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    Blu Ray drive

    I'm currently thinking about getting a Blu Ray drive so I can watch movies on my PC. I cant decide on whether or not if I should get an internal or external drive. My only concerns is will an external USB drive have an issues playing back movies? Like will there be any stuttering. Also, will my...
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    Portable HDD

    A friend of the family had a portable HDD that would not show up when connected to a PC. So, I removed the hard drive out of the enclosure. When I plugged it up, I didn't hear anything. I knew that the R/W head was stuck. I very carefully took off the top cover and moved the R/W head off the...
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    Laptop SSD

    I got my first SSD about a week ago. I just now decided to put it in. After removing the old standard hard drive, I didn't feel like removing it from the bracket. I have my SSD installed without it. Its in, but its slanted. Can that damage the drive later down the road because its not sitting...
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    YUMI and Tails 3.0

    So, I am using YUMI to add another OS to my flash drive. Realizing the disk space was low, I decided to remove two older versions of Tails (1.5 and 2.0). After adding 3.0, it would not start the OS. I am able to get the the menu, but when I press enter to start the OS I get an error: "vmlinux...
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    Flash drive with CD portion

    How can a USB flash drive have a CD partition on it? Also, can it be removed? It's not actually a CD but flash memory, so it should be removable or can it be re-partitioned, right? E:\ is a part of F:\ which is the flash drive.
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    Mi Box

    A couple days ago, I purchased a Mi Box to replace my Fire TV Stick. The main reason for getting the new device is because it has USB support. It's Google based, so I can install programs via APK with ES file Explorer. When I first got the box, I used the ES to install Kodi 16. The following...
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    Video joiner and dvd creator

    A friend of mine recorded a lecture and he ended up with ten separate videos. What's a good piece of software that can join them all together? And after they have been joined, what's a good software to make the video playable on a DVD player? In the past, I used Easy MPEG/AVI/DIVX/WMV/RM to DVD...
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    Virtual Memory

    This question has been answered before—but I can never really get a definitive answer. So here goes.... Currently, I have 12 GB of RAM in my machine. Windows, on its own, has made the page file the same size. From what I've read, people suggest the page file be either 1.5x-2x the amount of ram...
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    Windows Startup password

    Is it possible to remove a startup password without being able to log into the system? A friend's laptop just prompt her today for a password that she never enabled. Now, she does have a standard user account password, but that doesn't work for the startup password. She had the computer for...
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    Video sharing with Kodi

    I have several documentaries, movies, and gaming clips that I would like to view on my TV VIA Kodi. I enabled file sharing from the homegroup option, enabled sharing on the folder; they show up, but they are empty, I was wondering if the video codec or container is the problem? Most of my videos...
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    Windows 10 installing progs

    I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to windows 10 from 7. I used the Media Creation Tool from MS website. It took awhile, but I am finally running Windows 10 (12-14). I opened the new App & Program feature to remove programs that I no longer needed. Scrolling down the list, I was...
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    Increasing text in an image

    Happy Holidays everyone! I downloaded a picture from the internet and it's a step-by-step guide to installing Arch Linux. It's a large picture, but the words are very tiny. When I tried printing it out, the words were even smaller. Is it possible to enlarge the text? I'd like to print it out...
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    Windows 7 no longer updates

    A few weeks ago, I noticed that there were 7 updates available for my PC. I put it off for awhile. Yesterday I went ahead and click on the download button. I ran a few errands and when I came back, it was still trying to download the updates. The bar keeps on moving with no progress. I went...
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    I'm confused about this caution flag. What exactly does those numbers mean? I checked out my main hard drive in my desktop and it has 200 in both fields but it does not say caution. The hard drive came out of my old build. It does have A LOT of usage on it... almost 29,000 hours. Is it going to...
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    Video conversion software

    Other than Handbrake, what's a good and simple video conversion program to use? Right now, I am using FormatFactory. I like it because its simple to use and has a whole slew of presets. The only down side is, it's kind of slow when converting multiple files. FormatFactory does have an option...
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    FreeFileSync Malware?

    I did a MBAM scan of FreeFileSync and it found PUP called OpenCandy.Generic Just out of curiosity, I extracted the setup.exe file with 7-Zip. Nothing too exciting. Is it possible to use a debugger or hex editor to see what files an installer will put on a computer? According to Wikipedia...
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    Kodi and core count

    Just out of curiosity, is it possible to determine how many cores or thread a program uses by looking at the source code? I know it may be possible for a programmer, because they know what to look for. The reason why I'm asking is because someone said that Kodi has only been programmed to use...
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    Partition limits

    I don't know if this question has been asked/answered before, but I'm curious to know if hard drives have a limit to the total amount of partitions that can be made on them. The PS4, for example, has 15 partitions on its 500 GB hard drive. Let's say someone has a 4 TB ext4 hard drive, what's the...
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    Nexus 7 tablet

    A few months ago, I purchased a Nexus 7 tablet. At the time, I wasn't using it; so I let a friend borrow it. When I got the device back, it was riddle with viruses! I did a soft reset and the viruses were back—the same thing ensued with a hard reset. I was wondering is it possible to completely...
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    iTune store

    I was thinking about purchasing some albums VIA iTunes. However, I am a little bit concerned over the bitrate of the songs. What bitrate does Apple use for the songs that you can download digitally?
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    VMWare Player USB Support

    A friend of mine purchased an iPhone for her daughter. She wants it to be supervised. The best tool to do it requires a Mac. I installed El Capitan (10.11.5) to get Apple configuration utility to work. The virtual machine does not pick up the device. Is there something I am doing wrong? I'm...
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    Lenovo Thinkpad T520 Wireless display issue

    I purchased a laptop from a used computer store. It runs great and I am excited about my cheap purchase. The T520 uses an Intel i5 2520M. According to Intel's website, the CPU supports Wireless display. However, I get an error saying that it doesn't. In the third picture it shows some drivers...
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    SSD reliability

    A friend of mine asked me for a program that could benchmark his SSD. He told me it was running slower than usual. I told him to try CrystalDiskMark. When he launched the program, he was hit with a BSOD. After resetting his PC, the SSD was no longer detected in Windows. So, he tried Ubuntu; same...
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    Midori browser

    Mirdori is a lightweight web browser that always seems to crash on my PC. I tried both versions: installed and portable. The program crashes and becomes unresponsive immediately. I've tried it on my desktop and two laptops that all running Windows 7 x64 and I get the same results. Does...
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    TelsaCrypt 4.0

    I read that this variant is impossible to decode/decrypt because the encryption key/public key/password hash is deleted after being sent to a specific. A very knowledgeable computer person said that's not true! The password can still be obtain with a powerful enough GPU. Is he right or wrong...