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  1. AsphyxiA

    HDD Issues When Running Nvidia Drivers

    Hi, I recently had two HDD's die in the same week and I bought a 1TB HDD to replace them. When reinstalling Windows 7 I reinstalled all the drivers and within a few minutes of finishing, my new HDD crapped out... Plugged it into another computer, works fine, benched well, and no errors in...
  2. AsphyxiA

    Water Cooling Recomendations and thoughts

    Hey, have not been active on the forums recently but decided to pick everyone's brains since I have a new build in the works. I am building a media PC from parts that I have been given for free. I am looking into water cooling the CPU mostly for the quiet factor and the fact that my HTPC case...
  3. AsphyxiA

    Why does my computer BSOD? Can you read a minidump file?

    I just did a fresh install of Win7 Pro on my laptop and I found that when I try to put my computer to sleep, it doesn't go into sleep but bluescreens. I checked the video drivers and this does not seem to be the problem. I have tried a few different older drivers to see. It seems to have...
  4. AsphyxiA

    Is my hard drive dead? What can I do to recover data?

    Last night I hooked up my hard drive to one of those vantec hard drive to usb adaptors so I could transfer some data. My cat came running under the table pulling the power cord and knocking the hard drive to the carpeted floor. Everything turned off so I figured it was just disconnected since...
  5. AsphyxiA

    Anyone used a stock Opty 4 heatpipe heatsink on an AM3?

    I built a new system for my buddy and his X3 is running a bit warm. Anybody use these for AM3's? The brackets look like they will fit.
  6. AsphyxiA

    Someone have a google voice account?

    ...and are willing to send an invite code? It would be most appriciated and we could talk about some sort of compensation if need be.
  7. AsphyxiA

    blue LEDs to White

    I have a Razer copperhead and want to change the color to white LEDs. 1. This one seems relatively easy easy to do, is this a 3mm LED though? Lights the mouse wheel. 2. i have circled three free connectors, could I put some 3mm or 5mm LEDs? Anyway to replace the LED at the front...
  8. AsphyxiA

    weird graphical issues

    I just got a lappy and have a 130 m GT. I've been testing out some live distros to see if the drivers are going to load right. Well, they seem to work ok except I get 6 screens in one. In other words it splits 1388x768 into six different windows all displaying them same thing. What do I need...
  9. AsphyxiA

    Router with Jumbo Frames Support Recommendations

    I'm setting up a small media server and want the best bandwidth possible on the network. router reqs: Wireless N support gigabit lan if possible
  10. AsphyxiA

    asus u80v where to find?

    ok, where can i buy this laptop? ive searched everywhere and it was like 2k. definitley not what the price should be.
  11. AsphyxiA

    this monitor, is it really as good as it seems?!?!?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824185010 seems WAY too cheap to be a S-IPS especially for the price.
  12. AsphyxiA

    has anyone popped the cover off an Asus Xonar D2X?

    see above, has it been done? Pics?
  13. AsphyxiA

    HTPC TV Card Advice

    ok I'm not a pro when it comes to tv cards. My friend and I are building a htpc. Basically we want to have the ability to watch DTV AND record DTV at the same time. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815116015 this is the card we're looking at getting. Do we need to buy...
  14. AsphyxiA

    AM3 mobo

    ok I've decided to go AM3. I've got the CPU picked out but I'm really having a hard time picking a motherboard. I know a lot of boards are toting them as being able to support a 1600mhz overclock. Are these boards capped or could they theoretically reach the 2000mhz mark? Also, I plan on...
  15. AsphyxiA

    Help me decide on a sound card

    Auzentech X-Meridian Auzentech AZT-Forte Asus Xonar Essence We all know the pros and cons but I need help in deciding. I have an X-Meridian in my car pc and I'm not sourcing that one. I love the card but.... Help me decide.
  16. AsphyxiA

    [WTB] cheap, unwanted parts that work great but need a new home!

    ok, I need to throw together a computer for a co-worker. He has very little money right now as the economy has hit him hard. But he needs a new computer since his pII machine just took a crap. Here's a parts list for what I need: 1. Cheap socket 939 processor *doesn't matter if it is an...
  17. AsphyxiA

    Best WIFI card for Linux

    I'm building a barebones gaming lappy and need to decide on a wifi card to go with. I needs to know what wifi card has great support with linux, that isn't an intel wireless n card. I here Atheros cards do really well, would a macbook wifi card work with my lappy? any input on the whole wifi...
  18. AsphyxiA

    Foxconn M61PMV (hidden bios options?)

    hey all so I built my parents a a mid class gaming machine. It works great but the memory is not running at the sellected setting in bios. Instead of the 1066 setting, it's running @ 667 according to cpuz. The bios options are quite limited and was wondering if there might be any hidden...
  19. AsphyxiA

    L2000 LCD, help fix

    my friend has decided to give me his old HP L2000 for 100 bucks! need one for school and thats cheap only problem is that the LCD is broken. I'm pretty sure that it is just the switch since he said that he could get the LCD to flicker on if he repeatedly pushed the lcd on off switch ( the lid...
  20. AsphyxiA

    [WTB][US] socket 478 MOBO

    my bros motherboard just shit out. no video input at all! I needs a new mobo! something cheap that works well.
  21. AsphyxiA

    great overclocking mobo, recomend?

    processor--> Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 videocard --> 3870 x2 dont need two pcie slots, and would prefer a micro atx board how about this?
  22. AsphyxiA

    DDR 3 RAM should I go for it?

    Im going to do a total system over haul this summer and want to know if i should even touch DDR3 RAM right now. Good idea? bad idea?
  23. AsphyxiA

    looking for video server file in Mac OS X

    i set up OS X on my friends pc but he wants to use a higher resolution. i read somewhere that you have to edit the com.apple.windowserver.plist. i went to the directory where its supposed to be located but it wasn't there. any place else it could be?
  24. AsphyxiA

    installing gnash-firefox plugin

    hey ive been using Sabayon and its awesome. I'm now using the 3.4 mini but it seems that it did not come with firefox on this version. so i emerged it plus i emerged a few tools such as java and gnash and all installed fine, except gnash. Ive tried finding that freaking firefox plugin...
  25. AsphyxiA

    A good LCD monitor?

    I want a good LCD monitor, but whenever i find, what i think, is good LCD monitor, someone shoots me down and says it crap. SOOOOOOOO! What kind of specs should a good LCD monitor have? my guesses are these: 1. The higher the contrast ratio, the better 2. Anything anything<=8 response...