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  1. cuphe

    20 Free Arma III Lite keys

    I would like to have one as well. Thanks!
  2. cuphe

    [FS][US] Burt's Sale Thread

    pm'd about the Asus board
  3. cuphe

    XFX Pulling out, NO FERMI for XFX

    lol. Double lifetime warranty is too risky with FERMI
  4. cuphe

    Radeon HD 5890?

    but with 2560 shaders is quite a big jump from 1600 --> 2560. Other word ur "5890" is almost triple 4870
  5. cuphe

    [FS/FT][US] HTPC Part Out/1TB HDDs/SSDs/Asus G50V-x5

    pm'd on those Caviar Green
  6. cuphe

    AMD Unveils World’s First DirectX 11 Compliant Mobile Graphics

    so is the mobile 5870 only slightly better than the 4870M? Because it's a 5770 and 5770 is about the 4870 in performance.
  7. cuphe

    GTX 260 vs, HD 5770?

    ^ ^ dude its camilla belle and I think CHAOS_KILLA is a dude.
  8. cuphe

    How to remove CrossFireX logo in games?

    got it. Thanks
  9. cuphe

    How to remove CrossFireX logo in games?