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  1. MaKCuMyC

    Not all BIOSes listed in VGA BIOS Collection

    Why? I try to submit my BIOS to collection with GPU-Z but get message that it is already in collection. I search on page but can't find it. So I noticed that GPU-Z display the ID of BIOS in collection but to view it in web I need name of vendor, memory size and date of BIOS compilation. I...
  2. MaKCuMyC

    Force3D Radeon 4850 VBIOS update and artifacts after

    Greetings all, I got Force3D Radeon 4850 with artifacts in 2D and non working 3D after the vbios update. I down atiflash for DOS. Since there is no original vbios backup I down some generic ATI roms from techpowerup vgabios collection. I connect card to the second PCI-E in my system and try...