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  1. Musaab

    Intel "Crimson Canyon" NUCs with Discrete GPUs Up for Pre-order

    So the MCM is dead and now the NUC for anything besides light office work is dying
  2. Musaab

    AMD Announces Radeon Rays and Radeon GPU Profiler 1.2 at GDC 2018

    This is is just another part of ARTG (AMD Rebranding Technology Group) and now it's rebranding for DXR
  3. Musaab

    NVIDIA Asks Retailers to Ensure Gamers Get Graphics Cards

    So buying laptop for gaming is much cheaper than buying graphics card alon.
  4. Musaab

    Intel NUC Based on Intel+Vega MCM Leaked

    This chip is huge it's almost as big as a mini board with decent CPU+dGPU+Ram
  5. Musaab

    NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Third Quarter Fiscal 2018

    You brought Charlie Demerjian and his Totally inaccurate site from oblivion. Nice to remind us about him
  6. Musaab

    Datamancer Diviner Keyboard

    Someone went out of his mind and suggest that people may buy a no features keyboard for 500%. I thought that is crazy but I went to their website and found that 500$ for a keyboard best used as a decor is their most sane option. Go to their site to see a mouse worth 30$ sold for 550$, a 100$...
  7. Musaab

    Falcon Northwest Tiki with Radeon Pro Vega Frontier Edition Pictured

    I think the firs one was Red with Fury Pro Due. and we saw non now we have the silver one with blue graphics card and I afraid to say the we will see non too
  8. Musaab

    Editorial On Elmor's Open Letter, or The State of the Industry

    If you want to make comparison the nVidia cards are like German cars fine tuned to perfection that tempering with them is useless unless you do some extreme work while the AMD cards are like American Muscle Car rough, big engine and with alot to fix and improve but can't go as fast as the German...
  9. Musaab

    Editorial On Elmor's Open Letter, or The State of the Industry

    Elmor also sets NVIDIA "in the corner of shame" because of their "reluctance to help us push the limits of PC hardware and locking things down more and more." I think this guy have a problem Since nVidia's chips get overclocked to double the chip designed speed while squeezing 200MHz from Radeon...
  10. Musaab

    Is AMD Ryzen for you?

    We still stuck in the Core time since 2005, I bought the Core i7 6700HQ to replace my desktop with laptop nothing else . I still see my core i7 3770k as a decent CPU I was planning on buy A GTX10xx for my desktop and keeping the Mobo/CPU but my travels forced me to buy a laptop as my main PC...
  11. Musaab

    Nvidia Shield vs FireStick

    Maybe when it comes to video streaming they both do the job even if on different levels. But that where similarity ends and for the rest comparing them is like comparing banana to apple. Shield is basically a game console with game streaming capability while Fire Stick is video streaming device...
  12. Musaab

    Calyos Unveils NSG Passive Cooling Kit for Thermaltake Core P3

    They should call it a massive cooling kit not passive cooling kit.
  13. Musaab

    GPU Market to Surpass 67.61 Million by 2020

    Sorry Friend I don't question Steam I question how reliable the people who joint the survey, people who don't know the difference between number of cores and number of CPUs are not good source for facts.
  14. Musaab

    GPU Market to Surpass 67.61 Million by 2020

    That is great because that mean 46.78% of people play using workstations with 2 cpus, 46.48% of people play using 4 cpus servers and 4.55% of people playing with what? HPCs! Maybe Quantum computers?
  15. Musaab

    GPU Market to Surpass 67.61 Million by 2020

    Will any one be fool enough to pay 2500$ to read AMD fanboy fantasy? In the last two to three years a trend of putting a small dGPU (80-90% nVidia) with integrated GPU (80-90% Intel) become more popular, that is why you can find a laptop with 500$ price tag with core i5 and GTX 930/940 and if...
  16. Musaab

    Acer Announces World's First Curved Screen Notebook

    At first I wanted to say someone lost his mind in the design process and we have to help him find it but then I found that it's not a single case Eurocom has Sky X9E2, MSI has GT83, ASUS has the GX700 and who know who else will turn crazy next week. Be safe don't try this at home or school.
  17. Musaab

    NVIDIA Ansel Post-FX Based on Stolen MasterEffect ReShade.fx Code?

    We need to see some profs.
  18. Musaab

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Reference PCB Pictured

    with some hard work some AIBs can make this card as big as R9 nano.
  19. Musaab

    Thermaltake Debuts the Core W200, WP200 and P200 PC Cases

    This is CaseLabs's M8A or TH10A
  20. Musaab

    Intel Debuts the Skull Canyon Gaming NUC

    I did this job in this job toke about five minutes and I focused on secure 100% compatibility in power and dimensions. so if you take a an hour and put extra 100-200$ you can put at least 100 great Combo.
  21. Musaab

    Intel Debuts the Skull Canyon Gaming NUC

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 Mini ITX 320$ Intel Boxed Core I5-6600K 250$ Gigabyte GA-Z170N-Gaming 5 150$ Kingston HyperX...
  22. Musaab

    Samsung Introduces World's Highest Capacity Enterprise SSD - 15.36 TB

    OK some of us were so optimistic and some were too harsh. Truth is somewhere between. When the SSD came some of us were cheering for the new technology and some were causes, then when dust settles and we started seeing reliability and price issues and some became sarcastic. If we take an...
  23. Musaab

    Samsung Introduces World's Highest Capacity Enterprise SSD - 15.36 TB

    Not because of this. But because Crucial will sell 2 TB for 500$.
  24. Musaab

    Samsung Introduces World's Highest Capacity Enterprise SSD - 15.36 TB

    Ladies and gentlemen, and the price is ............... Tada (more than ten thousand dollars of course )
  25. Musaab

    AMD Radeon Fury X2 Reference Air Cooled?

    There's a big possibility that you are right