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    PC not displaying when using pci-e cards

    Possibly motherboard issue then.. In which case it looks like a new pc as upgrading this would probably cost a similar amount. Ie board.cpu.ram.gfx etc. I'll keep trying tho, pulled the battery on the board and retried connecting speakers and no luck. Also tried having bother cards in at same...
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    PC not displaying when using pci-e cards

    im baffled, i may b wrong but if was a motherboard issue, wouldnt it fail or give warning beeps on boot or something, didnt think just the pci-e slot/s could fail leaving working pci slots intact, seems very weird to me lol dont think the speakers had anything to do with it tbh ,i simply took...
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    PC not displaying when using pci-e cards

    yes i have tried both cards in both slots without success unfortunatly.
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    PC not displaying when using pci-e cards

    speakers were acting up ,ie no sound and then turning up to max on there own , they are usb and do not need a sound card , so i shut down the pc then disconnected them , upon turning pc back on i had the problem above, its not fun using a geforce 2 mx on win 7 , as is no supported drivers lol...
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    PC not displaying when using pci-e cards

    specs as shown, unplugged my speakers as they were kaput and suddenly im getting no signal when using my gtx 260 , so i swapped it out for an old geforce 2 mx 32mb PCI which works , so back the to 260gtx and no joy ,so i borrowed a gtx 750ti and same thing with that. monitor just says no signal...
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    Upgrade or just buy new pc?

    budget is between £500 - £800 ish , pref as cheap as possible tho :laugh:
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    Upgrade or just buy new pc?

    currently had this PC around 7 years lol, yeah i know its a bit long in the tooth , but works fine with older games , is it worth upgrading gfx card to get a bit more life out of it,or should i just buy a new pc ?
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    3D Monitor advice

    Yeah flickers badly for around a minute or so on startup, maybe because its not warmed up or something? after a min or so it stops and is perfectly fine. tbh i wouldnt have a clue how to go about doing something like that to fix it, i generally tend to make things worse when trying to fix...
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    3D Monitor advice

    Hi all , been out of PC gaming a while ,and now my trusty 22" Samsung monitor is slowly dying , so ive been looking around and found this.. http://www.onyougo.com/acer-gn245hqbid-etug5he015-flat-panel-displays_pi336172 Any thoughts on this? will be running it with my listed specs , any...
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    What is the slowest computer you ever owned?

    my 1st PC was a 486dx2 66mhz with a 1/2 mb grafix card and 4mb ram , i remember buying Doom 2 for it ,and having to rush back to computer shop to buy more ram as 4mb wasnt enuff to get sound effects lol ,previous to that i had plenty of Amigas A500/A600/A1200 and an Atari 520 ST.
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    Duke Nukem Forever developed by Gearbox rumored

    i was under the impression that 3DR went bust , so afaik have nothing to do with the game anymore , unless some ex 3DR staff now work at Gearbox..
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    Google Android users clubhouse

    sign me up , got my htc desire last week , amazing fone , just a shame the battery struggles to last 24 hours lol progs installed so far Games 01.Robo Defence 02.Bonsai Blast 03.Penguin 04.Raging Thunder 05.Speedx 3D 06.aTilt 3D Labyrinth free 07.Classic Simon 08.Space Buster 3D Lite...
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    Laptop Clubhouse!

    add me please :) Lenovo G550
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    Logitech owners club!

    Logitech Z10 2.0 Speakers , love them , better sound than any of my old 5.1s ive had , had these about 3 yrs now.
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    XBOX360 owner clubhouse, come on in ;)

    add me pls , yeah i know im years late , but better later than never :) just bought the new 360 slim 250gb and v nice it is to. gamertag - xubidoo games owned nfs shift pgr 4 forza 3 burnout 3 takedown burnout revenge trials hd super streetfighter 4 modern warefare 2 halo 3 odst duke nukem...
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    Can your CPU handle Youtube's Orignal Source Videos?

    23-24 , but i am on the laptop in my sig :)
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    FPS games that make you sick?

    Half Life 2 , bought it on release and within 30 mins im feeling ill, if i carry on playing , i will actually heave within the hour, which to honest im gutted about, as the little i got to play of it impressed me, got to the hoverboat part and that was that , simply couldnt do it lol. ive pld...
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    F1 2010 (release on Sept. 2010)

    this is my most wanted game of 2010 so far , just hope its as good as it looks, i loved grid personally and hopefully this will be way better :D
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    Corsair Shatters SSD Affordability Barrier

    when u can buy a 1tb ssd for a similar price of a normal hdd is when i'll buy an ssd , until then , they can charge what they like , cos im not buying :)
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    What Game Should I Get? "Thread"

    i really enjoyed both Blur and Alien Breed:Impact just to note , i had no issues with blur microstuttering
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    What are your top five games?

    1.Quake 2 2.Grand Prix 2 3.Grand Theft Auto 1 4.Road & Tracks Need for Speed ( this is the very 1st NFS Game) 5.Doom 2
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    Alien Breed Impact: Awesome Game $13.49 STEAM PREORDER

    i loved the AB series on the Amiga , got mine preordered anyway :) co-op is good yeah but im buying it because i enjoyed the demo.
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    antivirus scan on a non internet connected PC

    a friend of mine has some kind of conficker worm/trojan on his pc , but he does not have any antivirus he also has no connection to the internet ,note he simply doesnt have internet anyway , so its not a case of the virus preventing it , so he cant use any online scanners ,and most antivirus...
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    Split Second

    to be honest , for me at least this game is poor , compared to dirt 2,grid etc , not a patch on burnout either , gfx not that good , sound is hmmm at best and the actual crash effect/damage to your car is almost laughable. when u think grid is at least 2 years old this would be an improvement...
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    Episodes from Liberty City

    got mine on preorder , and it still says its packing , for a whole day.. ,hmm i thought one of the reasons to preorder was that u get the game on day of release :(