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    [WTB][US] Video Card midrangish

    Looking for mid to high range. $150 is about the best I'll go unless it's a great deal. Looking for single card solutions. Something around 7850/660 territory. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    [FS] ASRock X58 Extreme3. NZXT Lexa S

    Have an ASRock X58 Extreme3 board, purchased from Bogmali here, 100% working condition. $90 Shipped Also have a NZXT Lexa S Case, typical minor cosmetic damages little scratches and a ding or two. Still 100% functional and still a decent case. $30 + shipping. Heatware
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    [FS] 700W Cougar PSU, 4GBx2 Ripjaws, 500GB WD Black

    700W Cougar PSU Bronze 80. I have three items for sale. I will ship anywhere, out of US people interested in purchasing any item send me a PM so we can work out shipping costs. All Prices are shipped. All items are New Cougar CMX700 Modular PSU Bronze 80 - $75 Shipped Newegg Link Has two...
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    [FS] Pair of XFX 8800GS 384MB

    Item: 2x 8800GS 384MB, one with Zalman VF-900 Price: $40 Each OBO shipped, Folders pm me if you want one or both I can work out a better price for you. Both for $75 Shipped. Cards have been running stock settings for over a year no heating issues selling because of upgrading the...
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    [FS][US] Blackberry Storm 2 Unlocked

    I just got this phone two weeks ago for a warranty replacement. Only selling because I have a Droid X on the way. There are only minor scratches at the bottom edge of the plastic where it meets the screen, it's circled in red and can really only see it if looking. . The screen is in perfect...
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    Need a hand on Bluescreen Error

    Alright, brand new laptop, model G73JH-RBBX05 is having a PFN_LIST_CORRUPT blue screen. Running memtest threw no errors over 10 hours ended up being 10 passes.The hard drive tested just fine. I'm just a tad bit confused on what else it could be. I've seen this error before and it was a memory...
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    [FS][US] Single Slot 8800GT

    I have an unbranded 8800GT purchased it from another forum, believe [H]. Anyway guy said it was a replacement from Dell hence the lack of branding. Just selling because I was going to use it for a cheap build but that won't be happening for now. I'm looking for $60 shipped, I'm willing to...
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    [WTB][US] 9800 GT Dual Slot Stock or aftermarket

    I'm looking for a decent cooler for my friends 9800gt. He's using the single slot cooler stock idle of ~65°c loading in furmark at 95°c. Either stock dual slot or an aftermarket one would work not looking for spend much more than $30. I can currently get the Accelero L2 Pro for just under $30 if...
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    [FS/FT][US] i7 920 D0, Gigabyte EX-58-UD4P and GTX260 216

    Pictures are terrible they are just temporary until I can get my digital back. Reason for selling is downgrading to a lower power rig. I don't need this much power I don't do anything that requires what the i7 can do. Prices are shipped to lower 48. I will do International shipping, but...
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    Holiday Build for a Friend

    I had a $600 budget to build a friend of mine a nice pc. It comes to $598.89 just trying to cut it as close as possible ends up being $500 with bing cash back and mail in rebates, let me know what you think.
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    $600 Budget Gaming Rig

    Can anyone else come up with anything better? Just curious, cannot go over $600 shipped to 27616, new parts only. Micro build is necessary, I chose AM3 for future upgrades. There will not be any overclocking, so I don't really see any reason for a Black Edition processor. I know the power...
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    Thermaltake's Level 10 Case Unboxed

    If any of you were interested in this like I was, You'll probably like this article over at Maximum PC about this case. Artricle
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    New Build

    So a friend of mine was going to trade me his i7 920D0 that does 4.0@1.25 and $50 for my motherboard and processor. Well when it came down to it, he ended up selling it. After I purchased an X58 and some ddr3. Now I'm sitting on a Gigabyte EX58-UD4 and 6 gigs of some cheapo 1600mhz ram. I not...
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    [FS][US] External HDD, HR-03 GTX, Sound card, Spot Cool

    I have a few items for sale, All items include shipping. I'm open to offers but please don't low ball me. Seagate FeeAgent Go 250GB - This drive is only a couple months old purchased 6/11/09. 2.5 inch form factor no external power needed, comes with included usb cable. - $50 SOLD HR-03...
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    Extreme Budget Build

    Well I put something together on Newegg, Curious if anyone can configure something within the parameter's. Budget is $275 or below, doesn't need a video card. The lower power the better(no itx.) Amd or Intel doesn't matter to me, computer will be used for word processing and internet not a whole...
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    Another Faulty motherboard?

    These gigabyte boards I'm getting this would be the second one in a row with a problem. First one had an issue where many things wouldn't work. This time, my usb controller seems to be messing up, doesn't matter in windows 7 or Vista. Both are doing the same thing. It started out with freezing...
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    4850e Temp sensors

    Anyone know of any issues with the temp sensors showing a 12-14° split between the cores, this is just a basic build for my mother since her computer died on her while I was visiting. Has the stock cooler on it, the cores keep a pretty decent separation between load and idle. Quick google...
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    [WTB][US] Haf 932

    I'm looking for a HAF I missed out on the newegg deal a couple weeks ago, looking for around that price. Must have original fans. Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    Sapphire 4890 $167 + shipping AR

    This is going to be as cheap as it gets for a while Sapphrie 4890 @ Ewiz Coupon code GPUOMG20
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    [FS][US] Patriot Viper 4GB (2 x 2GB) 1066 Kit

    Trying to sell my patriot DDR2 sticks here. They clock reasonably well I've had them at 1120ish up to 1160 stable with relaxed timings. There was a slight bend on one of the corners, straightened it out, so the paint is a little scratched. Great looking heat spreaders. They don't play well with...
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    Raid Questions

    I'm looking for a good more modern article to explain raid a bit better. Really just looking for some answers to a couple questions. I purchased a second 250 GB Seagate, I'm obviously looking to raid them. Looking for a Raid 0 on these drives. Questions: When making the array, does it...
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    New setup, minor issue.

    Well I got my new setup running, tossed up windows 7. Bios date was wrong so it told me it can't validate because it was past trial date. Well fixed that reinstalling right now after correcting the problem (windows still wouldn't activate due to the original issue). Before reinstalling enabled...
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    [FS][US] K9A2 Platinum, P35, E6750

    Looking to sell three items. Prices are shipped. E6750 - $65 - Shipped - crosshairs Gigabyte P35-DS3L - $50 - Shipped -mysterfix K9A2 Platinum - $75 - Now on EBay The E6750 runs has been running at 3.6 Ghz @ 1.38v 24/7 for over a year. -Sold K9A2 is brand new in box, received from...
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    Upgrade Path

    Well, I kind of stumbled into a free K9A2 Platinum. Debating now whether to pick up a Phenom II and drop my Intel or sell the motherboard and pick up a E8500 or something similar for ~180. The phenom would be faster, similar price. Selling mobo and proc on intel side will net a bit more so a 955...
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    Networking issue

    Not even a complicated one. I'm not stupid, just a bit confused on why this doesn't work as it should, if someone could shed some light on the issue it'd be great. So just running a cable modem directly to the computer. From one of the coaxial outlets from the wall to the cable modem it'll...