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  1. J

    In Win Introduces Its A1 Series of Mini-ITX Enclosures

    Look at elsewhere maybe Silverstone SFFs. Why are you even commenting?
  2. J

    Western Digital Introduces New Black 3D NVMe SSD

    Good price, good performance, clean aesthetics, reputable WD Black brand succession. What to ask for more...New default boot drive on any new builds
  3. J

    Microsoft Ends Windows 10 S as Standalone Product, Integrates With Ecosystem

    After all, they better not start quietly downgrading the current Pro owners to Pro S and ask for 49.
  4. J

    Ethernet Alliance Hails the Arrival of 200G and 400G Ethernet

    +This, I had to run five 20ft GBE patches across two rooms just to get my workstation's backup and content access on NAS over this 5Gbp basis, using SMB3.0.
  5. J

    Announcing Cybenetics Power Supply Rating and Certification Agency

    Wonder if Superflower would opt in for these
  6. J

    Western Digital Unveils Its First WD Portable SSD

    Still I would like to see manufacturers leverage more of that 3.1 Gen2 bandwidth. A custom Chinese branded USB to M.2 adapter hosting ASM1351 chipset with any M.2 SATA SSD on market could easily achieve 520MB/s+ seq r/w with similar or lower price. It would be great if these OEM portables are...
  7. J

    MSI Unveils the M.2 Shield, SSD Cooling Feature on Upcoming Motherboards

    I smell liquid cooled m.2 SSD in the short coming years.
  8. J

    More Radeon R9 390X Specs Leak: Close to 70% Faster than R9 290X

    But...I don't want my mom to think I'm still up just done shower using her hair dryer in the midnight or I'm boiling water making a coffee while snapping some food when I'm not supposed to, and then she comes check me realized I'm right in hot gaming and all the sudden you know what's gonna...
  9. J

    Avexir Unveils RAIDEN Series High-end DDR3 Memory with Lightning Tubes

    I feel in the future years RAM will start to sag like GPU
  10. J

    NVIDIA Disables GeForce GTX 900M Mobile GPU Overclocking with Driver Update

    Literally there's no point OC a 900M GPU, you pull the clock slider right, the card will almost always thermal throttles itself back left on every equipped notebook.
  11. J

    Radeon R9 380X Based on "Grenada," a Refined "Hawaii"

    Hell that die size...Seriously thou, when would AMD start to consider some efficiency improvement, guess we will have OOB LN2 GPU cooler when we reach R9 5 or 6?
  12. J

    AMD Rolls Out Catalyst 14.7 RC

    frostbite 3.0 :O
  13. J

    Next-gen MSI OC Series Motherboard to Feature "Delid Die Guard"

    It will not, intel states that the Devil's Canyon will use better TIM, but still...it's TIM, which is still not better than something like CLU(unless they decide to come up with some alien chemistry...)
  14. J

    Radeon R9 295X2 Press Deck Leaked

    What a fugly shroud and fan, I would much prefer the original R9 styled cooler instead of this cheapy plastic looking LED fan.
  15. J

    ASUS Announces NFC Express USB 3.0 NFC Receiver

    Will this work with ASUS Z77s?
  16. J

    HWBot No Longer Accepts Record Submissions from Windows 8

    the problem is all about HPET in Windows 8
  17. J

    Thermaltake Releases the Level 10 M Gaming Mouse

    have been waiting for this almost one year!
  18. J

    EVGA Z77 Mini ITX Motherboard Detailed

    in terms of the specs, i could realize this board is going to compete with the p8z77-i. the layout of the connectivities are almost exactly the same lol.
  19. J

    AeroCool Strike-X Air Open Chassis Pictured

    whata bout the price point?
  20. J

    AMD Updates Radeon HD 7950 to Thwart GeForce GTX 660 Ti

    800 and 850 is not too much difference. and in fact almost half of the reference 7950 could be overclocked to 1G without a volt tweak.