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    CMOS Error...

    My Asus Maximus SE refuses to Post now.... It goes through the usual checks and stops showing CMOS Error on LCD Poster... I've tried resetting BIOS, removing battery overnight.... Is there anything else I can try or is this now a dead Asus?
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    i7 build help

    Trying to price up an i7 build and need your help/thoughts... Looking to air cool to begin with then go water.... So bits looking at currently... Mobo: GA EX58-UD5 - seems a good clocker and reasonably priced CPU: 920 (D0) but have seen a nice 965 (is it really worth an extra £350.00?)...
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    Best for HDMI

    I'm the proud owner of a Samsung T240HD and an LG GGC-H20L but what GFX card should I using to link them? Looking in the < £250.00 range.....
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    eBay £10 off till 31/03/08 with PayPal

    Don't know if this offer is of any use to others but I've just opened a letter from ebay saying that I can save £10.00 anything. Valid until 31st March 2008. Valid on any item, postage and packaging. Just use the code CIRCLE in the PayPal checkout (little box near bottom for coupons etc) It...
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    DDR Memory

    If my motherboard takes PC3200 as standard, what would happen if I used PC4400 - would it be [U]more[U] overclockable? :confused:
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    Hi I've managed to get my my hands on one (bargain ?) but it doesn't have the support CD. Do I really need it or does anyone know where I can get a copy from? :confused:
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    Nvidia or ATI ?

    Hi..bit of a newbie. I was wondering which was the best AGP card (around £100.00 or less mark). I have been looking at X1600 and 6800? :banghead: