretty sure you are correct on the 25 classic, but 50-pin is called narrow. After 68-pin came to be, it was changed to narrow and 68 became known as wide. 2 50-pins is also known as Fast-Wide or Wide-Fast... something like that...
  8. Sonido

    SCSI terminators - active vs. passive

    50 is narrow, 68 is wide. If you are using a 50-pin, I would imagine it's an Ultra2. External or internal, it will need a terminator. Since it's passive, it's possible it's stopping the signal from reaching the receiver at the needed strength. I don't remember what's the minimum voltage for the...
  9. Sonido

    Southbridge Intel X38/X48 while OC

    +1 Werd, but it's close to minimum.
  10. Sonido

    Cat 9.9 Released!!

    I don't waste my good stuff on useless people.
  11. Sonido

    Cat 9.9 Released!!

    Urinate on him when you get the chance. BTW, Cat' 9.9 is in beta. :toast:
  12. Sonido

    Need some help unbricking a Cable Modem

    Well, I have other hardware, but nothing that would justify a trade for a modem. I do have a nForce4 SLI LGA775 board from Gigabyte. But to trade for just a modem would be a bit off.
  13. Sonido

    Need some help unbricking a Cable Modem

    USB drivers don't work for x64. Trust me when I say I've tried everything. :laugh: I don't even know if that would be possible.
  14. Sonido

    Need some help unbricking a Cable Modem

    Oh, funny story. It's not really bricked, per say. It just refuses commands from Ethernet. I flashed it. It worked great, until I rebooted it. Now, it just refuses to allow me back in :(.
  15. Sonido

    Need some help unbricking a Cable Modem

    Huh? I think you're confusing the duplex with the modem I was describing in the OP. Am I right? Or are you asking how I bricked the cable modem?
  16. Sonido

    Need some help unbricking a Cable Modem

    It's all good. Everyone has to learn at some point, right? :) It's a DSL Modem/Switch/Router w/ Wireless b & g. I do believe it can be used as a regular switch, too.
  17. Sonido

    Need some help unbricking a Cable Modem

    Lmao, I kinda figured that. I was kind of curious to see if that's what you meant, though. I was going to ask why... Well, I have a DSL Duplex I can trade you, if you like? Can be mod'd for other services.
  18. Sonido

    Need some help unbricking a Cable Modem

    You want my SB4100 for your SB5100?
  19. Sonido

    Need some help unbricking a Cable Modem

    I could use a BlackCat cable method, but I don't feel like prying it open, soldering the header, buying the BC cable, and getting the software. It's too much trouble for this modem. I have a SB4100. I've tried all the basics, including EB.
  20. Sonido

    HD4850 vs. HD4770 DUEL

    Surprisingly, two 4770's would be around 1 1/2 +/- times the performance of a 4870 (stock). In CF, two 4850's would be more than than the 4770 CF; but, if you OC the 4770's, you would see much better scaling on the 4770's.
  21. Sonido

    HD4870 + HD4890 Crossfire?

    One of the key techs in fusion.
  22. Sonido


    4770 is pretty much a crippled 4870. Still, it's a great performer, though. 2x 4770 = 1 1/2 4870
  23. Sonido


    Bump Added lots of info.
  24. Sonido

    Clarification needed about tv tuner cards

    "Watch Live TV, Record, Pause, Rewind, Playback HD and Analog TV on your PC with Windows XP, XP Media Center Edition 2005 or Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit driver support)" It looks like it has a HD tuner, so you will be absolutely fine.
  25. Sonido

    OMG i just got my GTX 275 Core to 1002

    Look at your current clocks; You are at 400 currently. Play a game and watch it crash.