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    [FS][US] [FS US]DDR4 / Mice / Mechanical Keyboards

    I'm always on the wrong end of the timing stick here. Just in time for the mortgage payment, insurance, property taxes and monthly bills to be due. Don't suppose you accept bellybutton lint in trade sneeky...? :P
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    [FS][US] [FS US]DDR4 / Mice / Mechanical Keyboards

    As much as I like Cougar, I'm not terribly fond of blues. I think my wife would probably kill me for them too.
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    [FS][US] [FS US]DDR4 / Mice / Mechanical Keyboards

    Of course I miss the keyboards.
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    [FS][US] EVGA GTX 770 and Corsair H110

    Hmmmmmmmm... been waiting for someone to sell a reasonably priced 2x140, and of course it happens when I'm short on funds. I should sell my Kuhler and upgrade to this, but by then it'll be too late.
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    [WTB][US] WTB: 2x Intel stock copper core hsf's (LGA1155) model E97378-001

    Yep, as long as it fits LGA1155 spacing without issue. That's the one, except I'm looking to pay around that price for two.
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    [WTB][US] WTB: 2x Intel stock copper core hsf's (LGA1155) model E97378-001

    I'm looking to pick up TWO stock Intel copper core heatsinks for LGA1155, model E97378-001. Preferably new/unused. I have a pair of machines which need heatsinks replaced. Not looking to pay more than about $10-$12 or so shipped for the pair. For reference, they sell for about $7.00 shipped...
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    [WTB] Looking for an i7 2600/k, 3770/k or E3-1230 v1 or v2, xbox360, AIO cooler, vSGA card

    Time for some spring upgrades I guess. I really don't have money to burn, but why not, right? A few things in particular I'm looking for, preferably cheap, in no order of preference: - XBox 360 S (No older RROD/xclamp units please), 4gb version is fine, just going to be used as an MCE...
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    [FS][US] RTB's 80PLUS PSU Firesale! -- DONE

    Doesn't really need my two cents, but quality kept stuff. I can attest to that!
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    Giveaway time...GTA 4 Global steam, key.

    GTA 4... I had to double check and realize no, I haven't played GTA 4. The last one I played was GTA 3 a long, long time ago. So yes, I think I'd like to jack some cars.
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    HyperX Releases Enhanced Cloud II Gaming Headset, New Mouse Pad

    Uhh... the Cloud II is also 7.1. The original Cloud was only stereo. That's kinda a big difference. Other than that, they intentionally left the physical design the same because everybody loved it.
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    I'm pretty sure that's not an SFX power supply. I don't think Cooler Master makes SFX form factor PSU's according to their product page.
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    Bought retail. This thread can be closed.
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    [FS][US] Dell R610 Server

    Great price. If I had a rack, a quiet room and some spare funds, I'd definitely consider this in place of my whitebox server.
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    [WTB] ITX Mobo (preferably LGA1155)

    Bought retail. This can be closed.
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    [FS/FT][US] Video card clearance.

    One last change, one last bump. It's a long shot, but if anyone would have any reason to, I'd love to trade the entire lot above for a good working condition R9 290 or equivalent to upgrade a gaming desktop.
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    [FS/FT][US] Video card clearance.

    Prices go down one more time.
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    [FS/FT][US] Video card clearance.

    I will consider it, but I absolutely will not accept paypal for any international transactions.
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    [WTB][US] Hayder Master WTB thread always updates

    256gb Samsung 840 (Non-pro) available if you're interested. Best video cards I have available is a 7870 Myst unfortunately and a 7870 ghz ed. Just a little bit under what you're looking for I guess.
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    [FS/FT][US] Video card clearance.

    Prices rebranded.
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    [FS/FT][US] Video card clearance.

    Updated desired trade list with a few new things I'm in the market for. Might be interested in other stuff. Who knows.
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    [FS] Gaming PC parts! (Only DDR3 DIMMS + mobo left!)

    I spy with my little eye... Yummy goodness! (Bump while I temp myself)
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    [FS/FT][US] Video card clearance.

    Anybody want those 6950's for $115 a piece (if you take all three)?