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  1. Hayder_Master

    Sennheiser HD 700 or HiFiMan HE-560 V2

    Dear Headphone geeks, I am bit confused between those two headphones, now i have hifiman he400i and I want to upgrade, priority use it on my PC I have a creative X sound card playing games and listen to music also have DX90. So what you think? HiFiMan HE-560 V2 = $360 now...
  2. Hayder_Master

    Choosing X79 CPU for Rendering & Gaming

    Hello TPU members, i am really confusing here. I have two Computers one for me just gaming with Gtx1080 and the other one i want to build it for my Gf use it for video editing (mostly Adobe Softwares) and 1080p gaming. the hardware parts i have now 1- mb's : i have 2 X79's motherboards and one...
  3. Hayder_Master

    Advice high end water cooling build

    dear geeks. I want to build water cooling for this monster, need best parts for it note : this rig going to be overclocked, high but not extreme case : cooler master cosmos II , check link below for Dimensions http://www.coolermaster.com/case/ultra-tower/cosmos-2/ psu corsair platinum 1200w mb...
  4. Hayder_Master

    Advice, VGA for 6x HDMI outputs

    Dear TPU members.. I am looking for solution to setup pc with 6 HDMI tv's (better if it can be expand to 8 displays), this pc use as monitoring but opening 6 separate web browsers (not duplicates display), i just confused about choosing VGA for this job, I was think about AMD 7 series VGA with...
  5. Hayder_Master

    looking for high end gaming monitor

    Hello everyone i am asking help to find over kill gaming monitor, i have Asus ROG swift with 27" tn 144hz 1ms 2k gsync this one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MSOND8C/?tag=tec06d-20 and want to upgrade with something have those specification: - curved monitor, better it will be over 30" like...
  6. Hayder_Master

    pro headset, help chose ?

    hello , i have now i have Philips Fidelio X1/28 headset, it's nice headset but now i am looking for something better, budget $500, and i am think about one of these.. Shure SRH1840 , or HIFIman HE_400i so what you think ? thanks
  7. Hayder_Master

    looking for best monitor

    hello geeks, i am looking for best monitor, OP monitor, first reason is gaming did not found monitor have those specification at once 1- 27" inch 2- 2560x1440 3-Led IPS display 4- 1 or 2ms response rate 5-120 or 144hz 6-better if support Gsync 7-better if nvidia 3D support thanks for help
  8. Hayder_Master

    PCI-E lan vs on board lan

    hello guys, i got this for free from old server http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/network-adapters/gigabit-network-adapters/pro-1000-pt-dp.html and i have asus Rampage iv extreme , so is this card better than my on board card or keep use my on board. thanks
  9. Hayder_Master

    looking for best gaming headset

    hi guys, i wast a gaming headset, in fact best one. i have now corsair vengeance 1500 and it's get's old, it's have a good durability and nice sound but low bass also mic was awesome and it's really comfort even it's closed but i play for hours i feel great. now i think about get Sennheiser...
  10. Hayder_Master

    Need Advice Workstation PC

    hello guys, my friend want to build a workstation pc so he came to me for advice, he work on 3d max and he don't have a high budget so i tell him about this what u think guys, advice please. we talk about mobo,cpu,ram,gpu the rest is ok like psu ssd hdd and ... 1-is ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS...
  11. Hayder_Master

    looking for good cat6 rj45 shielded connectors

    hello guys, i am looking for pack of 50 or 100 pics of a good quality of cat6 rj45 shielded connectors, not the best just good quality something not expensive cuz it's for home use . thanks
  12. Hayder_Master

    [WTB][US] somebody just steal my money here

    hello TPU members really need help here, as the title say someone steal my money in a deal from this one http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/member.php?u=135556 the deal it's about buy iphone 5 from him for $280 in Jul 27, 2013 11:32 PM he send me the phone pictures to y e-mail everything...
  13. Hayder_Master

