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    AMD Ryzen PRO Desktop Processors Released Worldwide

    "Properly ECC compatible"... What are you getting at? DT Ryzen (non-pro) even supports unregistered DIMMs. Its not like the standard Core i7s and single-socket Xeon 1XXX v4 series are shipping all over the place with RDIMMs... If you want RDIMM support then EPYC is the solution.
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    Some Ryzen platform musings

    I think you are forgetting Bristol Ridge, which launched on AM4 for OEMs before Ryzen - I expect to see those show up in retailers soon. Raven Ridge will follow up on AM4 in 2H17 I believe, after they launch FP4 (FP5?) mobile.
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    [FS][US] Yearly Clean-up, GPU/Mobo/Ram + More

    What CAS Latency are those TridentZ sticks in the Skylake combo? Interested
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    AMD Socket AM4 "Bristol Ridge" APU De-lidded

    This was speculated on other news sites by writers and forum members. - The die is soldered on just like every CPU since Athlon 64 (though it looks to be applied in two parts in this case). - He killed the CPU in the process if I read his facebook translation right. Nam Dae Won is "namegt"...
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    [WTB] [trade] s1155 cpu

    My 2600K is available, but it's a little special... Got any GPUs? I'd do a trade for a 7970...
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    [FS] 5.76 GHz 2600K + ASUS MIVE - CHEAP!

    Will part out - CPU $280 shipped Motherboard $100 shipped $370 shipped for both.
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    [FS] 5.76 GHz 2600K + ASUS MIVE - CHEAP!

    Hello everyone! I'm selling my 2600K and MIVE, I don't need them anymore as I upgraded to Phenom II X4. :p This CPU has hit 5.76 GHz at -30 to -40c, benches 3D around 5.7 and 2D from 5.70-5.75 depending on the benchmark (ie, wPrime 1024M vs SuperPi)... The MIVE unfortunately has a corrupt...
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    [FS] iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB (White)

    Gone to ebay, thanks for the space!
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    [FS] iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB (White)

    Bump! $180+ shipping US48 and worldwide
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    [FS] iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB (White)

    Price drop! $190 shipped US48, $185 + shipping worldwide
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    [FS] iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB (White)

    Feel free to throw up an offer! I have another here too to post up tomorrow.
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    [FS] iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB (White)

    Hey guys :) Here is a 4th Generation iPod Touch 32GB in White that I have personally refurbished. Installed is a NON-OEM LCD and Digitizer, but I guarantee non-DOA on arrival. This iPod works flawlessly which is obvious in the picture. Overall condition: No scratches on rear camera, both...
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    [FS][US] Audio Technica ATH-A700 Headphones

    If I wasn't broke right now, I'd be all over these. bump!
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    [WTB] - ASUS or GIGABYTE AMD 890FX Motherboard

    Hai dere! I'm looking for an 890FX motherboard: Either UD5, UD7, Crosshair IV Formula/Extreme No M4A89TDs, they sux on LN2. I'm willing to pay up to $100 for UD5 or $110 CIVF, $110 UD7 or CIVE. (Shipped price, USA) Thanks, Sam
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    [WTB][EU] Ddr1 pc3200

    I've got some generic PC3200 ram here, maybe I can hook you up Let me check tomorrow. :)
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    Sapphire hd5770 vapor-x won't overclock

    No, this is a driver bug. AMD won't fix it either. Roll back to 9.12 or such and you will realize that the tearing isn't there anymore... I believe the problem started around 11.4, but don't quote me on that. I've been saving profiles in MSI AB (stock + OC) to start and turning off my second...
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    [FS][US] Ubuntusario's Hardware (cpus, memorys, video cards and more)

    Thank you so much to Ubuntusario and t_ski, have not tested the board yet but will get right on it. Bought the board for overclocking Athlon XP/MP CPUs, will have lots of fun doing it too. Free bump! :)
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    [FS][US] Ubuntusario's Hardware (cpus, memorys, video cards and more)

    Any news on the board? t_ski? :) I bought a soldering iron, I've been practicing a bit on a Dell GX270 with capacitor plague. Having a hard time...hope you aren't! D:
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    AMD Desktop "Trinity" APUs Delayed to October, Clubbed with FX "Vishera" Launch

    This "rumor" that came from Jetway's website ("Phenom II X8") contained part numbers of AMD FX Engineering Samples, stepping B0. They were simply guesses on the part of Jetway marketing/engineering on the future part names of the Engineering Samples, before AMD decided to resurrect the "FX"...
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    [WTB][US] Anyone with spare AM3 CPU?

    Bend the pins back straight with a mechanical pencil, and forget about the pin that broke off. Try it in your machine, it might be a "KEY" pin that is useless. If it doesn't work, do you still have the pin? It can probably be soldered back on.
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    [FS][US] Ubuntusario's Hardware (cpus, memorys, video cards and more)

    Wow, awesome! t_ski, I'm going out of town on the 10th...will be back the 17th... If I can get ahold of Ubuntusario tomorrow can I just have him ship it to your address? :cool: I already paid off $15 on the board to have it pending for me when I got back though. :roll: