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    CaseLabs' Popular Magnum SMA8 Case Undergoes Transformation

    Very long answer: No CL never sold case with dust filters and I can't see that changing. -- On another side. Illuminated sections? Oh gosh, no! Why CL, why? RGB(W) cancer is now at pandemic levels.
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    Heatkiller IV Waterblocks for AMD Threadripper CPUs Go Up for Preorder

    Yeah Watercool, don't do EK thing. I always had nothing but praise for Watercool line of products. Don't cheap-out on design. At this moment in time I consider Phanteks 399a to be best block for TR4. It just leaves competition in the dust. Period. On my 1920x/4GHz Tctl is between 64-66C and...
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    Alphacool Announces Eiskoffer Hardline Tube Bending Kit

    No offense to anybody. I consider this really daft idea. Overpriced in the extreme (just like all other "bending sets"). Did few bending rigs and never used any special tools, except pencil, tube cutter (separate for PETG and PMMA of course) and a bit of thick copper wire to get general idea...
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    EK Releases CPU+VRM Monoblock for ASUS X399 Threadripper Motherboards

    Good to see that there is an option (VRMs get toasty) still I'm waiting for monoblock from Bitspower. EK really cheaped-out on the ordinary block for TR4, basically turning ordinary Supremacy from Intel platform into AMD. Micro channel area is exactly the same just plate is bigger. And that...
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    ROG Rampage VI Extreme + U.2

    I was so set on this particular board, but then got Threadripper simply for the connectivity. U.2 on ROG6E shares lanes with DIMM.2 card on M.2_1 slot. Can't use both at same time. I find DIMM.2 to be both brilliant nad totally stupid idea. Brilliant because it saves space on the motherboard...
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    Jonsbo Announces the VF-1 Graphics Card Cooler

    OK, enough complaining about using this for VGAs. Probably not really worth in the end. However if you running RAID controllers or HBAs this is perfect. These cards get really, really mega hot in 3 seconds flat without proper airflow. Sure you can try to watercool them (so I do quite a few)...
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    EKWB Releases ASUS PRIME X299 RGB Monoblock for ASUS X299 Motherboards

    Considering the price I see no reason why EK persist with such crappy thermalpads.:confused: They have thermal conductivity of about 3-3.5 W/mK. But you can get so much better stuff. Seriously it wouldn't hurt them much if they sold blocks with very good pads of 11 W/mK. Yeah these are more...
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    GIGABYTE X399 Designare EX Socket TR4 Motherboard Pictured

    Wow. Yesterday I was drooling at Rampage 6 Extreme review on OC3D and today this. Now I can't decide what I want. The obvious difference (beside color) from Gaming 7 is integrated I/O shield and addition of 3rd NIC (probably 10G???). I just hope that wired 1G NIC is at least one Intel...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X Core Configuration Detailed

    From my point of view this is (was) the TR I wanted. You can stuff it with multiple RAID cards and NVMe drives without need for 50000 cores. However considering my workload, thunderbolt support and Asus NVMe x16 cards (don't need bonkers NVMe RAID just connectivity) I'm couple weeks from getting...
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    Latest Gigabyte X370 K7 Motherboard BIOS Broken Dynamic vCore, up to 1.7v

    Its problem across ALL Gigabyte motherboards. ALL not only this one or that one. Look no further than problems with X299 reported by multiple OC. No, not that pointless VRM argument which is relevant to 0.0001% of users. All Gigabyte BIOSes have this fault, where voltage can jump instantly to...
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    Inno3D Warn Miners Of Possible Warranty Void on Their Graphics Cards

    If for example card was equipped with some subsystem which is logging exactly what kind of exes are running I can see no way to enforce this claim. And what about for example folding. My folding rig, all liquid cooled, temps oscillate ~45C when it is really hot outside. Try to prove that cards...
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    Intel to Launch B360 Motherboard Chipset Following AMD Coup on B350

    Wouldn't be much more simpler to name boards like: Jane, Sara, Bob or whatever else. Choice of names is endless especially if you take gaming industry into account. Recent nonsense with one-upping a set of numbers over competition that just school-yard stuff. What's next pie throwing...
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    Alphacool Intros HDX5 Cooled M.2 RAID Add-on Card

    Nice one Alphacool. Considering that X299 boards shafting number of SATA ports down to only 3 available (from total 6/8 on motherboard - depending on what devices are plugged) this is a nice idea. I would gladly see even bigger card for more drives. Even better quad NVMe x16 model, without...
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    EK Water Blocks Releases Monoblock for Gigabyte Aorus X299 Lineup

    Its nice, however it sucks donkey balls that EK won't release monoblock for TR4 Gaming 7. They have one for Asus and MSI just not Gigabyte. WTH?! If there was one company which always manufactured blocks for Gigabyte top boards it was EK, but why no AMD support?!!!
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    EK Intros RGB Monoblock for ASUS ROG Strix X299-E Gaming

    Seriously at this moment in time who cares about X299 waterblocks? X399 waterblocks release, now that's something worth shouting about. :peace:
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    AMD X399 Platform Lacks NVMe RAID Booting Support

    Oh dear no NVME boot RAID support. End of the world as we know it! </sarcasm> Speaking from workstation point of view, RAID0 on NVMe is waste of time. I would be interested in RAID10 as it adds crucial Redundancy (that's R in RAID for "RAID0 generation"), but just R0 on a devices which can...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper to Include Asetek Retention Kit in Retail Package

    Technically all current AIOs should do the trick at least short term before "designed for TR4" become available. Large IHS plate means nothing. Cores are tightly packed in the middle and in general cooling plate is not required to cover IHS entirely when we talk even most basic liquid cooling...
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    Microsoft Announces the Windows Bounty Program

    Winblow$ 10 is all new approach to ransomware. What somebody at Google said recently: ransomware is here to stay...
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    Asus X399 ROG Zenith Extreme Unboxed Ahead of Launch

    Certainly its one of the X399 I will not be interested in. To offer only 6 SATA ports while chipset provides 8 is ludicrous. From purely workstation point of view if I bought Zenith Asus forces me to buy another HBA/RAID card... and I won't have it. Impatiently waiting for more X399 boards.
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    GIGABYTE Intros MZ30-AR0 Motherboard for AMD EPYC

    Yeah nice IT pr0n, but let's be honest everybody is faping for TR. :roll:
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    Galaxy Highlights Two GTX 1080 Ti HOF Models: The OC Lab and Limited Edition

    At Galaxy motto is: no heatsink is too large, no heatsink is too kitsch. My gut is turning upside down just looking at the picture. :eek:
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    MSI X299 XPower Gaming AC Motherboard Pictured

    We should have Award for the most kitsch piece of hardware in each category. This one wins the motherboard category hands down (& up!).:laugh:
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Detailed - Why Intel HEDT is in Trouble

    I just forfeited X299 in all its ransom glory. I will not pay more to get less than I already have. Waiting for full range of TR4/X399 offerings and waterblocks. Have to check compatibility of HBAs/RAID controllers too, but first I need some TR hardware on my plate. :cool: Let Intel choke on...
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    First AMD Threadripper Motherboards Pictured - They Look Glorious

    Compared to Intel X399 shapes to be really something ground breaking when we look at the architecture. They only low-point for all X399 so far is limited storage connectivity. It's my personal requirement of at least 10 SATA ports. Sadly even with all the PCIe lanes and all that goodness AMD...
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    Intel to Make Thunderbolt Royalty-Free; Looking to Increase Adoption

    About time. TB is far superior to USB on every level, just need for pricing to go down with increased adoption rate and USB will be gone in few years. At the moment I have few boards which are 'TB-ready' (there is TB header), but no compatible controller. Nice...:wtf: