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  1. Prima.Vera

    AMD Confirms 2nd Generation Ryzen Processors to Debut in Q1-2018

    So basically just a shrink...pfff. Was expecting better tbh...
  2. Prima.Vera

    Quake Champions to Receive Largest Update to Date

    The game's problem right now is that is filled with an unbelievable number of cheaters and hackers.
  3. Prima.Vera

    Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

    Cannot wait for it. Hopefully they will increase the poly count and especially the res of the textures.
  4. Prima.Vera

    NVIDIA TITAN V Lacks SLI or NVLink Support

    So you're basically saying that adding another card on SLI, is increasing the performance for you ...333% ? Cool story bro.
  5. Prima.Vera

    The Division Update 1.8 Drops Tomorrow with Free Weekend & Free DLC Week

    Got bored pretty quick with this game after 2H. Good thing I was playing for free last year with the same promotion...
  6. Prima.Vera

    Microsoft Azure Becomes First Global Cloud Provider to Deploy AMD EPYC

    Nah. It's just the good inter-companies relations they build, as you correctly said from XBOX, and also, most important the Price/performance ratio those CPUs achieve. Last but not least, the very likely huge discount AMD provided to MS , because let's face it, if you have huge customers like...
  7. Prima.Vera

    HDMI 2.1 Specification Sets New Resolution Standard

    https://www.hdmi.org/press/press_kit.aspx Better? :)
  8. Prima.Vera

    Iiyama Reveals New G-Master GB2730QS and G3266HS Gaming Monitors

    Sorry, this one has even better specs for the same size: http://pr.fujitsu.com/jp/news/1995/Aug/24-e.html
  9. Prima.Vera

    Samsung Starts Producing First 512-Gigabyte Universal Flash Storage

    Meanwhile you still have phones with 64 or even 32GB default storage, and the callous makers are asking super premium if you want double or triple of that...
  10. Prima.Vera

    Apacer's Latest Z280 M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4 SSD Hits Stores

    480GB massive????? :kookoo::kookoo::kookoo::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  11. Prima.Vera

    Latest Intel Roadmap Slide Leaked, Next Core X is "Cascade Lake-X"

    How about new Xeons CPUs? Is not like they don't already have 1000+ different series and types already that nobody can ever understand their purpose....
  12. Prima.Vera

    Latest Samsung 960 Pro Firmware Update Causes Application Freezes, Instability

    Starting to loose faith in Samsung after the 840 Evo's fiasco. And now this. This is UNACCEPTABLE for the top SSD product they have. Planed to buy one but now not anymore. Looking to Toshiba's new SSDs instead.
  13. Prima.Vera

    Intel Collaborates with Amazon to Build $250 DeepLens AI Camera

    I think this overly paranoia thingy has its limits imo....
  14. Prima.Vera

    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 388.43 Game Ready Drivers

    Let's wait for the Hotfix coming next week ;)
  15. Prima.Vera

    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    Is already called SWTOR and is relatively good and enjoyable MMO to play.
  16. Prima.Vera

    Toshiba Memory Corporation Unveils 2TB XG5-P NVMe SSD

    I hope is better and cheaper than a Samsung 960 Evo/Pro. When can we expect a test?
  17. Prima.Vera

    Web Cryptocurrency Mining Evolves: Now Keeps Running After Closing Browser

    Yourporn.com ?? I thought this was a safe site ;)
  18. Prima.Vera

    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    100$ for Deluxe version?? Are you kiddin' me!?!? EA trash!
  19. Prima.Vera

    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    EA is a constant TOP 3 runner, year by year, for THE WORST COMPANY award, hopefully will get 1st or at least 2nd place too this year.
  20. Prima.Vera

    Philips Launches the 356M6QJAB/11 1080p, 35" FreeSync Monitor With Ambiglow Tech

    Wait, is this a monitor or an old HD TV??
  21. Prima.Vera

    ROCCAT's First-Ever VR Game Debuts on Steam at $8

    Can you run this with a Voodoo 3 card?
  22. Prima.Vera

    Biostar Debuts S150 Series Value SSD Lineup with a 120GB Model

    Even for 50 $ is too expensive :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  23. Prima.Vera

    8th and 9th Gen Intel Core Processor Model Names Revealed

    I don't think any company can even come close in matching the ridiculous naming and branding madness that is on Intel's Mobile CPU world... So much stupidity and confusion is too hard to comprehend on this level. And this is an understatement. ... That been said, this is only 1% of what is...
  24. Prima.Vera

    G.SKILL Releases Ultra Low Latency CL17 Trident Z RGB DDR4-4266MHz Kits

    This is just like saying, that in those games there is almost no difference between an Intel i5 vs i7 or Ryzen. ;) If a game is shitty codded (most of them are), it doesn't mean that the hardware to play it should be crappier too. Besides all those tests are done in ideal conditions, with no...