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  1. hat

    Is there... a touch emulator app?

    So, my fiancee got an Android TV box, and she wants to use it to play Avakin Life. The game loads up fine... but it doesn't really accept mouse inputs. You're supposed to click around in the game to move your character but the game just isn't accepting inputs from the mouse there (even though I...
  2. hat

    Sudden Issue with PayPal/SRWare Iron

    So, SRWare Iron has been my web browser for quite a while now. I've used PayPal with it before plenty of times, but suddenly today, when I try to send someone money, I just get this nice rotating green circle forever: I can still send money from the PayPal app on my phone, or from Edge. It...
  3. hat

    hat's 2600k clocking thread

    So, I found 4GHz stable a while ago with a little undervolt. Now I want to see how high I can get it. I've left all the voltages on auto, except for the CPU voltage offset. I think I might finally have gotten 4.6GHz stable, but temps are around 90c with... I believe the offset was +.165. This is...
  4. hat

    GTX660Ti and GTX1070 together?

    So, long story short, at some point I may run my GTX660Ti as my primary card with one of my 1070s as a secondary. Is this possible? Should I expect some kind of weirdness to happen running two such different cards together? This isn't for SLI or anything, just the 660Ti will be the primary while...
  5. hat

    What would happen to a computer... in space?

    So, space is really cold... but there's also no air. If you put a computer in space, what would the temps be like? Would it quickly overheat, as there is no air to remove the heat? Or does the heat radiate away into the coldness of space? Extreme overclocking possible?
  6. hat

    PSU gurus needed! Failed project

    So, I have a Corsair CX600w. It's not a terrible unit, but the +12v leads burned up, most likely because I was running two GTX1070s at 100% load without any sort of additional power (besides the usual pci-e power connector, of course), drawing too much power from the 24 pin ATX connector. I was...
  7. hat

    Understanding Intel power limits?

    So Intel turbo, to my understanding, works by increasing the clock frequency as long as temps are fine and the processor isn't drawing too much power. But what exactly defines and enforces that control over power draw? My 2600k, a 95w chip, was constantly drawing 110w+ according to coretemp...
  8. hat


    I got a new phone recently, because my old one was acting up something awful... and the carrier wasn't the greatest, either. So now I have the J7 Sky Pro. I'm liking it a lot so far, because it at least works correctly... but I don't see a root method anywhere. I wanted root so I could use...
  9. hat

    Ryzen build planning

    So, I'm looking to replace this half broken socket 775 system with a cheap Ryzen build. Current parts list: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113480&cm_re=2400g-_-19-113-480-_-Product https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157766...
  10. hat

    Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 crashing

    So... trying to run this game on the following system: q6600 DFI LanParty p35 6GB DDR2 (not sure what models exactly, but there's 2x2gb and 2x1gb) GTX 660 Ti Antec NeoHe 550w Windows 10 And... after some time, the game (or rather, the display driver?) crashes. No signal to monitor, but I could...
  11. hat

    The "political discussion"... discussion

    So... it's no secret we've had quite a few politically charged threads at this site. I, for one, don't think it's good for the community, nor do I think it has any place on this site to begin with. Years ago, I came to this site and during my time spent here I've learned most of what I know...
  12. hat

    What the hell, windows defender?

    So, a while back I disabled windows defender via gpedit. Come to find out it's running again, and telling me my miner is a "severe" threat, despite still being disabled in gpedit. There's a few new entries related to windows defender in gpedit that didn't used to be there before. I'm guessing...
  13. hat

    RAID 5 for games?

    Sometime in the coming months I'm upgrading my system, or when Ice Lake comes out, which will be a longer wait, but yeah... Anyways, I was mulling over storage solutions, as I currently have just a 128GB SSD and a 500GB SSD. Games are getting bigger and bigger, and I could get 3 1TB drives for...
  14. hat

    STALKER 2 again

    Reports are swirling about STALKER 2 being in development again. https://www.pcgamer.com/stalker-2-is-in-development-again/ If true, this is one game I would actually buy day 1.
  15. hat

    Can't remove apps with Root App Delete

    We have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 running Android 7. I have it rooted, and I still can't remove apps with root app delete. Some googling lead me to something about the system partition being locked, and running commands in a terminal app. I tried mount -o rw,remount system and then it says...
  16. hat

    Nexus 7 in 2018?

    Been looking at getting a decent tablet. We currently have a Dell Venue 7737, which has been... mostly horrible. Chrome lags horribly on it, even browsing sites without a lot of heavy (flash, videos etc) content. The Nexus 7 was the tablet back to have back in the day, is it still a viable...
  17. hat

    Profile images not loading in facebook games with firefox

    This issue is firefox specific, it doesn't happen in Chrome. I have a system where the profile images don't load in two specific games (miniclip's pool and backgammon). Firefox says something about the page isn't secure and some elements like images may have been blocked. Things I've tried...
  18. hat

    General RAID questions

    I need to expand the storage space in my Plex server. Currently there's a single 1TB drive chugging along. As it would really suck if it blew up, I was considering RAID as a way to guard my shit. I was considering RAID 5 or RAID 6. As I understand, RAID 5 requires 3 drives, and one is "lost" to...
  19. hat

    Why not one really big core?

    I've seen many die shots detailing sections of a processor, and I'm sure many of us here have seen the same shots. All these chips with 4 or more cores... what if they just designed all that to be one big single core?
  20. hat

    Decent free antivirus?

    THIS thread again... I used the search function, the most recent one was locked. We tried AVG, but it came with all this other crap. "Speed up your PC" type stuff... I don't want that. I want an antivirus that does just that and nothing else. I did take something from the last thread though...
  21. hat

    CPU still throttling even under high performance power plan... again...

    So yeah... title says it all. I've even verified that the min and max processor state were both set to 100%, yet my CPU was still chugging along at 1600MHz. Wound up going into my BIOS to disable all power saving features. Google brings up all kinds of stuff about this, clearly there is an issue...
  22. hat

    Insane Nicehash Payout Target (for External Wallets)

    Mining profitability is currently pretty good. With 2 1070s and my i5 2400 going, I'm currently looking at $11.76/day. Since nicehash came back I've racked up $121.92 (lots of time off recently so my rig hasn't been going full blast much)... but it currently looks like I'll have to wait all the...
  23. hat

    Neutron Star Collisions

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/discovery-neutron-star-collision-breakthrough-2017-192631450.html Apparently, we observed a neutron star collision and it's a pretty big deal. They're saying these collisions are the source for half of our heavier elements like gold, even uranium.
  24. hat

    On Gaming Business Practices

    It seems to me that gaming has been going backwards as time rolls on. Back in the day, you used to pay your $50 or $60, whatever, if you bought the game full price, and you got all of the game. You had the ability to modify the game in any way you want, from introducing new maps all the way up...
  25. hat

    What exactly happened here? Reaching for answers

    https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/riding-the-crypto-wave.233884/page-47#post-3696843 This issue has been bothering me for a long time, and raises many questions. Apparently, what happened here was when I started using two GTX1070s for mining, they pulled too much power from the 12v...