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  1. TomJane

    Why is there no cheap wireless gaming mice?

    G700 is the best gaming wireless mice if buyer has a mediocre budget. Ah well! wireless technology is not too expensive but yes wireless gaming mice are quite few in number.. Even I am skeptical about this!
  2. TomJane

    website wont load with www

    Your website is perfectly loading on my system and it also shows WWW. May be you need to check your address bar settings.
  3. TomJane

    Cheapest effective upgrade of Q6600 ?

    A lot has already been advice. My simplest suggestion would be to go either for Q9400 or Haswell. Q9400 is next generation and it works at par and is cheap too. If you have a little increased budget than going with later is a better choice.
  4. TomJane

    UPDATE: Which Linux flavor are you currently running?

    Currently using OpenSUSE because its free and quite easy to work with.. I find it amazing! Quite disappointed to see more votes for Unbuntu.. come on OpenSUSE users!