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  1. puma99dk|

    PSU upgrade SeaSonic 750W Platinum or Titanium?

    I am currency thinking if it's time to upgrade my Corsair SF600 PSU in my system, check system specs for details. SeaSonic's watt tester shows I need about 630watt for my current system with my i7-8086K overclocked I don't want oc my GTX 1080 Ti but I don't want my psu go boom on me should...
  2. puma99dk|

    Offset won't go under 1.296-1.315V AsRock Z370 Taichi

    I was wondering at what voltage my i7-8086K would do 5GHz on all cores bit with a stable offset of -50 I still see CPU-Z reading os 1.296-1.315V and a little drop to 1.264V. I was wondering do I really need a fixed voltage to try to go down to 1.225-1.250V to test if my i7-8086K can do 5GHz at...
  3. puma99dk|

    PFSense VPN speeds

    Earlier this week I got a PFSense box home from PCEngine APU2C4 specs: AMD GX-412TC Jaguar 1GHz Quad-Core, 4GB DDR3-1333 RAM, 16GB SSD storage with 3xIntel I211AT ethernet ports and more: https://pcengines.ch/apu2c4.htm I am using OpenVPN to connect this router to a VPN service I use for...
  4. puma99dk|

    Anyone that can tell me the difference between these 2 Intel SSD's?

    I been wondering for sometime now what's the difference between these 2 Intel M.2. SSD's are because I do not seem to be able to figure it out. First I though one might be OEM and the other Retail or something but they are both 660p's, same specs and warranty which makes this even more...
  5. puma99dk|

    RTSS overlay not showing in Metro Exodus

    I can't get Rivatuner Statistic Server overlay to show in Metro Exodus I even have to change the game to DX11 to avoid any crashes I had. I have even tried so far: 1. Restarted RTSS and MSI Afterburner 2. Reinstalled Metro Exodus 3. Made a copy of one of the ProfileTemplates and renamed it to...
  6. puma99dk|

    High capacity gold batteries real?

    Back in 2010 with my first android phone the LG Optimus 2X P990 I had what was called a high capacity gold battery with 2430mAH instead of the original 1500mAH and I never had a issue with battery life even with custom roms. Is it really true you can put in more mAH's in a battery the same...
  7. puma99dk|

    Windows 10 DCOM Error for Search Gather and File Change Tracker

    I check Event Viewer from time to time on my computer and today I discovered these two: Event 10010, DistributedCom The server {9E175B6D-F52A-11D8-B9A5-505054503030} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout. Event 10010, DistributedCom The server...
  8. puma99dk|

    Windows 10 1809 Photo app and Timeline issue

    I installed version 1809 of Windows 10 the 23th of November when I upgraded to a bigger NVME drive but now I am having problems with the Photo app and the Timline function. I been trying to fix a couple of things but nothing I found seems to work and I don't want to create a new profile just to...
  9. puma99dk|

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 v1809 notifications suddenly doesn't show

    A couple of hours ago my Windows 10 suddenly stopped showing Notifications in the Action Center, in the taskbar I do get that there is a notification but I cannot see the notification clicking on the Action Center. On top of this I cannot re-enable Notification for Brave it's Off and clicking...
  10. puma99dk|

    Samsung Data migration failed

    Yesterday I was trying to clone my Samsung 960 EVO 250GB over to a spare Samsung 850 EVO 250GB I got laying around for backup because I want to reinstall my Windows 10 Pro for a change. It's freshly formatted, it's turned on like 51times and only about 4500 hours on the clock and total written...
  11. puma99dk|

    Intel 760P 2 models???

    I was looking around and I suddenly bumped into 2 model numbers for a Intel 760P 512GB NVME SSD. SSDPEKKW512G8XT and SSDPEKKW512G801 The both are listed for the same speed but the G801 is $23/€21/£18 more expensive makes me wonder if one of them is a typical OEM drive that got like Blue or...
  12. puma99dk|

    New router for fibernet (200/200mbit)

    Here is a little about why I am looking for a new router. It looks like my Asus RT-AC88U (Running Merlin's firmware) have seen better days or it's just playing tricks with me after my ISP yesterday and the day before had some packet loss issues in the part of my country. Recently Wifi speed...
  13. puma99dk|

