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  1. rogerthat1945

    Will it be sparks from my A-Data Ram or Asus motherboard?

    I was playing Battlefield 4 on my Haswell i7 rig and there have been a few `glitch issues` over the past few weeks culminating tonite in the PC shutting down and getting locked before being able to get into BIOS (PC told me to alter something in Ram in BIOS when it re-booted). However, 5...
  2. rogerthat1945

    Freaky AMD Graphics card specs in Crossfire on GPU-z

    Ok; so I ran a pair of HD7770 graphics cards in Crossfire on my Z87 Sabertooth rig for weeks until I was able to buy a GTX 780. No problems; Battlefiled 4 ran great. BUT Now I built a new computer around the 2 spare HD7770 cards (and spare SSD and spare 700W Platinum PSU I have), AND NOW I have...