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  1. Exavier

    Laptop upgrades and cooling.

    Hello, yes, it is I, back from a massive hiatus. I bought a Samsung R610 with blu-ray drive, 1080p screen etc just under a year ago, and am fed up with its' wimpy 2.0ghz CPU - and I know I can upgrade this model as it's just a PM45 mobo and I have seen forum-goers elsewhere do this with...
  2. Exavier

    [UK] Plexus 1500VA UPS £30

    Plexus 1500VA UPS with AVR - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/130474 hope this helps someone, I intend to pick one up as it's rated at about ~900w
  3. Exavier

    slot-loading drives?

    looking for something to make my TJ07 look more sleek when I mod it.. :pimp: I thought upon this idea right here, slot-loading DVD-RW/CD-RW drives. first off; do they perform decently? are they even available in SATA? (I've only seen IDE..) and are they currently still being made? I've...
  4. Exavier

    how well do these work??

    http://www.ebuyer.com/cat/Wired/subcat/Powerline-Homeplug-Adapters "Powerline Integrated Homeplug Adapters" apparantly lets you use a wall socket to connect to the internet via cable..is this as good as actual hard connection to the router or is it weaker? is it better than wireless? is it...
  5. Exavier

    Sony DRU-190S problems..

    so I go to put in a game and it does nothing. I look in my computer and see that it's not showing up anymore, so going into Device Manager I uninstall it expecting Vista to pick up on it and re-install the drivers.. which doesn't happen.. so what do I do now?
  6. Exavier

    PSU questions.

    not sure if this is the right section.. basically, I used a PSU Calculator to determine what I would need to power everything and it came to 620w exactly.. ..which obviously maxes out my Corsair HX620. :cry: so basically, I'm looking to upgrade.. and I found two Silverstone PSUs which seem very...
  7. Exavier

    [WTB] DFI orange SATA cables

    I seem to have mislaid my other SATA cable which is a right PITA - does anyone have any spare (DFI or otherwise) orange SATA cables? LMK thanks guys
  8. Exavier

    which would be preferable in 4GB flavour?

    I've got the opportunity courtesy of a certain member (;)) to get 4GB of Buffalo Firestix from the states...which I am very, very seriously entertaining. however, a curious thought crept into my mind today; which are actually preferable - Firestix or Axeram? I have found one UK site as a...
  9. Exavier

    Need some help choosing LCS parts

    I've got a list going and I have one real question left to ask - bear with me as I talk it out firstly, I need help choosing a good pump, as so many places cite so many different ones that I'm going insane trying to comprehend it all! :o the components I would be using would be: D-Tek...
  10. Exavier

    Best P45?

    Hey guys, I just RMA'd my DFI X48 due to it not working with my 4870X2 because DFI X48 has CF problems (mostly boiled down to me screaming "NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE!" amongst other key phrases, haha) long story short, I'm looking for a new board, anywhere up to about the £150/160 marker. MSI/DFI/Asus...
  11. Exavier

    [WTB] Vista Ultimate x64 key

    Unfortunately, I'm on 27 days of Ultimate x64 before it expires due to my friend needing the key he was going to give me etc etc.. ..does anyone have just the key I require? :(
  12. Exavier

    Needing some help..

    I don't know if this is totally the right section, but I felt it was too on-topic to be a general nonsense thread. I bought a Maximus Formula BNIB off eBay and upon it arriving four of the pins in the CPU socket were found to be bent and everything but the sealed bags seemed to be in a used...
  13. Exavier

    argh, still unsure! motherboard choice

    I know I've been deliberating this a long time, but now I really can't decide :cry: MSI P7N 750i Zilent Edition (comes with Zalman fan) £102 vs Asus P5K-Deluxe Black Pearl £110-115 at the moment, SLI is more of a secondary concern; I'm waiting to see what the 99xx series will hold before...
  14. Exavier


    I'm sure I've asked this before, but I can't find any mention of it in the search.. does the 750i's higher overclocking ability compensate for 16/8 SLi compared to the 780i's full 16/16? I would be aiming for as close to 4ghz or over on Paulie's quad with LC at some point. MSI P7N 750i with...
  15. Exavier

    A DDR2/3 question

    Something I'm debating at the moment; I've found CL9 DDR3 that would go well with a MSI P7N2 Diamond mobo... but then, I can find CL3 watercooled ram for the same price...and the mobo will probably be cheaper, either a Black Pearl or the MSI P7N 780i.. I can't decide; which will offer...
  16. Exavier

    >> Need help choosing motherboard

    Hey guys, long time no speak :ohwell: It's getting closer to the crunch moment; I have everything but the RAM and the motherboard. I've chosen 2GB of OCZ Flex XLC at CL3 timings, which will reflect well when I make the move to watercooling ;) But now this leaves me with the difficult...
  17. Exavier

    8800GTS choices

    I hate to ask such a completely newb question... A friend who agreed to buy me an 8800GTS 512mb for cheap in the US (saving £90 or so) found he couldn't do it in time, as ZipZoomFly wouldn't send it to him. Sigh. So, I ask now as a refresher to my memory; BFG 8800GTS OC XFX 8800GTS...
  18. Exavier

    What's the difference here?

    What differences are there actually between XFX 780i and Asus Striker II Formula apart from the fan centred on the 780i?
  19. Exavier

    P5K Premium Black Pearl Special Edition

    Hey guys, I'm looking at this motherboard, the P5K-Premium BP:SE. I can get this for £110ish inc p&p Is this a good deal for a board which must -overclock well -handle quads -be a decent/good mid-term solution if not into 2009? If not, what is an equivalent that would suit? Sorry...
  20. Exavier

    Cooling RAM

    Hey guys, I was looking around and can't find these anywhere UK-side http://www.hothardware.com/articles/OCZ_Flex_XLC_WaterCooled_CAS3_DDR2800_2GB_Memory_Kit/?page=1 Is there anywhere that sells them? I'm ill and I should be in bed but I need to find them :laugh: Alternatively, how well...
  21. Exavier

    Screen response times?

    I have a Dell 2007WFP and it's amazing, only downside is that it's rated at 16ms response time..is that actually that bad? I mean, I'll be running an 8800GTS next build...will I notice it lagging or something? :confused:
  22. Exavier

    CM Stacker 832 SE

    Hey all, Is the SE variant of the Coolermaster Stacker 832 available in the UK yet? I've searched and searched but nowhere is distinguishing between the standard and the new model. It's kind of important as the new SE version has tubing holes for watercooling and a host of revised goodies...
  23. Exavier

    Help with my WD MyBook Pro...

    my WD MyBook started refusing to show up in My Computer or Computer Management; no drive letter. The "USB plugged in/taken out" sounds happen, but it prompts me to "install my new hardware" and comes up as "Generic USB Device." The WD Forums are complete shite; thanks for the 3-year...
  24. Exavier

    Help picking ram

    I have three candidates and I wanted to know: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MY-093-CR&tool=3 http://www.memory-configurator.co.uk/products/description/2GB_CellShock_DDR2_PC2_8500_1066MHz-5_5_5_15-Dual_Channel_kit/index.html...
  25. Exavier

    Next build for first quarter 2008

    [HELP NEEDED] My Next build for first quarter 2008 Right, so to time with the parts becoming available, I want to schedule this as tightly as I can for February/early March if I have to. The parts I will go into depth upon are in bold, while general notes are in italics; CoolerMaster Stacker...