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  1. shankly1985

    Black screen crash GPU 100% fan - Weird issue

    Hello I have a very strange issue happening with my PC atm, first let me give you the specs i7 8700k - Tested OC and Stock - Running Stock atm ROG Maximus X Hero 16GB Corsair Dominator 3200mhz tested at the XMP speed at Stock - Running stock atm 1000w Superflower leadex platinum RX VEGA 64 -...
  2. shankly1985

    Gpu-z Readings questions

    Guys how accurate is Gpu-z?? I have my Voltage set using msi AB @1.037v but GPU-z is reading 1.498v This was from about 1 hour Crysis 2 gameplay on Ultra settings and I also notice my GPU load hit just 91% surely thats wrong? My i5 2500k is OC to 4.5Ghz. So my question is should I trust Msi...
  3. shankly1985

    PSU-Corsair vs XFX

    Hello guys am stuck on theses two PSU Corsair HX850w or XFX XXX Edition 850w Both are rated Silver 80+ Now the corsair comes with more like 6 x 6+2pin PCI-E Power vs XFX 4x witch I dont need that because never will I want to have more than two GPU's Price XFX is £105, Corsair £130 Total PC...
  4. shankly1985

    Help needed for new GPU

    Hello people am building a new pc next week and am stuck on witch GPU I should pick. Am looking at MSi GTX580 twinForzr2/OC or MSi HD6970. I will be playing @1080p @60FPS TV limit, witch of theses two are best for my settings? I want to play BF3 and metro 2233 at highest settings if possible...