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    [Case Gallery] Blue Alien

    it would be cool to cut into the side panel and do eyes for the alien mouth just a thought
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    ram for overclocking an xp-m

    maybe we need more info im on a asus a7n8x with a 2500 mobile it boots nice at 12, but doesnt like 12.5 and above. if i buy ram which will run say, 500mhz (so 250 single) will my mobo support a fsb that high? it has the overclocking options, i just dont want to but overclocking ram if...
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    ram for overclocking an xp-m

    hi guys trying to figure out if i would see any benefit from buying a pc4000 mushkin redline or crucial ballistix 2gb kit for my althlon xp-m. since i have an unlocked multi, would i be able to push the board to 250 or so fsb? because with a 12 multi thats ~3ghz. i have koolance...
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    need gauges for the computer

    this might sort you out http://edgebox.ca/phpwork/andrew/Images/PDR_1064.JPG you should be able to see what each guage says here /ndrew