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  1. hat

    GoodOffer24 Your Back-to-School Software Buddy: Deep Discounts on Windows 10 and Office

    "Should" be corporate sales for legal reasons. It's not really supposed to be sold to normal users. In order for a normal user to get LTSC, you'd have to circumvent the system that's in place which normally prevents you from getting LTSC... like buying a key from a less than immaculate vendor...
  2. hat

    Nexus 6 weirdness

    You can likely replace the battery anyway... if you brave the scores of torx screws and tiny ribbon cables. I'm sure there's a how-to/teardown somewhere for it.
  3. hat

    Recent antivirus testing found Windows Defender to be a top performer

    I find it odd that everyone used to recommend Microsoft security essentials, and that's essentially what windows defender is now...
  4. hat

    Respawn's stance on console gamer playing Apex Legends with KB/Mouse

    This r dum. Anyone can buy a keyboard and mouse for less than the cost of a controller.
  5. hat

    MSI MAX AM4 Boards Real: 32MB BIOS ROMs and Ryzen 3000 Out-of-the-Box Support

    If I'm not mistaken, the issue was that, in the face of AMD saying Socket AM4 would be supported through 2020, some board manufacturers used smaller ROM chips than they should have, which created problems with Ryzen 3xxx compatibility. Thank God these board manufacturers have stepped up to solve...
  6. hat

    Is there... a touch emulator app?

    It's either this box or the laptop... but she wanted to use an android box with the TV for this, and other things. So if there's no way to make the android box work, it's a wash.
  7. hat

    Is there... a touch emulator app?

    So, my fiancee got an Android TV box, and she wants to use it to play Avakin Life. The game loads up fine... but it doesn't really accept mouse inputs. You're supposed to click around in the game to move your character but the game just isn't accepting inputs from the mouse there (even though I...
  8. hat

    Intel 9900k.. my findings.. Heat..

    That's a messy subject, isn't it? Some might say true stock would be considered 3.6GHz, the CPU's base clock. Anything beyond that, that is, Turbo mode, is not guaranteed. That's also how they get away with calling it a 95w chip, when it most certainly is not when Turbo is active. You're not...
  9. hat

    Have you got pie today?

    Points down a few k. The SSD in "Dragonfly" is dead, needs a replacement.
  10. hat

    I have a whole rack of servers but zero idea what the hell to do with them.

    Benefit yourself in what way? If you have video cards you can stuff in there you can do some cryptocurrency mining...
  11. hat

    Sponsored News Content on TechPowerUp

    I've just submitted an order for 2 Windows 10 keys at urcdkey. Within minutes I was able to view the keys on my account with them. I have yet to actually try to use one, but so far, so good...
  12. hat

    I have a whole rack of servers but zero idea what the hell to do with them.

    Yeah, as others have mentioned, the easiest way to put it to good use would be to load up WCG on all of them... but running all that hardware is going to take a lot of power. Of course, it's also gonna generate a lot of heat and be noisy.
  13. hat

    Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix Low Gamma at Start

    is there a gamma command you could put in console? If so, try adding, for example, +gamma .5 or whatever in the Target box in the shortcut properties (after the quotation marks with the path to the game .exe in them).
  14. hat

    Have you got pie today?

    I knocked 400MHz off my 2600k so I could run it with an undervolt again. Summer is here in full force.
  15. hat

    Toshiba, WD NAND Production in Yokkaichi Hit With Power Outage: 6 Exabytes of NAND Production Affected

    Prices getting too low, better have another "accident"...
  16. hat

    Best air cooler for OC'ed 2600k?

    FWIW, my h70 keeps my 2600k at around mid 60s WCG load at 4.4GHz. That said, my h70 is quite old, so that may play a factor in its effectiveness.
  17. hat

    Intel Internal Memo Reveals that even Intel is Impressed by AMD's Progress

    A die shrink alone isn't going to be enough. You can't just, for example, produce a 9900k on 10nm and get lower temps. We're packing billions of transistors into a very small space with processes like 14nm and smaller. Ideally, along with that node shrink you should also have a more efficient...
  18. hat

    The State of Cryptocurrency

    I cashed out just over .1 BTC when it was just below $7000. Had I waited until today to do that, instead of roughly $700 I could have pulled over $1300. That really rustles my jimmies... but then I remember I can easily make that up by taking a few extra days at work, and I can do so in about 2...
  19. hat

    The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

    That's a tough call. That's a LOT of infrastructure to leave behind as you move inland. This displaces millions of people, crowding already crowded cities even more. On the other hand, all we need is one good hurricane to turn seawalled coastal cities into New Orelans after Katrina hit. And we...
  20. hat

    I9-9900 (NON K)

    It looks like it will be a decent chip for some time to come yet. More than marginal changes are coming for the first time in millions of internet years, but it's not like there will be a revolutionary upgrade from an i9-9900. Especially when you are that busy with real life where you don't have...
  21. hat

    Could someone help me find out finding an old Disckman/Walkman from sony?

    I gotta agree here. I wouldn't recommend anyone using anything like this in 2019. Maybe in 1999 but not 2019...
  22. hat

    AMD Readies Ryzen 9 3950X 16-core Processor to Awestrike Crowds at E3

    @RichF that's a little over-reaching, isn't it? Sure, you've got people that don't care if their cards draw 500w and require exotic cooling, but you've got plenty of people who do. Remember how bad Fermi "Thermi" got slammed for being hot, power hungry and loud? How about the Radeon 2900XT...
  23. hat

    AMD Readies Ryzen 9 3950X 16-core Processor to Awestrike Crowds at E3

    Not sure if we need 16 cores in a desktop chip. 4 still does okay, 6 seems to be the sweet spot, and 8 is top end/overkill, unless you actually use HEDT programs.