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    Your preferred PC games?

    Battlefield 2
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    TechPowerUp Battlefield 2 Clan: post here if you are joining

    man, wish i could join but im tryin to get folks too. Good luck to you guys.
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    nothin speeds the startup like a format and a fresh install.:)
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    Super Pi 1m scores

    i thought the conroe would do a little better than that, it does rock though.
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    Super Pi 1m scores

    37 s pentium d 805 @ 3.6GHZ
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    Guide to Radeon X800/X850 bios modding

    thanks for all the input i fixed it, got my a vga waterblock! LMAO
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    Guide to Radeon X800/X850 bios modding

    i have a sapphire x850xt and would like not to rely on atitool to keep the fan running properly. I downloaded rabit and used a copy of my bios via atitool to check things out. I dont understand the values at all, it says 0C>5% 16C>33% 33C> 40% 89C>100% and so on and so on. I cant remember...
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    Never realized how well the x850xt PE competes with the 1800/1900 cards

    benchmarks , benchmarks, benchmarks. Does my 850 play everything, yes. Does your 1800 play everything, yes. Idont think paying $400 is worth the extra 1000 points in a benchmarking program when most cards perform just fine in all games, unless this is a paid sport, its nothing other than...
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    Problems With Performance

    also have a look at your voltages while its running, a poor psu will hurt performance if it dips, just another idea to throw at.
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    Getting Naked!?!?!?

    depends on what processor/motherboard you have. If its a older amd athlon it just gets held on by a wire clip, youll find a slot for a flathead screwdriver to fit in on one side, apply just enough pressure to unlatch the clip from the tips. If its a pentium 4 youll find 2 latches tht are down...
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    ATI to Release New Video Cards soon?

    so your saying the 9x cards wont work with 10x? OMG NO!
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    Conroe is in stock at Newegg

    my current cashflow leaves me sitting indian style drooling, watching you guys get suited up for battle. Maybe in 3 years ill upgrade the D , good luck guys!
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    wen is AMD going to lower there prices?

    dont you just hate supply and demand? Why couldnt they lower the prices before intel started getting the upperhand again. Reminds me of the pump.
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    Never realized how well the x850xt PE competes with the 1800/1900 cards

    what it boils down to i guess is thank god were all fortunate here to have decent video cards for gaming wouldnt you say?
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    Never realized how well the x850xt PE competes with the 1800/1900 cards

    its ashame the Tom's doesnt do a $price$ benchmark also:laugh: For $134 buck my 850XT will last me a long time. How much are the 1900's?:eek:
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    BF2 1.4 Patch (Beta)

    its only fun til you uload a tank gun on someone till it overheats and he turns around and runs away LOL dam hackers
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    Overheating in x850XL...how to fix

    thanks juggernaut i didnt know you could edit the bios, i was looking also at coolers, this one is sweet too. VF900 http://www.pro-clockers.com/article.php?id=118&page=1
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    BF2 1.4 Patch (Beta)

    i guess this will effect my being able to connect to servers in leu of the 1.3 patch?
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    Never realized how well the x850xt PE competes with the 1800/1900 cards

    i dont know what your talking about, mine plays fear fine, maybe its your system, im not trying to get in a pissing match cause i really dont care but my 850 runs amazingly great and it plays it all, if i dont need 3 who cares really.
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    Never realized how well the x850xt PE competes with the 1800/1900 cards

    itll still play those games though right?
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    Overheating in x850XL...how to fix

    ok i got the same card i put in 30c/10%-35c/20%-40c/30%-45c/40%-50c/50%-55c/60%-60c/80%-70c/100% it never really goes over 60C in my case (3 80mm pulling through my radiator on top of my pc and 2 in the rear coming in and 1 in the front coming in giving it plenty of fresh air.you need the...
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    Never realized how well the x850xt PE competes with the 1800/1900 cards

    LMAO! i agree with ya man, my X850XT plays it all with NO lag on every game i got at super high settings, quake4 and doom look awsome on ultra settings also and smooth and crisp! I only paid $134 for it too on NEWEGG! Lemme know when version SM 4 comes out so i can snatch up a 3 version super...
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    [FS] Pentium I 100Mhz

    i got a 486, and 2 486s on a dual board setup. I bet itll be worth money someday.:)
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    Things are very blurry

    also try reducing your refresh rates on the monitor just to see if that clears it up, i had a 21" NEC do that too me. When i reduced the refresh rates it would clear up, duno got me as to why.
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    My Asus x1900xtx got destroyed by Ati tool

    that 1900 is a awsome card, were you lagging that badly that you had to overclock it and ruin it totally? My x850xt runs everything fine on super high settings, i aint fryin this baby. Sorry to hear it died man.