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    Your preferred receiver/amp brand

    Out of gear ive personally owned, Rotel.
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    Post Your Headphones

    Sennheiser hd600 with a nuforce uDac
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    [FS] OCZ Reaper DDR2 2x2gb

    I will take them.
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    Blu-Ray Clubhouse

    Small club, I'll join. Playback formerly was on a Samsung BDP1000, now is on a PS3 80gig. Movies I own on BR: The Simpsons Movie, 300, Superbad
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    !!! Sony PSP Clubhouse !!!

    Just got my PS3. Boy was I pissed to learn that Sony never developed the BluRay to PSP copy feature.
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    The PS3 Clubhouse

    I can now call myself a member of the PS3 club. I bought mine, however, primarily for Bluray playback.
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    XBOX360 owner clubhouse, come on in ;)

    I don't believe so.
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    !!! Sony PSP Clubhouse !!!

    Just got one. PSP Slim I think version 3.50 for firmware Games - Hot Brain, The Sims 2, Patapon, Puzzle Quest, Street Fighter Alpha 3
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    The college Boys Clubhouse

    Washington State University, 2005, Doctor of Pharmacy
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    Rock band Expert difficulty...probaly equal to hard on GH?

    Yes, Rock Band is relatively easier.
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    Reliable game rental "programs" or w/e you call it.

    I really didn't like gamenzflix. They hardly had anything in stock. Took them a lot longer to get new releases. Gamefly has its distribution centers in California, Pennsylvania, and they are going to open another one in Florida.
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    Reliable game rental "programs" or w/e you call it.

    A week is about the average turnaround for me too. Some post offices are equipped with special equipment that lets Gamefly know you have put your game in the mail, and they will send you your next one before they actually receive it. Sadly, my post office does not do this.
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    Reliable game rental "programs" or w/e you call it.

    I've tried both Gamefly and gameznflix. I like Gamefly MUCH better. I currently use them again.
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    Wireless keyboard with a touchpad

    Thanks, I'll probably snatch that one up.
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    [Case Gallery] DH102 HTPC

    Very impressive.
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    Wireless keyboard with a touchpad

    Where is the DiNovo for $75?
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    TUROK - hopes and fears....

    I've been playing it on the 360. Its alright. I never played the past versions. I'll just say I am glad I rented it and didn't purchase it.
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    What do you guys think about this work bench?

    I like that torture rack. Maybe that's what my next build will get.
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    Call of Duty 4 on xbox360

    I bet you keep your rank and unlockables, but you lose game saves.
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    XBOX360 owner clubhouse, come on in ;)

    I will be getting Vegas 2
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    UT3 Cubhouse

    I'll be back into this game when I get my video card back from repairs. Is Xfire spam/virus free?
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    got my hopes up for GOW2!

    Give it some time. It takes a while to get used to, but it is certainly worth it.
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    Civ 4 Is it worth buying.

    I forgot how cracky this game is. I installed it and played it for the first time since I got my xbox in 2005. Yep, still super addictive.
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    got my hopes up for GOW2!

    Seeing as how GOW is the best game ever, I am pretty excited for the sequel.