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  1. bubbleawsome

    Torn between buying a prebuilt or building my own

    I know, I know, it's crazy talk. But hear me out :laugh: My mom is currently using a mid-2010 27" iMac with the 2c i5 in it, and a 5400rpm drive. It's so slow at this point that it's driving her (and me) insane. For an upgrade she would've loved to go Apple, but with how anti-repair the new...
  2. bubbleawsome

    Is there to track where my account has been logged into from?

    My reddit account was used by a spammer 5 days ago, wondering if I can check my logins here.
  3. bubbleawsome

    Forum time zones off?

    My forums are configured to central time US, I think that's GMT-5. I'm currently in the eastern time zone, one hour ahead. The problem is that posts aren't appearing now. I posted a while ago and it just now showed up, and I can't see any newer posts than that old post. I'm not sure how to...
  4. bubbleawsome

    iOS 8.3 Jailbreak released

    Taig has released an iOS 8.3 jailbreak. Currently doesn't have mobile substrate so must tweaks don't work, but an update is coming later today. Make sure to disable the 3K addition before install. It can also jailbreak 8.4b4 apparently.
  5. bubbleawsome

    Lots of EVGA on sale

    670 for $100, x79 mobos are all <$60 http://www.evga.com/Products/Feature.aspx
  6. bubbleawsome

    WhatPulse Club

    WhatPulse is a program that logs (with your permission) what you do on your PC. It keeps a heatmap of keys you have pressed and what programs you like to use. My stats If you join you can join the TechPowerUp! team here. You can join from the website. I can also include a referral link that...
  7. bubbleawsome

    What PCI-e connectors does the CX750m have?

    I've been looking at it, and from the packaging on newegg it looks like it has 2x6+2 but the tech specs on Corsair.com and newegg say 4x6+2. I will be running a 280x and may add another one, so I would love four real 6+2 connectors, and not two real ones and two 6+2 running off of a 6pin...
  8. bubbleawsome

    Rosewill Photon 850w

    Asking here if it's a good PSU. The Photon series expands from 500w to over 1000w so I'm assuming not all have the same quality or OEM. Case in point the 750w reviewed by johnnyguru got "ok" whereas the 1050 reviewed by anandtech did pretty well. I'm looking at the 850w in particular because it...
  9. bubbleawsome

    Odd BSOD, sure it is the GPU, but have other issues

    So, I am getting weird sets of BSODs. I know the issue is the GPU, with the PSU being an underlying problem, but I am still confused on the BSOD and am wondering if there is any way to prevent it from happening until I can get a new GPU in from RMA. The BSOD is a...
  10. bubbleawsome

    How to test specific parts for power failure?

    I'm crappy at titles. :P I'm wondering if there is any way to test to see if it is my GPU's power circuits failing or my PSU, or a combination of both. This is more a question of desperation, as I have a feeling they are both dying but I can't replace both. GPU is an R9 280x and the PSU is a...
  11. bubbleawsome

    Lunar Mission One: Sending a unmanned lander to the lunar pole

    I'm not good at explaining things, but I'll give it a go. It's a team of scientists trying to crowd-fund a mission to the lunar south pole. I know it sounds crazy, but who knows. Give it a read! ;)...
  12. bubbleawsome

    When did GB start locking voltage?

    I want to know if I got a card that is voltage locked or if I'm just doing it wrong. :P It's a newer GB 7970, but I don't know the exact model. Thanks!
  13. bubbleawsome

    GPU-z 0.7.6 Will Not Upload BIOS

    I don't think this goes here, but this seems to be the closest forum. Anyways, my PNY GTX 770 Enthusiast Edition's BIOS will not upload to you guys' database. It says that 151177.rom already exists, and while I do not doubt that it does, it doesn't show up in your database. I was uploading the...