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  1. phanbuey

    CORSAIR Opens Port to ex-EKWB Top Management

    Not sure what happened at EK... but I would definitely keep those guys on a short leash if I was Corsair's management...
  2. phanbuey

    Your PC ATM

    I love that 540 case design... so clean, so much air.
  3. phanbuey

    Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2 Lands in Europe for £259.99 / €289.99

    so uh... i just got this and it is awesome lol - I think this might be a bit overpriced. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UY9F8HW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. phanbuey

    Water cooling vs air cooling ,which is better?

    Much of it also depends on your case flow. High-end air performs better than AIO on an open-air test bench/testing that is only doing a CPU torture test. If you put an AIO as a cold-intake into your case, it will perform better than high end air when your internal case air starts getting hot...
  5. phanbuey

    Which CPU platform is better for me i7 8700 vs 1700 for workstation and gaming?

    The main issue here is that Android Studio requires intel virtualization tech (it's on their requirements) for hardware accelerated features to work. If that is a piece of software that he uses often then AMD is not even in the running. The point of the temp comment was to show that under the...
  6. phanbuey

    Jonsbo Presents Their New Flagship UMX5 Case

    yeah i mean that would be a great case if the color scheme wasnt terrible
  7. phanbuey

    Which CPU platform is better for me i7 8700 vs 1700 for workstation and gaming?

    if you do any gaming at all 8700k is better, if you want a pure workstation, 1700 is way better. This is my 1700 workstation, while crunching and doing db load, and massive excel sheets, and youtube music, uses the same amount of power as my 7820x at light browsing. Never breaks 60C at 3.6ghz...
  8. phanbuey

    Your PC ATM

    Liquid metal on everything.
  9. phanbuey

    Your PC ATM

    Delidded it using the Rockit Tool, dropped temps by about 15C on full load. Sitting at 4.64 right now doesnt break 67C normally, wont break 80C under torture. before delid it would hit 98C easy under that OC.
  10. phanbuey

    Google Uses the Nuclear Option Against Amazon, Pulls YouTube from Fire TV

    Same - would have no problems ordering products from wallmart online.
  11. phanbuey

    My GTX 1070 is Insanly bottlenecking an i5-6600k

    its stutter... what's your memory setup? Are you doing anything in the background?
  12. phanbuey

    MySQL HELP :(

    the constraint command syntax looks weird to me... (I work mostly with T-SQL but with a google this is what came up for mySQL): CREATE TABLE Persons ( ID int NOT NULL, LastName varchar(255) NOT NULL, FirstName varchar(255), Age int, PRIMARY KEY (ID) ); also I usually don't...
  13. phanbuey

    3Dmark Time Spy - Post your scores!

    Tweaked the CPU a bit 10302 - Phanbuey - 7820X@4.64Ghz - 1080TI silent @ 1703/1459
  14. phanbuey

    EK Water Blocks Announces Availability of the EK-MLC Phoenix

    yeah but also the time and the maintenance, and the buying of parts, and researching/experimenting. It's a pain in the a**. I don't know anyone with a serious waterloop that doesnt have a ton of extra parts lying around from the days of experimenting...
  15. phanbuey

    'Scientist', 61, prepares to prove the Earth is flat by launching himself in homemade rocket

    awww so close news: "Man, plays 'best case, worst case.' Sells rocket, spends money on ****ers and ****".
  16. phanbuey

    'Scientist', 61, prepares to prove the Earth is flat by launching himself in homemade rocket

    oh snap boys... we got trolled impossible, too many contracts/media attention for passion
  17. phanbuey

    The Death Of NEXTPOWERUP

  18. phanbuey

    The Death Of NEXTPOWERUP

    The community involvement was the biggest thing imo. Half the reason i come to TPU to read the stories is so i can see what the nerdclowns here post in response (because it tends to restore my faith in humanity). Like when the iphone airbuds story hit on NPU, i would have loved to see...
  19. phanbuey

    'Scientist', 61, prepares to prove the Earth is flat by launching himself in homemade rocket

    Seems like a problem that is about to solve itself.
  20. phanbuey

    The Death Of NEXTPOWERUP

    also i couldn't comment on the stories the same way. Disquss/Google+ sign ins are terrible.
  21. phanbuey

    Riotoro Intros CR500 Mid-tower Chassis

    He died from a severe Riotoro of the esophagus.
  22. phanbuey

    CaseLabs' Popular Magnum SMA8 Case Undergoes Transformation

    No I know them well -- almost got a BH8 but they didnt have a closed top panel and the side come apart slightly when picked up. It's still needlessly ugly. Would get a Pinnacle 24/18 over this anyday.
  23. phanbuey

    No upgrades till Volta & 8th gen HEDT build...

    yeah my 7820x at 4.6 @ 1.16v can suck down ~350W of power (550W @ AVX512 full bore according to sisoft which i think is bs)... i cant even imagine juice that thing is putting out. The best stability test i have found for these is the Sisoft Sandra Processor Multimedia bench. Run that and watch...
  24. phanbuey

    CaseLabs' Popular Magnum SMA8 Case Undergoes Transformation

    they need to make not look like a filing cabinet.