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    building a ITX rig or matx

    so far i've never built a itx rig before the last one i built as a lan party rig was a m-atx. but right now i'm thinking of making a smaller size gaming machine was using the nzxt vulcan housed inside are amd phenom II and a asus mobo with 4gb ram, and a 6670. so now I'm itching of trying out...
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    which amd gpu is worth for the price?

    1 US dollar = 41.2450 Philippine pesos XFX HD 7970 Double Dissipation 3gb/256bit ddr5 = PHP 22730.00 = 551.097$ Power Color HD 7970 3gb/384bit ddr5 PCS+ (OC Ed) = PHP 17900.00 = 433.991$ Asus HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP 3gb/384bit (OC Ed) = PHP 18430.00 = 446.842$ Sapphire HD 7970 OC Ed...
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    does a zotac gtx 680 amp fit on a level 10 gt both sli and non sli.

    Hi guys.. just wondering will a zotac gtx 680 amp fit on a level 10 gt? currently my friend will be building one and so far only stock available was a zotac 680 amp and he seems sold on it since it is a few bucks cheaper than the asus gtx 670 dcuii top and the msi gtx 670 PE oc (one store he...