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  1. ZetZet

    EVGA Announces SuperNOVA P2 Series 80 Plus Platinum PSUs

    it doesn't look anything like what seasonic or sf makes. Hopefully it's sf, because 750 g2 is golden.
  2. ZetZet

    AMD Doesn't Trust its Own Processors - Project Quantum Driven by Intel Core i7-4790K

    at stock speeds. but it doesn't even compete with an i3 at stock speeds.
  3. ZetZet

    Razer Unveils the World's Most Advanced Gaming Mouse

    Currently no laser sensor with no acceleration/smoothing exists, if this is it it's going to be the first.
  4. ZetZet

    Eurocom Announces Armadillo 2 Broadwell Ultrabook with 32 GB RAM

    oh please 1080p for 14 inch laptop is more than good enough. You can almost use it without scaling which is a good thing before windows 10 comes out.
  5. ZetZet

    Scythe Ninja 4 CPU Cooler Starts Selling

    Nice clean design for that price.
  6. ZetZet

    Meet Pi-Top, the First 3D Printed DIY Laptop Based on Raspberry Pi

    There is pretty much no heat from the pi and the battery because it doesn't drain it too hard. It's awful only because it's more expensive than actual laptops with better specs.
  7. ZetZet

    Cooler Master Brings Silencio 652S and Silencio 352 Cases to North America

    My only gripe with them is no anti-vibration mounts for the hard drives so they vibrate the case quite a bit.
  8. ZetZet

    Cooler Master Brings Silencio 652S and Silencio 352 Cases to North America

    silencio 352 has been out for like a year
  9. ZetZet

    LG Releases the 31MU97 'Digital Cinema 4K Monitor'

    It's not tiled, new panel, they won't make tiled panels now it would be retarded.
  10. ZetZet

    Iiyama Rolls Out ProLite XB3070WQS 30-inch Monitor

    This is professional stuff, tested, calibrated. It doesn't get old.
  11. ZetZet

    Toshiba Debuts the Satellite Radius 11 2-in-1 Convertible PC

    Is toshiba really this thick? They release the new models just before new processors came out?
  12. ZetZet

    Attitude One Rapira Laser Gaming Mouse

    Gaming mouse with offset sensor? What are they doing.
  13. ZetZet

    AUOptronics Develops 144 Hz WQHD IPS Panel

    well no one will be able to afford it anyway.
  14. ZetZet

    G.Skill Releases World's Fastest DDR4 3333 MHz Memory

    Next there will be world's fastest 3666, 3999... Hopefully no one jumps the line..!
  15. ZetZet

    ASUS Reveals the Zenbook UX305 Broadwell-Powered 13.3-Inch Laptop

    it's beautiful. can't afford that beauty though.
  16. ZetZet

    Dell Releases UltraSharp U3415W Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor

    ips 120hz just won't happen. pointless to even think about it.
  17. ZetZet

    ASUS Unveils ROG GM50 Gaming Mousepad

    that cord holding thing looks like it would just be annoying as fuck.
  18. ZetZet

    Acer XB270HAbprz 27-inch G-Sync Monitor Detailed

    g-sync monitors shouldn't have that premium in their price because they encourage people to buy nvidia, gpu's.
  19. ZetZet

    All-New Counter Logic Gaming Razer BlackWidow Keyboard Released

    i'm not afraid of razer products, they stay in business so they must make good enough things to keep them in business.
  20. ZetZet

    All-New Counter Logic Gaming Razer BlackWidow Keyboard Released

    razer not green keyboard is pretty good idea. good job clg. :D
  21. ZetZet

    Tt eSports Announces Gaming Keyboard Wrist Rests

    hurry up with these and i might buy poseidon z
  22. ZetZet

    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces the Crossblade Ranger FM2+ Motherboard

    no because amd is like 5 years behind on manufacturing process alone.
  23. ZetZet

    Thermaltake Unveils the Core V1 Mini-ITX PC Chassis

    Did they finally make a decent case?
  24. ZetZet

    PNY Launches Mini M1 USB Flash drive

    I think for usb 3.0 it's harder to fit the flash and controller into this tiny form factor.