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    NVIDIA Disables GeForce GTX 900M Mobile GPU Overclocking with Driver Update

    What the heck nVidia!? Let us overclock our video cards! Can Nibitor be used to modify the BIOS of the 980m mobile GPU to modify clocks?
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    Toshiba Launches Industry's Largest Capacity 3TB 2.5-inch HDD

    I was so ecstatic when I heard of this drive. I thought it would be possible to squeeze 4 platters into 12.5mm thickness, which fits in a laptop's optical bay and sometimes a hard drive bay. 4 platters instead of the usual 3, since now they can put 3 in 9.5mm thickness drives. But, nope...
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    MSI Unleashes New GT Dominator and GE Apache Gaming Notebooks

    MSI, PLEASE find a way to ship the GT60 and GT70 2OD and 2PE and other 780m/880m MSI laptops with 240W AC adapters because 180W is not enough. "NOS" is a joke, a crutch. Why does the laptop have to suck power from the battery when the GPU and CPU are fully utilized when a slightly larger AC...
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    SAPPHIRE Releases Performance Boost for R9 290

    Or here's an idea, allow the fan to reach 100% RPM in certain scenarios. It's sad that the GPU clocks down, reducing computation before the fan even reaches 50% speed. 47% max fan speed? Sure there is a lot of noise but you should give consumers a choice to be able to ramp up the fan to full...
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    Super Talent Announces DuraDrive ZT3 SSD

    Could it go into cars so we can finally have $200,000 high end BMWs with hard drives bigger than 40GB? I find that hilarious. Needs to have a wide temperature range.
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    Enermax Presents New Aeolus Vegas Cooling Pad

    Seeing that you can only plug in up to 100ma in USB devices, I assume the device itself takes at most 400ma or 2watts. How is that supposed to move any significant amount of air? It really should have a wall power option so it can take 5 watts or more so it could cool a gaming laptop significantly.
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    Toshiba Announces Largest Capacity Automotive-Grade Hard Drive in the World

    Nice, now can new BMW 7 series and Rolls Royce phantom cars come with a hard drive bigger than 40GB? LOL. I wonder why it's only 320GB and not 500GB, single platter, like other new mobile drives. Higher areal density=lower reliability? These hard drives should last forever. probably. Slow...
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    EK-HD Tubes And Adapters Released

    Will these waterblocks work on an EK Civic?
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    Cooler Master Introduces the JetFlo 120 Cooling Fan

    Jam protection, could be a weakness? "The Smart Jam Protection feature can detect when there are objects present that obstruct the turning of the blades and will automatically stop rotation to prevent damage. After removal of the foreign objects the fan will resume normal operations.". So if...
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    Expensive thermal paste is a complete waste!

    Mine dried up completely within 1 year installed. Had to use a razor blade and sanding paper to remove the application. There is no aluminum in the heatsink so it wasn't corrosion that caused it. The remaining in the tube is still a liquid of course.
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    Expensive thermal paste is a complete waste!

    But how many years did it take before the Liquid Ultra dried up and became less conductive? Maybe the batch I have is flawed or I am harder on the thermal compound than most people - 85-95 degrees Celsius nearly 24/7 I think the next compound I'll use is Arctic MX2 since it supposedly has a...
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    Alienware Updates its Gaming Laptop Lineup

    BEWARE: These new 2013 Alienware laptops (I've heard) have very dim screens. Less than 200 nit.
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    Don't let manufactures lock you out of BIOS modding! Let them know!

    I heard about some draft or proposal about how BIOSes are vulnerable to local attacks, making the computer compromised. I haven't read all of the huge PDF file yet but I know that closing down BIOSes on devices so that you can't flash your own BIOS on your x86 or video card...
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    Expensive thermal paste is a complete waste!

    Coollaboratory liquid ultra; expensive but crappy Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra isn't all that good after a year of hard use (around 85 C almost 24/7). In fact, it completely hardens / dries. On my X9100 after 9 months I started seeing high temps and after 1 year auto shut downs while crunching...
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    Sandy Bridge vs Nehalem vs Bulldozer vs Piledriver {BENCHMARKS!!!}

    Single threaded performance Great work on the testing. Looks the single threaded performance isn't much better, maybe 10% clock for clock with Nehalem vs Sandy bridge and from what I've seen of Sandy vs Ivy it's another 10% and Ivy vs Haswell is the same thing at around 10% boost. With...
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    Western Digital Announces WD Se Line of Hard Drives

    5 platters? Let me guess. The 4TB model will STILL have 5 platters instead of 4? Retarded Their datasheet (http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=1050) shows that the 2TB, 3TB and 4TB models all are the same weight and same power consumption. Doesn't make sense unless they all have...
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    Seagate Ships New Hybrid Hard Drives

    The 3rd gen Momentus XT hybrid drives are 5900RPM not 7200RPM unfortunately. The 1st and 2nd gen (500GB(4GB flash)/750GB(8GB flash)) is 7200RPM.
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    Seagate Ships New Hybrid Hard Drives

    32GB nand Flash version please! Seagate, 8GB of Flash is not enough. Yes it is good to make a version with only that amount for the light weight computer users out there to save costs. But for anybody doing serious work, please make a "XXT" version that has 32GB of Flash and does well with...
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    Seagate Delivers Industry's First Purpose-Built 4TB Video HDD

    WD's piezoelectric wrist is awesome Yup WD's 2TB Caviar Black with dual stage piezoelectric wrist is still the quickest consumer 7200RPM drive with an average access time of around 11.8ms. I think they don't use that piezoelectric technology in the 4TB model for some reason :(. I was looking...
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    Pioneer Rolls Out BDR-XU02JM Portable Blu-ray XL Drive

    No USB3? No USB3? That's pushing up against USB2's bandwidth limit. If it was a desktop form factor bluray drive it most certainly should be USB3. Yeah if it can read Blurays at faster than 6x then USB2 is for sure a bottleneck. What is the max bluray read speed?
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    Toshiba Introduces Industry's Largest-Capacity, 320GB 1.8-inch HDD

    The latency would suck big time! These drives are slow!
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    Toshiba Introduces Industry's Largest-Capacity, 320GB 1.8-inch HDD

    So, when will 500GB 1.8" drives come out? It's been 18 months or so since this 320GB drive has come out.. From what I have seen, 1.8" platters typically have 50% of the capacity of the same-generation 2.5" platter. So, since we are on the verge of having 500GB/platter 2.5" disks @ 5400RPM (1TB...
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    Intel Readies 25 nm NAND-based X25-M and X25-V SSDs for Q4 2010

    Sandforce 2000 pwns G3 Well, the Sandforce 2000 chip will give the G3 a beating. G3: Sequential Read: 250MB/s Sequential Write:170MB/s read IOPS: 50K write IOPS:40K Security: AES-128 Sandforce 2000: Sequential Read: 500MB/s Sequential Write:500MB/s read IOPS: 60K write IOPS:60K...