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  1. J

    It begins..

    Not just asian companies, chinese companies. They're from the same culture so it might have something to do with their culture? Maybe imitating one another is fine for them. Maybe that's how they work. Biostar is a perfect example.
  2. J

    Target Australia pulls GTA5 from shelves...

    "As proven in the passage I quoted from the Bible "And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire." (Leviticus 21:9); the Bible actually does encourage violence against women and it is taught to children in...
  3. J

    OFFICIAL This War of Mine (Review)

    "There’s no bonus for being sneaky and shooting/stabbing someone in the back, you just click a lot." Sorry mate but you're wrong. Shooting from behind someone doesn't give any advantage (other than you score the first hit and increase the chance to kill first because the enemy must turn around...
  4. J

    TechPowerUp and GIGABYTE Announce Game on X'mas Giveaway

    I've got an error or something when I submitted. It looks like I couldn't access the page or something related to connection. Should I repeat it again? Will I violate the rules if I try to submit once more?
  5. J

    exposing nVidia's latest ploy

    Well, that's your thinking, lad. And not every chap is as delusional as you. Other than the spying/logging/tracking part (for feedback so we can improve the OS when necessary, they said) I don't see anything wrong with W10. Tried that one and liked it. So I don't see why I shouldn't upgrade (if...
  6. J

    NVIDIA Announces 'Pick Your Path' Game Bundle

    Well, at least it means I don't have to waste my money on Ubisoft's intentionally gimped, 30 fps locked consolitis products. That's a good point in my book. :roll: Here's hoping the 980 Ti/990/whatever Maxwell in 2015 will come bundled with Witcher 3. :toast:
  7. J

    NVIDIA Outs GeForce 344.60 WHQL Game Ready Driver

    You guys think I should install the driver? I don't play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare so I'm not sure if I should download and install it. Any driver issue I should know regarding Titans in SLI?
  8. J

    Takstar HD 5500

    Thanks, Frederik. I hope I'll see more headphone reviews soon. :toast:
  9. J

    Road Redemption Giveaway

    Count me in. I played Road Rash series on Genesis and despite the frame rate they were quite enjoyable and very fun to play over and over again. I like me some heart-warming, tear-inducing nostalgia.
  10. J

    Corsair Graphite 380T

    Thanks for the review. Honestly that's a nice looking case. Reminds me of my diving equipment. I hope Corsair wouldn't mind sending the bigger sibling for review too.
  11. J

    ASUS X99-Deluxe Leads Company's Mainline

    Such board. So color. Very like. Wow.
  12. J

    ASUS Xonar Essence STX II 7.1 Sound Card

    Great card, great bundles (op-amps FTW) but hefty price. Thanks for the review, Frederik!:toast:
  13. J

    Recommend the love of your life time PC Game

    Funny, heavily modded Skyrim came to mind. But yeah, I played Skyrim together with my girl several times, discussing whether we should make this decision or take that path, or kill this chap or help that lass. I have LG 22MP65HQ IPS monitor I bought mainly for gaming and watching blue-rays and...
  14. J

    AMD and Creative Assembly to Deliver the Ultimate Alien: Isolation Experience

    @arbiter The word is "fanboy", not "troll". Trolls ignore criticism, they just want to get in and spark a conflict then leave. Fanboys can't take criticism, even consider facts as one. And bitching? Nay. I have God, a life, a job, a fiancee and if everything goes as planned will get married by...
  15. J

    AMD and Creative Assembly to Deliver the Ultimate Alien: Isolation Experience

    Fix'd: AMD today announced a new technology partnership with Creative Assembly, developer behind the highly-anticipated "Alien: Isolation." Developed in conjunction with the AMD Gaming Evolved program, "Alien: Isolation" is fully optimized for a premium AMD gaming experience, including native...
  16. J

    Cooler Master V Semi-Modular Series 750 W

    The 12V rail is 62A, not 30A.
  17. J

    TSMC May Lose 16 nm and 14 nm Market Share to Competitors in 2015: Chairman

    Well said, mate. Couldn't do it better myself. On topic, good move by Qualcomm. I personally think NVIDIA should go with Samsung too. TSMC was the only reason why NVIDIA had to (re)use the 28nm chip for Maxwell. It sucks when you have a great plan on hand and can't do anything about it because...
  18. J

    Help me buy a laptop cooler

    Too? :D Mine is JZ, not JX. I don't know about yours but mine has ventilations around the SODIMM and storage area.
  19. J

    Giveaway: "Sniper Elite 3"

    I'm in. My first moving (dynamic?) headshot was scored by... well, you people already played V2 right? So I won't spoil nothing here, I hope. There was this mission - I forgot the name, but it was the last level/mission - where I must deal with the Nazi officer trying to escape in a car...
  20. J

    Help me buy a laptop cooler

    The first and second look fake to me. I don't know about the first link (fake Cooler Master Ergostand?) but the second one is actually a fake version (what the bloody hell is King Cool!?) of Cooler Master Notepal XL. I have Cooler Master Notepal X3, U3 Plus (for my Macbook) and SF-19 (for my...
  21. J

    Microsoft Continues to Proclaim its Love for PC - by doing nothing at E3

    SteamOS is a heavily modified Linux, right? By Valve no less. Perhaps it performs better and has better driver support but time will tell. At least we're going to get a great alternative. And I for one will never buy any steambox or other PC-console crap. With my current rig I could run SteamOS...
  22. J

    Graphics Card Shipments to Drop Drastically in Q2 2014

    This. I've been an NVIDIA customer for, hell, I don't know how long. But one thing always bothered me: the price. I don't know why JHH & Co. always insisted to put high price on their cards. Sure, GeForce's good and they developed their own tech and all though I can't say the same about GFE or...
  23. J

    Microsoft Continues to Proclaim its Love for PC - by doing nothing at E3

    Should I be surprised? It's just MS/MoronSucks being moron and suck. Even with Mantle they still think DX is the best API. Let's see what happened when SteamOS is finally unleashed.
  24. J

    Watch Dogs has stopped working?

    My point was the whole PSU including its amperage, not just the wattage, but I couldn't write a 37A PSU, could I? So I just wrote a 450W PSU. Also, it seems like 780 Ti is not recommended for your PSU (check this list). But sorry if it didn't help. Since you claimed you can run BF4 and other...
  25. J

    Watch Dogs has stopped working?

    Did I read it right? In your system specs you have OC'ed 4770K, 780 Ti and a 450W PSU? Seriously, a 450W PSU? If that's the case then the culprit was your PSU. You ran out of juice. My coworker once had an issue similar to yours and he was using a 550W PSU to power his OC'ed 3770K and a GTX 770...