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    Need origanal Bios back

    allright i had a similar problem with a 4890 when i was changing it to a turbo version. owell what i did was to trick the motherboard, basicly turn on the computer and right when is on pos connect the secondvideo card otherwise if i had done it with both on it wouldnt work somehow, prolly was...
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    Selling rig, need new card!

    rofl yea i agree alot of people says that ati's drives are garbage. nvm amd's drivers are garbage, anyhow must people cant even tell the different while i am an amd fan i do agree they suck at making good drivers so their cards dont run as fast as they suppost to for each game, also they...
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    HIS IceQ X Turbo HD 6950 2GB to 6970 flashing?

    u cant do it anymore, unless u get extremely lucky and find 1 of the old models btw i was looking like crazy for them and found 2 on amazon that were able to go 6970 np, but when i was gonna buy them there was only 1 left lol like 2 weeks ago, so i just went and got 2x 6970 more oc space...
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    2x6970 Fan % Scalling with Temps arent working

    i know righttttttttttttt? am so mad i could scream, nvm i am screaming amd is retarded. i always been an amd fan but this is beyond the limits of stupibility i mean, did i just spend 700$ on a xfire conf just 2 do my manuals fan settings each time i want 2 game? ~ am mad i know, can any1...
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    2x6970 Fan % Scalling with Temps arent working

    yea dude but is still retardeddd i mean, even the stock bios has better Fan scaling with temps than what am getting soo is definately not working... are they that anoyed by the noise, that decided to not make it scale right or what !? am mad i know ^^
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    2x6970 Fan % Scalling with Temps arent working

    well like title says the scalling of the fan % arent working as they suppost too. i rlly dont care for the noise but i dont like ruunning cards at 70c+ so basicly am trying to flash it with an edited bios to achieve desired temps but not even the stock bios with stock fan speeds are working...
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    Phenom II 955 lowest Vcore stable?

    Soo i started this topic to ask you guys whats your Lowest Vcore on Phenom ii955 my At the moment is 1.25 i dont use Cool 'n' quiet so temps are 37-51 maxx 3.4Ghz oc just 1+ X 17X. When the enviroment Temps ar high, cpu can get to over 51c i saw a 53c on 88F Room temps, Is bad...
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    AMD Phenom II X2 Unlocking

    You Should try unlocking 3 cores and increasing voltage a lil keeping the stock speed at least while you trying to unlock all and hav ea stable system. Also run stability test and Increase Vcore in case of any failure or not stable with 3 or 4 cores play along with it Good luck :):)
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    955 x4 Your Overclocked Results?

    DUDEEEE. Thanks a LOT thats Exactly what i needed to figured out but seens 2 me u did (((((i'd be curious to see th OP's cpu voltage droop under load, ten bucks says he's at the cpu power limit of the board with that low oc))))) i was Reading alot about the Exact diffs in mAtx and Atx so far i...
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    955 x4 Your Overclocked Results?

    It might be hard to get a PII955 on 1.35vcore 3.8Ghz but is worth it... Just because is BE a lot of people outthere use 1.45 or even 1.50 to achieve 4ghz yeaa thats too much Think of those using 1.4 having 4ghz then 1.35 3.8Ghz should be posible running Prime95 and as you said...
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    955 x4 Your Overclocked Results?

    I was looking a good forum to ask question and post to help others so is my first day in this forum i will in time Thanks:rockout:
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    955 x4 Your Overclocked Results?

    I forgot to mention on a ATX i used the same cpu and the Results were 3.8Ghz 1.35Vcore so there must be a way to increase MHZ on Micro atx without having to increase Vcore that much maybe FSB but i dont play that much with FSB on a BE cpu?>???? btw atx mobo belongs to my brother
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    Overheating GPU's - What is the best solution?

    Play around with your Bios like i did lol :) 1C 1%Fan 100C 100%Fan
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    955 x4 Your Overclocked Results?

    Yea man is Stable even on 1.4Vcore 3.8Ghz but honestly Seriosly and yeaa. 1.4Vcore is TOo much for a 45Mn thats what i think so if others got their 955 at 3.8Ghz with just 1.35Vcore then there must be a way.
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    955 x4 Your Overclocked Results?

    I cant go any higher than 3.6Ghz on 1.35Vcore Whats your Overclocked results on the 955 Phenom x4 BE ? Vcore + Ghz, X, FSB or Jumpers?:respect: Maybe is because my motherboard is a Micro ATx i mean i didnt have any problems with overclocking before with a ATX old times 939...