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  1. Greek

    Acer 8920G screen Blank Urgent Help needed!!!

    Hey guys, god its ben long since i posted here. I have a very annoying problem, a couple of months ago i ordered a battery of ebay for my laptop which fitted perfectly but turned out to be the wrong mAh, so as it was plugged itn it worked for 20 mins the the screen went really blank, i could...
  2. Greek

    New router- Help really weird problem! Belkin N1 Vision

    Hey guys, God its been time since i last posted here, been so busy and have been moving around a lot. Ok i got a Belkin N1 vsision router which i have been using for 1 year no, bought it back in england and used it with Virgin medias cable service. I came to albania for a few months so...
  3. Greek

    What to Buy? URGENT Help,

    he guys god i havent posted in a while been really busy, anyways ill get straight to the point, i have £110 as credit so basically free and not my money, im thinking of getting a Graphics card. im, not sure which one though. my choices are: 8600GT 512MB BFG 8600GTS 256mb EVGA. or keep...
  4. Greek

    !!HELP!! 32" HD-TV not running at 1366*768

    Hey guys, well i went a bought ma self a HD Ready 32" Philips TV, main purpose was to use it as a monitor, and still is, below is the tv. http://www.comet.co.uk/cometbrowse/product.do?sku=386790 my problem is this, i have not choice to setting the monitor on its proper resolution which...
  5. Greek

    BF2 and Vista Problem

    hey guys, well im kinda having a little problem here, i have had vista for about 7 months now, and been playing bf2 for about 2yrs, my problem is this, the game lags when i enter and the loading time is ridicilus, on xp all high settings i could load a map and verify the client data in under...
  6. Greek

    Turion X2 TL-52 or Core2Duo T5300

    hey guys, well i need some quick responses if poissible in chosing the best laptop for my friend, we have our eyes on these two, im just wondering which would be best for him, he watches movies, and music, downloads, but doesnt convert much, below are the two laptops, which would you go for (dnt...
  7. Greek

    32" HDTV and resolution (problems)

    Hey people, its been a wile since i have posted so i thought i'd make this post a little long :P, okay, i have decided to purchase a 32" HDTV which is around 1000:1 contrast ratio, and 8ms response time, it has vga, and hdmi ports. now my question, i have a friend who has this tv that i'm...
  8. Greek

    DDR3 tested, very,very interesting.

    hey guys i came acros this today, i think ull be v.interested to see some results regarding ddr 3 with the ASUS P5K(3) http://www.tweaktown.com/articles/1107/1/page_1_introduction/index.html
  9. Greek

    Overclocked HD 2900XT at 1230 MHZ!! REAL

    hey guys, was looking on on of my tech sites and came acros this, it seem that the new ati card has been o'c to 1230MHZ which is incredible, but even Liquid Nitrogen couldnt keep the card cool in the end it prooved to be too hot, but it managed to do a 3d marks score, check it out...
  10. Greek

    What MOBO???

    hey guys, well its my b-day soon, and i kinda have it in my head for an upgrade, current system is on my specs, i have no problems with my specs at the min, but i just kinda like to be up to date, so ive been thinking of getting a core2duo (omg im going on intel, thats shocking) i have looked...
  11. Greek

    [FS] 1GB PC3200 CL 2.5 [UK Buyers]

    hey guys, i recently bought some ram 1gb pc3200 DDR 400MHz, but it does not work on my mobo as i have cl3 ram allrady in there, this ram is cl2.5 for desktop pcs, manufacture is NCP. note than i am not able to provide any pictures yet as my camera is broke:mad: . if anyone is interested...
  12. Greek

    CPU Temp Program

    Hey guys, im on a amd athlon xp 2800 comp, k7 series amd, and i would like to download a program that will allow me to see my temo, i ve tried core temp but no help and speedfan, i used to use one called performance something i think when i was on xp ages ago but i cant find the exact name of...
  13. Greek

    4200 X2 bottlenecks a 8800GTX

    hey guys, just wondering i the above card would run fine on my processor, ir it currently just overclocked to about 2.475, so not a hughe difference to its stock levels. i was thinkikng of either getting the 8800 only if it will do well with nforce 4 chipset and my cpu, otherwise a 360...
  14. Greek

    ASUS P5PE-VM Sound Problem Help. [Vista]

    hey guys, this is a question for a friend and not me, i jst want to ask you beucase i think you might be able to help, he recently bought the above motherboard and put windows vista on it, and as always problems started occuring, most of the stuff are recognized, but his sound device isn't...
  15. Greek

    7900GTX for 8800GTS.

    hey guys right a month ago i invested in a new graphics card (BFG 7900GTX OC) for £200 brand new (only had to pay £50 because i sold previous SLI's). one of my friends is offering me £180 for it now, so im think should i or should i not. if i was too, do u think it will be a gdoo sale...
  16. Greek

    Vista dutche to english

    Hey this question is for a friend, not me but he aint gt net atm so i have to post for him, rite he needs to see if he can replace the file within the dutche version of vista and get english files and replace them and burn them to a new disk and re instal. his cdkey is legit,
  17. Greek

    nVidia owners club house!!

    whoever owns an nvidia card please post your card here, this is to see how many ppl here at tpu have nvidia cards and what series etc. i will be puting ur name on a list, your card doesnt have to be o'c but if u have it doesnt matter. if you have any benchies of the card you can also post them...
  18. Greek

    BFG 7900GTX for £202- good price ah?

    what u think guys, is this a gd price for a new card, it's an eBay job but it doesn't matter, the guys seems to be decent with 100% feedback.
  19. Greek

    HIS X1950XT in UK?

    his i been looking at this card and i cant find it in the UK, none of the shops i go to have it in, has any1 seen it anywhere, if so links would be greatfull thanks
  20. Greek

    HIS 1950Pro VS 6800GS in SLi

    well i sold both of ma 2 6800's i was gonna get a 8800GTX but its too expensive altough i cud afford it so i decided to wait a few months to see the new cards that ati are gonna bring aiut and nvidia, well any is this card the his 1950pro iceq3 better than 2 6800gs in sli, u think it would...
  21. Greek

    Which X1950XTX -Help.

    rite i have definatelly decided to go with the x1950XTX, but im stuck on which manufacture i shud get. rite ive ben looking at these: HIS: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-060-HT Sapphire: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-127-SP sapphire...
  22. Greek

    Will a x1950XTX work on ASUS A8n-SLi Deluxe mobo

    just a quick question, will this card x1950XTX work on my mobo, just as single obviously not xfire, cz im reconsidering either getting this card or the 7900GTX
  23. Greek

    7900GTX or 7950GX2

    hi rite im in a bit of a weird sittuation here, i am selling my 2 6800GS to one of my friends, and obviously i need an upgrade, i have a budget of around £250 maybe £270 max. now my friends have the 7900GTX and its a sweet card no doubt, but i've been reading some reviews and the 7950GX2...
  24. Greek

    Zalman AB3CL CPU Cooler with 12Cm Fan or Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro

    which one is best, i mean the price diff is like £20 i have the zalman one, but ive seen ppl with the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro and they get like idle 24 on desktop, lowest i can go is 33-35? time for a swap? let me no what u think
  25. Greek

    What Watercooling do you thinks i should get?

    Well i'm thinking of leaving ari cooling and moving on to watercooling as i dnt like hot tempearatures on the CPU ;) so i have been lookin at the thermalatake coolers specifically this one Aquarius III A1681 (http://thermaltake.com/product/Liguid/DIY/a1681/a1681.asp) and the TRIBE...