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    4850 = head pains - severe anger - hemroids

    Hi all im at my limit with these cards I have had two 4850,s in CF for months now and never figured out why they are such crap cards with games...these cards have been nothing but trouble since the day I got them. I would really never suggest to anyone to get these cards. The problems range from...
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    asus 4850 cf ..still runs like shi*

    :banghead:Hi all just hoping someone has figured out the problems with 4850,s ..Cuz I still have lag problems with my cards..I have re re re re installed the drivers and os and still having same problems..it gives me a good 3dmark but I dont care about that ,its my games that matter..so help if...
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    more 4850 cf problems

    Ok sooo whats going on in my cf options ? I have a m3a32-mvp deluxe mobo with two 4850,s in cf with both cf connectors on and I have both cards in the two blue slots which are 16x2.0 and 16x 2.0 but in ccc it says one is dissabled and the other is running on 08x 2.0 heres the screen shots of ccc...
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    M3a32-mvp Deluxe Wifi Bios Problems

    Ive now updated my bios to 1202 1002 1102 and none of them will go directly into windows after using asus updater program that lets you flash bios from windows ,ive done this 3 times before and its been fine every time other than this time..I have to reset my computer even after loading default...
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    Water Cooling Or Good Fan Heat Sink

    Hi all im not overly wanting to get watercooling but I do want to overclock my 9850 phenom..So is there any good hs fans out there that would bring temps down enouph to do a good overclocking ? my phenom idles at 52c and load gets up to eround 64c..and yes ive used different greece and whats on...
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    Cf 4850 Add Both Cf Cables?

    Hi I am not sure if connecting both the cf connecters that came with my mobo is needed when cf two 4850,s ? Ive read you should connect both and I have read you dont need to ? so will it give any performence boost or does it even matter?...Thanks..Steve
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    low 3d mark with two 4850,s and 9850 phenom

    Hi all I just wanted to see what otrhers are getting with simular setup as me with 3dmark06 Ive got two 4850,s and 9850 phenom and m3a32-mvp deluxe mobo and 4 gig system ram on win xp 32...And all stock clocks I got only 13414 on my 3d score...This is low is ity not? The only real crazzy thing I...
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    4850 randon screen problems

    Hi all I just got two asus 4870,s and I seem to get random screen screw ups where I cant type anything for it just has two lines where I should be able to type and also looks like the coloures are out of alighn ment as well and kindof blurry looking but goes away after few seconds..so is there...
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    9850 phenom BE

    Hi all I got two 4850,s in crossfire and a phenom 9850 BE yesterday and I dont find a overall web surfing boost in speed of pages or anything of the such from my amd athlon 64x dual core..but I do notice I can play ET quake wars on high settings and its smooth as hell ,from my two 8800gt,s ...so...
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    I have two evga 8800gt,s both the sam cards about 4 months old one was never used due to not beeing able to get sli on my mobo..They have never been overclocked and never got over 42c .Paypal is the best way to buy them..oh ya you pay shipping as well WHICH WILL COST BETWEEN $10 TO $30 IF IN...
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    3870x2 Vs 4870x2

    Hi guys has anyone heard or seen how much faster the 4870X2 will be vs the 3870x2 ? for i want to get one but dont know how much of a performence hit I will take if i get the 3870x2 vs waiting another 3 months for the 4870x2.....ive been looking for a few houres and I cant find fu** all about...
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    [FS/FT] Two 8800gt.s For One 3870x2

    Hi im looking to sell two evga 8800gt,s 512mb for $350.00 or trade for 3870x2..pics below shows one in my comp and one on my desk
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    [FS/FT] Two Evga8800gt,s For Ati Card

    Hi everyone since this sli mod drivers never worked out with sol and bluevelvet I am not getting rid of my two 8800gt,s for a 3870x2 so I can cf two of them..So if anyone has one they want to unload for two 8800gt,s let me know..or if you want to buy them for $350.00 they are still $338.00CAD...
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    [FS/FT] Two Evga 8800gt,s 512 Mb $400 Or Trade For 3870x2

    M3a32-mvp Deluxe Hi all im in between selling my m3a32-mvp deluxe mobo or getting a 3870x2..so I will see which sells first...im selling this mobo for $100 cad...steve
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    [FS/FT] Two 8800gt,s For Two Hd3870,s Or 3870x2

    Hi all I ended up with two 8800gt 512mb and I have a crossfire mobo...so im wanting to get ahold of TWO HD3870,S OR a 3870X2 in trade for my two 8800gt,s...If interested pm me or something...but I only want to trade if ur in canada...Ok later....Steve
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    [FT] trade two 8800gt,s 512MB for two HD3870 512MB OR {1GIG} ATI CARDS

    trade two 8800gt,s 512MB for two HD3870 512MB OR {1GB} ATI CARDS :eek:Hi I ended up getting a mother board that I cant sli with...Thats what happens when youre new to this and get wrong info from ASUS reps...And so I am looking to trade my two evga 8800gt,s 512MB for two HD3870 512MB OR {1GB}...
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    [FS/FT][US] TWO EVGA 8800GT,s 512 MB FOR TWO HD3870

    Hi I ended up getting a mother board that I cant sli with...Thats what happens when youre new to this and get wrong info from ASUS reps...And so I am looking to trade my two evga 8800gt,s 512MB for two HD3870 512MB OR {1GIG} ATI CARDS..So if there is someone who is in canada that wants to trade...
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    overclocking my m3a32-mvp

    Hi I am totally new to this but want to figure out how to overclock my mobo and cpu and ram...Ive read all the posts on here about this mobo but still cant quite get a grasp on what to do..ive updated my bios to newest version...So can someone who can step by step me with this...
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    overclocking m3a32-mvp deluxe with AMD 6000+ 64 x2 dual core

    Hi guys this will be my first overclock so it would be best if someone with this setup could help me with my overclocking..The bios lookes different then all the pics of bios instructions I have found on how to overclock...The names of the bios setting are different in most cases with this mobo...
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    8800gt sli with ASUS M3A32 MVP DELUX WIFI

    Hi guys ive been told over and over at other sites that I cant sli my 8800 gt 512mb on my mo bo that i got as well and ive been poooping my pants over it....they all said i cant do 8800GT SLI On Asus M3a32-mvp Deluxe Motherboard...but then i read this post and was happy to see that I more than...