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    Anyone seen new AMD Vega 56 custom card ?

    Wasn't there a Gigabyte version, or is it just for V64, if not fake/prototype?
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    AMD "Polaris 12" Surfaces in Linux Drivers

    Given the whole Vega 10 > Vega 11 thing, I'm guessing Radeon's chip naming scheme is uArch 10+no of released chips, meaning Polaris 11 <12 < 10 (<10XT) could be a thing, and if they do release a revised P10 that can clock better, it would make sense to have something in between fighting the nV...
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    Apple to ditch 3.5mm headphone jack for the next iPhone to make it skinnier?

    Great, now Apple pandering headphone makers will make getting a good pair even harder, as if the 3-button fruity remote didn't dick Android/Winphone enought
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    OFFICIAL Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Discussion)

    Came expecting leaks for the rumored Adventure, found a PR titbit... and Discovered a new mechanic... which I wanted to slam at first for being more RNG , but than saw that it allowed you to chose a la Tracking, and now I'm intrigued
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    How can I remove album art?

    try MediaMonkey, and either auto-tag, or manually select the cover art if you have
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    Presumably GK104 specs

    3.2 bilion transistors on 28nm = 256 bit GDDR5, for starters
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    best gpu for 3x1080p

    given how well it OC's I'd say HD 7970
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    HIS Unveils its Much Awaited Radeon HD 7970 Graphics Card

    But isn't 4k 4096*2304, and QFHD 3840*2160? Edit: Apparently they ditched the logical 16:9 (at not even for the movie based 21:9) used on Youtube's max rez of 4k, and decided to widen QFHD ...
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    AMD Tahiti GPU Specifications Compiled

    Yeah but Tahiti has almost twice the transistors, and we're talking about a different architecture, so maybe those 2048CU behave closer to 3000 VLW4
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    Hardware idiot looking for advice on a build.

    In the case of a 6870, it will hit some sort of GPU-bottleneck long before the need for more than 1GB ... so I think you should either look for a 1GB 6870, or 6950(1GB will suffice even for it at most res) or a GTX560Ti ... and should the 78xx (die shrink of Cayman) hit the store sometimes this...
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    AMD Tahiti GPU Specifications Compiled

    another thing, isn't 2500/2750 GDDR3 exactly the 1200/1375 needed to reach the specked bandwidth, and very same frequencies used in the 6900 serie
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    AMD Tahiti GPU Specifications Compiled

    Is it me, or 240-264GBps can't be achieved with memory under 1250 GDDR5 on 384 bit?
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    New gaming computer - need some input!

    6(or 12 actually) GB of RAM is bad for LGA1155, but I do agree, even with today's prices 16 is a bit overkill for gaming
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    AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series

    Probably after we get the first taste of NCG(for good or bad), or after we hear more on the next (half) node, so probably not very far in the future :)
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    AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series

    Word has it, AMD is ditching 2^n interfaces for a 384bit GDDR5. Source
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    AMD or NVIDIA for my midrange setup?

    The nVidia is cheaper, but not cheap enough ... so unless you can get some deal on GTX 460 go for the 6850
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    MSI 990FXA-GD65 Value AM3+ Motherboard Detailed

    I have a question... why would make a 2(real) TB (or commercial 2,2 TB) boot partition ... who wants to backup 1+ TB of data every year?
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    Best gpu card for dell dimension e520?

    Well given that even the lowest AMD with 256bit GDDR5, the 4870, is a milion light-years from the 8600gts, I'd say either go for the Radeon or look for a better nVidia
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    i7 950 vs. i7 2600

    2600K no dough ... i only wonder how will Bulldozer fair
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    Is this good for the money?

    Ain't an A70 overkill ... or is it just "laying around" ?
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    How to change the MB without having to reinstall windows ???

    I have a question... why do people in general avoid reinstalling their OS... are they afraid they're forget some setting,password etc, are they too stupid to make a partition for their data, because I can't see sloth kick for an operation that takes an evening or so(including installing...
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    Q6600 3.0ghz or i5 760 or an i3???

    I personally say wait for 6 threads Bulldozer,and then decide whether that or a Sandy 2500/2600K
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    X58 vs P67

    performance gain from X58 would be to small...if you had a AM2+ or LGA 775 P67 would've been the best solution ...but like this ... save for a the HIGH END of the new generation
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    Intel 510 Series SATA 6 Gb/s SSD Slated for March 1

    3$ a Gig,and for that kind of random read/writes :shadedshu
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    Official AMD Radeon 6000 Series Discussion Thread

    Interesting claims given that the GTX570 is 1-4% faster,and even the 580 is less than 15% above the GTX480