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  1. Marty 1480

    ASUS Announces Limited-Edition TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark S

    That is the coolest motherboard I have ever seen. Would look awesome in a white case with white components and white LED lighting.
  2. Marty 1480

    GIGABYTE Announces the Release of Raptor FPS Gaming Mouse

    Raptor ? Would Corsair not get upset about using the name for their mouse as the name for this mouse product.
  3. Marty 1480

    Lian Li Releases the PC-V359 and PC-Q36 in Two New Color Options

    Love the glass window on top.
  4. Marty 1480

    COUGAR Launches 700K Feature-Rich, Aluminum Gaming Keyboard

    That is one nice looking keyboard. Even the video was impressive :).
  5. Marty 1480

    ViewSonic Introduces 24-inch 16:10 Ergonomic Desktop Display

    Why ? 16 x 10 (1920x1200) is superior to 16 x 9 (1920x1080). So this is definitely no joke.
  6. Marty 1480

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Specifications Detailed Some More

    It is not their fault. It is TSMC and Apple's fault for buying up all the early 20nm production for their shiny new toy.
  7. Marty 1480

    SanDisk Premieres World's Highest Capacity SD Card for Video/Photo Capture

    512 GB on a SD card just boggles the mind. I wonder when we will have our first 1 TB card.
  8. Marty 1480

    Sharkoon Announces VG4 Series Entry-level Case

    I like how Sharkoon paint the inside of their cases to go with the lighting color. Something that should have caught on years ago with other manufacturers.
  9. Marty 1480

    ASUS Announces the Z10PE-D8 WS Dual-Socket Motherboard

    Nice to see that design was used on a dual workstation board for a change. People at work want something nice as well.
  10. Marty 1480

    EIZO Releases Two New FlexScan IPS Monitors with Ultra-Slim Frame Design

    Just got a ASUS VX239H-W. It is just beautiful. Made me build a whole new system all in white. What a change to the same old black stuff everywhere.
  11. Marty 1480

    Lexar Announces 128 GB High-Performance microSDXC UHS-I Card

    Maybe I am getting old, but a 128 GB SD Card still makes my head spin.
  12. Marty 1480

    Inter-Tech Rolls Out the Starter 4 Midi-Tower PC Case

    Not a bad case for a basic system. The bundled power supply is a good idea for the price (if it does not go up in flames after one week of usage).
  13. Marty 1480

    ADATA Premier DDR4 Memory Modules Spotted in Stores

    Nearly a 100% markup for something that is not really going to add any appreciable performance enhancements. One should really wait for DDR4 to become mainstream and one has no choice then to buy it.
  14. Marty 1480

    AMD Readies Two New Performance-segment FX Processors

    How much longer is AMD going to beat the dead horse that is Vishera. It really is time for a new architecture.
  15. Marty 1480

    G.Skill RipJaws 4 DDR4 Memory Modules Pictured

    Fact is, there has to be an artificially created urge to upgrade. Otherwise a lot of these companies would not be in business.
  16. Marty 1480

    ECS Unveils the Z97-PK Motherboard

    But they have Magic written on them. So they must be special.
  17. Marty 1480

    ECS Unveils the Z97-PK Motherboard

    I love the color. It is so retro. Reminds me of the MSI boards of days gone by. Anything is better then boring black.
  18. Marty 1480

    AMD to Celebrate 30 Years of Graphics and Gaming

    I am glad not to be the only old guy here. :)
  19. Marty 1480

    Corsair Officially Announces Vengeance LPX and Dominator Platinum DDR4 Memory

    It is designed to run on a continuous loop at trade shows. For that it is suitable, grasps your attention in two seconds flat. For that it is good. As a information piece to be watched it is hopeless.
  20. Marty 1480

    ASRock Also Reveals the X99M Killer Micro ATX LGA2011 Motherboard

    I guess you can call it the micro killer. :)
  21. Marty 1480

    MSI Goes For a Black and White Theme with the Z97 SLI Krait Edition Motherboard

    This is a Krait with credits to good old Wikipedia. :)
  22. Marty 1480

    MSI Goes For a Black and White Theme with the Z97 SLI Krait Edition Motherboard

    They are nearly there. Now we need a white board with black trims.
  23. Marty 1480

    MSI Offers Limited Edition Golden GS60 Ghost Gaming Notebooks

    Certainly a lot of bling bling for a Laptop. I bet Paris Hilton will get one or maybe Hugh Hefner would love it.
  24. Marty 1480

    Thermaltake Announces Toughpower DPS G Series and DPSApp

    When most people make a purchasing decision, the design and even the box makes up a big part of it. Also a lot of people have windowed cases where the design of a PSU makes a big difference. With so many different ones on the market, if specifications are the same the prettier one always wins out.
  25. Marty 1480

    ASRock Announces H81TM-ITX R2.0 Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard

    I found a listing for this CPU, but in Europe. It gives a variety of stores that sell it. Also they would most likely ship to your location. http://www.heise.de/preisvergleich/intel-xeon-e3-1220l-v3-cm8064601481914-cm8064601467804-a1042111.html