    Intel Wireless-AC 7265 refuses to connect to wifi

    I have a system with onboard Intel Wireless-AC 7265 in a MSI Z97I Gaming-AC board running Windows 10 Pro Build 1803 with Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 (Tried leaving this on and disabled it still the same thing) it refuses to connect to wireless that iphone, ipad, and other Windows 10...
  14. puma99dk|

    23% off all PC Games @ Greenmangaming (Expires 1 of Oct)

    Greenmangaming.com is gaming a sale on where you get 23% off all PC Games on their site this includes Shadow of the Tomb Raider even the Croft Edition so it's down to €69,29 which is the cheapest I seen yet :eek: Voucher is: PAYDAY23 This voucher creates a Voucher Discount key I have masked out.
  15. puma99dk|

    mbox file import to Thunderbird v64

    One online email service I been using for a lot of years has decided to close down and they let you extract all your emails and so on into a mbox file my problem is that by default I can't import that to Thunderbird version 64. I done some searching around they a lot of sites recommend a add-on...
  16. puma99dk|

    Windows XP goes black after XP Splash screen

    Hi, I would like to get some help here I got a old HP machine that I cannot get to boot in to XP properly every time even in safe mode it shows black screen after the XP loading splash screen. 1. I backup the Windows XP. 2. Pulled out the graphics card tested with another both AMD and Nvidia...
  17. puma99dk|

    Crash Bandicoot Steam Controller Support?

    I am wondering if anyone knows how good the controller support is for Crash Bandicoot on steam? Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/731490/Crash_Bandicoot_N_Sane_Trilogy/ I am thinking about buying this but I want to make sure that PS4 controller works. Tried Superfrog HD where the...
  18. puma99dk|

    Intel SGX help

    Hi all @ TPU Today I picked up med new CPU and Mobo but I run on to these 2 issues with Intel SGX when I try to install it and run Cyberlink Ultra HD Blu-Ray Advisor. Intel SGX Installation: I get this error at Advanced SGX Validation Testing: I don't get this when Intel(R) Software Guard...
  19. puma99dk|

    AsRock Z370 Taichi worth it over Extreme 4?

    I wanted to try a AsRock board for years and now when I can't get Blu-Ray to run on my X299 setup (Thanks you Intel's for the lack of SGX support) I am strongly considering going over to "Coffee Cups" and get a AsRock board together with a Intel Core i7-8086K. I been looking at the Taichi...
  20. puma99dk|

    Player for 4K Blu-ray on X299 chipset?

    I am looking for a Player that can play 4K Blu-ray movies on Intel's X299 chipset that doesn't support Intel SGX (Software Guard Extensions). I purchased a techPulse120 UHD USB 3.0 Type-C (it's basically a slim usb enclosure with a LG BU40N 4K/UHD optical drive in it). I thought I could use...
  21. puma99dk|

    Pentium J5005 for Plex Server/Media Center

    I have been looking at AsRock's J5005-ITX to replace my Intel Compustick 2gen so I can use Plex Media Player (This application requires 64bit to work) and it can beat a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 in Passmark and only uses about 10watt TDP so I was wondering if it would be able to handle 2 Plex...
  22. puma99dk|

    Audio by Harman Panel too big

    Is there anyone that knows how I can resize the control panel for Audio by Harman because it's way too big and I don't even run scaling on my Windows 10.
  23. puma99dk|

    NAT Acceleration broken in Merlin firmware for Asus routers?

    I heard from a user that the NAT Acceleration doesn't work in Merlin's firmware for Asus routers, the user is owning a Asus RT-AC66U and I own a Asus RT-AC88U and in mine I can see NAT Acceleration under Advanced Settings --> LAN --> Switch Control --> NAT Acceleration: Auto CTF (Cut Through...
  24. puma99dk|

    AsRock X299 Taichi vs Taichi XE what's the difference?

    I been looking at AsRock's Taichi XE and Taichi on the Intel X299 chipset and to be honest there is only 2 things I can see that are different while the specs remain the same so I am bit confused why two boards at almost the same price? (They are almost the same in my country so little...
  25. puma99dk|

    i7-7800x or i7-7820x upgrade?

    I am wondering if I should upgrade to a i7-7800x (6 cores/12 treads) or i7-7820x (8cores /16 threads) and using a AsRock X299 Taichi board. I am wondering this because I am starting to do more encoding again while also streaming from my PC at the same time. Today I am using a i7-6700k running...