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    the good ol' days

    Started it all with Super Mario Brothers for the NES and the japanese version of Super Mario Brothers 2. First FPS I played was Wolfenstein 3d and still play it today for vacation boredness relief. But the best of them all is Doom 1/2 and Final Doom, which I also still play today... online that is.
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    [FS] Corsair ValueSELECT PC3200 CAS2.5 Kits & Radeon 9800 PRO 256MB! All NEW & CHEAP!

    Bump. You got some cheap memory your selling there. Too bad my old system is incompatible. :rolleyes:
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    Bad luck with temp sensors!!

    Have you checked if the temperature is set to fahrenheit instead of celsius? Just wondering because 40 degrees C is roughly equal to 105-110 degrees F. Otherwise im stumped too.
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    HD3870 benchmarks are available

    I wish they were able to compare more games in that review. Consider it a teaser.
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    JC's Flea Market.

    Got some good stuff there. Im aware you are selling Doom. Have you tried that out online? It can be quite fun if you are willing to try it out. Can you send some pictures of the 4.1 speakers when you have the time? Thanks.
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    Would like to get PC audio on HDTV

    After installing the mini-jack to RCA converter, all of the sounds work fine. Thanks again.
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    Would like to get PC audio on HDTV

    HAHA. I have never thought of that. I assume you connect the mini-jack to the spot where you usually connect the speakers to. If everything goes well, I am going to have a good weekend after all. :)
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    Would like to get PC audio on HDTV

    I have decided to use my computer to run DVD discs from now on. I have installed component cables on my 7900 gt and was able to run the video at 720p and 1080i with no problems. Now I am stuck on what to do audio wise. I do not seem to have a compatible connection from the X-Fi to the TV. I have...
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    Alcpone's Official 3DMark '06 Compilation

    First time, long time on the 3dmark bandwagon. http://service.futuremark.com/orb/resultanalyzer.jsp?projectType=14&XLID=0&UID=11805200
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    should i wait on r670?

    Assuming that PCI Express 2.0 is backwards compatible, I would wait. Competition is fun.
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT

    The price was much better than I thought. Well.. the 3dmark whores would love the card. :rolleyes:
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    Core 2 overclocking experences.

    In the last week, I was able to get a E6700 after the price cuts and I have begin experimenting on how far she can go all the way. After a couple days of working things out, I managed to get to 3 GHz without raising vcore yet and memory set at 4:5, working at 375 mhz @ 4-4-4-12- 2t. If there are...
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    what program do you guys recomend for monitoring FPS?

    I use nVidia tray tools to monitor my temperature, frame rate, and the amount of system memory use (out of curiosity). There are also other things you can add on to check as well. The con of this program is that it sometimes show the information when you are watching a video. I just disable it...
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    Command and Conquer 3

    GDI's campaign against the Scrin is quite annoying, even on easy difficulty. The only problem I have is NOD mission 15, Operation: Stiletto. Some suggestions can be helpful cause I would like to play the Scrin campaign.
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    C&C 3 has gone gold.

    http://www.commandandconquer.com/intel/default.aspx?id=28#NewsMain Now that the game is completed and the demo has been out for a while, I bet that some of you want this game yourselves, myself included. Since the game is $50 dollars at launch, would you get this during the first week? Also...
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    OpenGL ports of CLASSIC games

    Whoever wants to download the wads can get them here. More information is inside the compressed file. This file requires WinRAR to extract the files. I would like to play some Doom with you guys but I been having strange lag spikes which makes me unplayable during online play. This happened...
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    OpenGL ports of CLASSIC games

    I am not sure if I have his crap, but I am going to compile as much as I can and link it soon. My guess it will be about 350 megabytes compressed by the WinRAR format.
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    CnC3 Demo out

    This is like Red Alert 2 in some way. It is a good and fast game, yet the story is yet again fubared thanks to EA. The Ion Cannon is awesome. Screenshots later. Where is the taticus? O_o
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    OpenGL ports of CLASSIC games

    Doom is unfortunately still copyrighted. People still pirate the thing anyway. I do have that same feeling that ID will not care about it at all. I can also provide about 1 gig of pwads (lingo: User-made maps) if anyone is interested.
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    nVidia owners club house!!

    Oh why not... :) eVGA 7900 GT-KO 256mb (not the superclock edition) @ 510 Core and 875 (1750) memory, unmodded.
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    Gaming : Northwood or Prescott

    Since I never had a northwood Pentium 4, I will not be a help to you that much but my experence with this might help you out in deciding if you want a prescott or a northwood. I have this Pentium 4 Prescott for over 3 years, and was not overclocked until I was able to get a new motherboard...
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    Wireless router/adapter problem.

    After working on this router for a while, I believe that I have a defective wireless adapter. Well... This WMP54G is almost as old as this router, and I am also loving these reviews the people made at newegg about this. Its quite amusing at times reading some of these things.
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    Wireless router/adapter problem.

    I have not noticed about that thread. I am going to take a look tonight and hope for the best. Thanks.
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    Wireless router/adapter problem.

    Hard and soft resets have not done anything to fix the problem. I also have my other system that is connected to the router by a wire and it works flawlessly. I have also checked the wireless signal that I get for Nintendo DS Wi-Fi. It has the same signal strength but has the same effects that I...
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    Wireless router/adapter problem.

    I have a Linksys WRT54G router which is 3 years old and have a Linksys WMP54G wireless adapter that I am using to connect to the Internet via wireless. I am currently having problems connecting to online games. Thinking that my router was the problem, I attempted to connect to another wireless...