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    Wolfenstein Review

    cmon guys the game aint that bad
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    Buying Games Online

    yes will have to talk to him and will have to consult with my other partner also
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    Resident Evil 5 PC Official Benchmark and Release Date

    re4 was pretty good on PC lets hope this one doesnt disappoint us
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    How To...Capture, Convert, and Post your PC Game Play Footage II

    very well written guide bro.Keep up the good work
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    Razer Treats MMO Players with Naga Mouse and Megasome Mousepad

    lol steelseries and razer will kill each other for 1 stupid game that is world of warcraft
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    Buying Games Online

    sure Np
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    Buying Games Online

    THnks bro UT3 only 1 left so buy fast Even thinking abt starting a discount coupon for tpu wats say guys?
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    Buying Games Online

    yep i know but guys watch out for this months special which is going to be batman arkham asylum
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    Buying Games Online

    Oh I know them our friendly rivals
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    Buying Games Online

    Even if we were we would have refunded..... btw wat is that sites name
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    Buying Games Online

    Thnks bro, Regarding DGk they are our competetiors but we have a price which is way better than their prices with exception of some games one of them being COD5.Why we sell only boxed version cd-keys for cod 5? Last year when cod5 was released we sold in december cod5 worth 4000 US$ ,later...
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    Buying Games Online

    Hi bro.Im one of the owner of cdkeysdirect.There have been some problems lately with the sims 3 EA download version, so we have stopped it for time being and we are only selling scanned version straight from retail box.