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  1. plonk420

    OFFICIAL Game Soundtracks You Love

    The Danish National Symphony Orchestra had a crapton of amazing tracks
  2. plonk420

    OFFICIAL Game Soundtracks You Love

    and some singles... oh, and best of all... (saving you all from pasting every TES ballad she did by just doing these ...do check out the rest of hers if you like these) edit: oops, had to drop the Chrono Cross intro and Malukah's Age of Aggression due to media attachment limit...! D:
  3. plonk420

    TechPowerUp News: New Intel CPUs for 2016 and R9 Fury Battlefront Bundle

    how about just making enough i7-5775Cs available so people can find them?
  4. plonk420

    ***G3258 Owners*** - Windows 10 will not install/boot when overclocked

    this will suck if i can't OC on my B85. i bought the G3258 specifically for OCing and luckily my board initially supported it. er, still does, except for the fact i can't install Win10 regardless of OC or not. and i'm not about to buy a Z97 due to current income situation.
  5. plonk420

    TechPowerUp Builders Digest - $1700

    oh nice, i was just about to angrily retort "and where the hell can you find the TX3??" as they seemed to be out of stock from Newegg and Amazon for the longest time... UNTIL NOW</Clarkson>
  6. plonk420

    ***G3258 Owners*** - Windows 10 will not install/boot when overclocked

    mine won't even install at stock clocks (10160, 10240, and whatever the official MS tool downloads). 10130 works nearly perfectly fine.
  7. plonk420

    Dishonored -Game Giveaway *WINNER!!

    i want this because the textures look delicious. and i want to give my shiny R9 290 gotten for $215 some exercise! and hopefully it counts with this being my 10th post ;o ... i don't believe in pointless few-word or no-contribution posts
  8. plonk420

    Choose R9 290 Series for its 512-bit Memory Bus: AMD

    i got my 290 new for $215 on Black Friday what do you mean drivers? yeah, the panel is effing slow, but i can't think of a time when i've had driver issues other than OpenCL when trying to mine cryptocoins (and i ususally run freakin' olllld drivers).
  9. plonk420

    A worthy replacement for "the" Z-5500?

    this. i "survived" on a 2.0 (+ nondiscrete sub) setup for 4+ years. "sidegraded" to the 15 watt RMS 1970s Sansui 4.0 setup only for L4D2, which i promptly stopped playing soon after. also, a friend upgraded from an Onkyo HT-S5100 HTIB to some random amp + Infinity P363s on my suggestion and was...
  10. plonk420

    A worthy replacement for "the" Z-5500?

    i'm using Infinity P165s on my mom's old wood-clad 4 channel Sansui QRX-3500 ... and i think sub is Dayton Audio, too. (simply used to fill in the low end, not melt any minds. also close, shared quarters, too) edit: when i had rears hooked up, they were $20 Black Friday Sony SSB-1000s (had some...
  11. plonk420

    Suggest some under 80$ video cards for moderate gaming

    i just scored an XFX 6850 DDR3 for $58 on amazon, but it looks like they're sold out (upgrade for sis from a 8600GT that broke, then down to a 4350). sadly, looks like they're out of stock.
  12. plonk420

    AMD Trinity and Brazos 2.0 Start Shipping to ODMs

    i agree, but why would you play 1080p without DXVA?
  13. plonk420

    The snobby .mp3 haters club!

    THIS however, the level of snobbishness is quite underwhelming thus far. this thread needs some vinyl/SACD/tube amp snobbery, too. but seriously, i try to refuse buying lossy music. there's a couple tracks i have lossy, but mainly because i can't find it anywhere else (i think a Sleepthief a...
  14. plonk420

    Radeon HD 7950 Specifications Leaked

    my i7-920 + 5870 uses 280 watts prime+fur i7-920 + 560 uses 370 watts prime+fur per my kill-a-watt
  15. plonk420

    Radeon HD 7950 Specifications Leaked

    what ever happened to the XDR2? i've had a months old 550 Antec Basiq fail to post my 5870 on a uATX system with a 65 watt AMD CPU. hell, Antec even said in essence that it sucked in my RMA request. "if possible try to return [to vendor] and get Earthwatts."
  16. plonk420

    AMD FM1 and FM2 Packages Pictured Side-by-Side, Incompatible

    my stepmom won't care if it's a Bulldozer. i'll just be lucky to talk her into a CPU slightly more expensive than a baseline so that my babysis will have a GPU she can play Portal and some other cheap casuals on.