    [WTB][US] Unlocked or AT&T used iphones

    hello TPU community, i am look for used iphones prefers unlocked or AT&T models 3gs,4g,4s,5 with any memory size 8,16,32,64 black or white , good or great condition and mint condition, prefers original box with all accessories iphone 4s. location shipped to FL 34238...
  14. Hayder_Master

    SSD raid 0 4K speed ?

    hi guys just worried about 4k speed, is that normal ? i run 2x crucial M4 256Gb in raid 0 in my motherboard asus rampage iv extreme http://www.techpowerup.org/uploaded.php?file=130531/112233530.jpg
  15. Hayder_Master

    Need Advice for Best IPS monitor

    hello everyone, i need advice for best IPS monitor (which is best quality right now as i know if something better let me know). should be 27 inch , 1920x1080 , very fast cuz it will be for gaming , no need for speakers or accessories. thanks a lot
  16. Hayder_Master

    lookin for Best thermal tape

    hello guys, i am looking for best quality and performance thermal tape, want to use it for GPU's memory, better if there is a big size and long tape for future use cuz i have many GPU's need to re install the stock cooling. thanks a lot
  17. Hayder_Master

    Building my new system

    ok here is what i have and going to build Case : cooler master cosmos II PSU " Corsair HX 1000 M.B : Asus Rampage IV Extreme RAM : 16G 4x4g kingston beast 2400mhz CPU : Core i7 3930k C2 Cooler: Corsair H100i GPU's : 2x GTX 670 gigabyte windforce SSD : Rivo Drive 3 240G PCI-E HDD : 1x...
  18. Hayder_Master

    advice chose server mobo

    hi TPU geeks i want advice to chose server mobo with rams, low cost servers i have 10 xeon CPU's model E5420 socket 771, so i want to build 5 low cost servers with 16g rams, please if there is a good deals throw me i will be appreciate. in same time i am still server noob so i hope u help me...
  19. Hayder_Master

    [WTB][US] Hayder Master WTB thread always updates

    UPDATE May 18/2014 hello dear TPU members, i am always hungry for stuff so please keep visit this thread if you have something for sell. i have small computer shop so most stuff will be useful to me. roles : nothing special just payment will be invoice via paypal and the price will be include...
  20. Hayder_Master

    Amazon $25 off from most intel CPU's

    here is great deals http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=xs_gb_bd_E9O!jDwIall-?ie=UTF8&docId=1000856191&pf_rd_p=1392640362&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_t=701&pf_rd_i=20&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=0G0KB6P5PS5N5AQ9FP78&tag=tec06d-20
  21. Hayder_Master

    Advice for Windows 8

    hello guys i see many deals of windows 8 well end tomorrow, i just confused what i chose should i get pro 64, it's equal win 7 64 ultimate right ? if it's it will be good. thanks a lot
  22. Hayder_Master

    PLZ help,install win7 on RivoDrive 3

    hello guys i have a serious problem here, system is asus rampage iii formula last bios install core i7 980x ocz 6g ati 7950 ocz vertex 4 in sata 3 win 7 64 ultimate ok i got new OCZ rivo drive 3 240G, problem is when i set the drive windows detect it but not BIOS and can not install in windows...
  23. Hayder_Master

    [WTB][US] high end X58 motherboard

    hello everyone, anyone have a high end X58 motherboard. better if it will be gigabyte UD7 or UD9 , g1 assassin , x58 oc asus rampage III formula or extreme msi big bang xpower shipped will be to us address thanks a lot
  24. Hayder_Master

    Wanna killl yourself, play this game

    it's really hard funny game it make u do a crime or something , loooooolz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY6TrLsN6qM
  25. Hayder_Master

    problem with power on

    hello guys, this 2nd different PC have same problem, first one gigabyte g31 with pantium D CPU and the other one also gigabyte AMD 770 with phenom ii x3 720 CPU. problem is motherboard not turn on, only thing i found it is when i remove the CPU 4 pin power PC turn on but sure without signal...