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  1. tianhui

    Giveaway: Bastion (Steam Key)

    The vibrant artistic approach and Narrator does it for me. Also, the soundtrack is incredible.
  2. tianhui

    Counter-Strike GO Beta code anyone?

    I believe you :(
  3. tianhui

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    Looks very tempting, I think amazon has this for $15. I just wish Steam would put it on sale. Fingers crossed for summer sale!
  4. tianhui

    Counter-Strike GO Beta code anyone?

    It was during a round of Team fortress 2. was playing pub on a server, filled with new players. Everyone one was having fun, when suddenly this Heavy gets a drop of a buffalo steak sandwich. almost immediately, Some scout makes witty comment about him. But Except this was no ordinary steak...
  5. tianhui

    Problem with Steam

    I see you have a problem with steam... well... I would... Stash select bottles of drinks from whiskey to fine wine and label them elixir's of immortality, a few shots of select hard liquor like Bacardi 151 and name them shots of truth, bury select buds of cannabis and LSD and name them incense...
  6. tianhui

    qubit's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 GIVEAWAY competition!

    I'm a BF fan but everything free is awesome. This is awesome.
  7. tianhui


    Ran on my old ATI 2400 HD maxed Runs on Intel integrated graphics As mentioned above, it resembles Diablo Tons of fun.
  8. tianhui

    qubit's Gaming Giveaway Competition!

    You're awesome for just holding this contest. Nuff' said.
  9. tianhui

    [FS][US] Ati 4870

    Bump! Runs great w/ bc2!
  10. tianhui

    [FS][US] Ati 4870

    Bump! Runs the latest games at my 1680 resolution exceptionally!
  11. tianhui

    Post Your steam username

    Invite me too :D HOBO with GUN ocassional tf2, KF, bc2, portal 2
  12. tianhui

    [FS][US] Ati 4870

    Card Still available! Bump!
  13. tianhui

    [FS][US] Ati 4870

  14. tianhui

    [FS][US] Ati 4870

    To the Top!
  15. tianhui

    Question on 6870

    More Info: apparently it's been pulled from a pre-built, which would make this card OEM. The guy said cannot be removed... though he, too, has no idea what it's for lol
  16. tianhui

    Question on 6870

    Hey guys, Just came across a seller, one of his items up for sale was this 6870. image: Any idea what that long back plate is? Can it be safely removed?:banghead: Thanks for clearing this up~ :)
  17. tianhui

    [FS][US] Ati 4870

    Price dropped. 70$ shipped to Sell!
  18. tianhui

    [FS][US] Ati 4870

  19. tianhui

    Looking for a new game to play... suggestions please

    Have you tried Minecraft? as terrible as the graphics may seems, it ridiculously addicting when you play it with friends.
  20. tianhui

    [FS][US] Ati 4870

    price drop. Bump.
  21. tianhui

    [FS][US] Mafia II + Just Cause 2 (PC)

    good price on RAM woulda totally snatched it. Bump for great guy