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    Windows XP Optimization Guide

    teh enable L2, that works with older cpu but I know lots of people that try it and there computer went alittle faster
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    X1600 add voltage controls please

    yea DDR2 Yea, I hate 3dmark01SE, if you have a fast card but slower ram and slower CPU you really pay for it in that benckmark
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    X1600 add voltage controls please

    nope, Powercolor X1600Pro 512MB AGP that takes floppy connection. I have the thread to volt mod it but I dont know how to use the metter to get the voltage etc..:slap: EDIT: Rember ati tool shows half of the ram speed. 459mhz x 2 = 918MHZ
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    X1600 add voltage controls please

    That temp is hot, My Blower fan controller broke so its on the motherboard but its 30% slower but its a HOT day out today. My Commin temps are 39c on idel and 47c on load Anyways, Look at my memory. So far with any other card that has 128-bit never got that far
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    X1600 add voltage controls please

    Have you tryed WarCat 6.8... You will get way more points than that with WarCat 6.8. I got 4559 in 3dmark05 after WarCat 6.8 I got 4675.:toast:
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    SATA with Asus K8V-SE

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    Processor Cooling Help:

    Add a other fan or get some better cooling. Im sure it wont hurt the cpu if up the voltage alittle more. EDIT: also, my dads wife has a AMD Athlon 1300+ and its around 67c in the BIOS and 70c in windows @ load, and its runing great
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    Does an asus x1600 pro get any better?

    Well this makes no sence. Im runing Forton Dual rail 12V, 13 Amps x 2 (350W) and my X1600Pro got a good overclock to 594MHZ without being unstable
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    MSI NX6600-VTD256 Geforce 6600 256MB 128-bit DDR VIVO AGP 4X/8X Video Card

    what is your money limit. By the title saying AGP, your motherboard only supports AGP?. The card is ok but if you want somthing alittle faster for the same price get 6600GT. The GT stands for 500mhz core! compard to 350MHZ on some 6600 cards. Please reply thank you!:)
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    SATA with Asus K8V-SE

    I got a K8V-SE yesterday (Socket 754). I pluged in my Samsung SATA Drive and the BIOS detected it, So I went to windows XP setup and I got a error saying: "Windows Xp didnt detect any harddrive to install windows xp". I though DAM!, I installed windows XP on a 1.9GB IDE and have 468MB's left. I...
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    X1600 add voltage controls please

    looks like it. It would be nice if it had voltage options for the card:toast: Than this 100mhz overclock (500MHZ -> 600MHZ) would be more if there was more voltage
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    X1600 add voltage controls please

    sam here to. I own a Powercolor X1600Pro AGP 512MB and I would like to say voltage controls in ATI tool for the 1K's. If you can though
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    Good OC on X1600Pro AGP

    nah. I need to volt mod it, I already have to link to mod it but I dont know if I should do it becuase its my only good card
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    ATI X1600Pro with Cell factor

    NO, you can use your CPU do that, but I guess becuase my cpu is older it has to go though the PhysX's part and that makes my system lag you put that in there to start the game, without that in here the same would start and say "No Physx card detected" and it will exit
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    ATI X1600Pro with Cell factor

    Well I downloaded Cell factor today, and put in that enablephisx=disable to make it run. So the games starts and it loads than I get around 20 frames walk around than the games starts to lag big time. from 20 frames to 1 frame per second. How can this be? I ran the game @ 320x240 and it ran 90...
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    which atitool should i use

    Your a lucky person. I owned a Ti 4200 128MB before upgrading. No ATI TOOL worked for it, it just showed core: 0.00MHZ Memory: 0.00MHZ. Your better off with rivatuner or coolbits, also you can do this This will only work with speeds of VGA Core Clock: 252.0 MHz VGA Memory Clock: 513.0...
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    Symantec discovers proof-of-concept virus that targets AMD processors.

    Its like why A**wipes make stupid WIN A FREE IPOD, they did it piss alot of people off by spaming there email or giving them pop-up's, or they do it becuase there where board and chouldnt think of anything else to do
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    Good OC on X1600Pro AGP

    My overclock isn't 600mhz now due to the room temp making the video go around 39c, that gives me 594mhz. Down teh page are my 3dmark scores and my cooler. Do you think that those scores are good?
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    Slow Startup

    I get that in a startup, all I do is have my autivirs, ATI Drivers, and my ATI tool start. I disable alot of servers and it helps
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    Ati 9550 Agp

    I rember those old days with the big overclock. I got 500mhz core but it really start to artifact. 450mhz was the best I can get
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    Question about DX10

    20%, lol
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    Ati 9550 Agp

    yea, I think its ATI tool 0.24 to. I owned a 9550 before I sent it and the core was messed (ask Poge). I used to use that, it worked most of the time but some times it would overclock than go back to the stock speeds, So I used Omega drivers to unlock overclocking on 9550 and it worked great.
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    Ati 9550 Agp

    well most of the 9550 are based off the 9600 but down clocked to save money, Just flash the card has a 9600 and you can overclock
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    6800LE vs X1600PRO

    X1600Pro AGP 512MB that I own has: 4 pixel pipelines with 12 pixel shader units (3 Pixel shaders x 4 pipelines) and 5 vertex pipelines If you volt mod the card, you can get the card to 688mhz (core) with good air cooling. Also the X1600Pro has the same PCB layout as the X1300Pro. Just use...
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    Timmings Good?

    About Systool. I own Samsung TCCC PC3200 ram, @ 208.8fsb w/ stock voltage (2.5V) I got those timmings. before Systool "Read Peramble" 5.0 ns "Max, Async .Lat" 6 ns After Systool: "Read Peramble" 4.0 ns "Max, Async .Lat" 5 ns After chaning that I got about - 1s on SuperPI, One time I got...