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    Samsung to Unveil 4+4 Core big.LITTLE Processor in 2013

    Android. Being based of linux the more cores you throw at it the better the system should run.... Not sure why you would need 4 or more for a mobile device .... And possibly Ios Not sure about windows RT.
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    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Infests Stores March 12, 2013

    After starcraft 2 and what blizzard activision did to wow I think ill pass. I paid $80 for 1/3 of the star craft game now they want another $80 for the next 3rd. And since there is no lan support its not worth buying. Its not like blizzard have come up with a new idea in 15 years
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    No DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7?

    Oh No's you have to upgrade to Windows 8 for Direct X 11.1 There are like 30 games that use Direct X 11 and most of them suck. They may look great but are not fun at all. I still play dos games because they are fun. There are how many games that use Direct X 11.1 ... I like what Microsoft...
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    Haswell-ULT Processors Could Use 24 MHz BClk, New C-States, and MCM to Cut Power Draw

    Intel bought so many other companies for there intellectual property - DEC alpha is one. - Cray interconnects And there video chips where also owned by another company thus why they can't make decent drivers for them. real 3d i think ...
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    What are your plans for Windows 8 ?

    Finally someone that has said it how it is. Windows 95 bought the start menu - some dos modes and other stuff I cannot remember. Windows 98 bought fat 32 and better networking Windows ME was a steaming pile of crap for people who had no idea it may have looked better but performed worse...
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    Apple May Ditch Intel for CPUs in Macs, But It's Not Over to AMD

    It would be nice to see a desktop ARM based computer come out that doesn't suck. Has 2 sata ports and expendable ram. Ive played with a few ACORN risc machines they where pretty snappy.From what I can gather they cane out around the same time as the 486. Fast forward from 1995 to know...
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    Steam for Linux Beta Now Available

    Nice just in time for windows 8 comming out. Hopefully there are more games before windows 7 gets phased out ... Linux + games = no reason to run windows.
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    What are your plans for Windows 8 ?

    metro reminds me of Unity. And I hate unity. So i went to Lubuntu.. Since I still like to game ill stick with windows 7 ....
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    No PC Version of GTA V At Launch: Rockstar

    GTA 4 looked good but the engine was a steaming pile of crap. so GTA 5 will also be a steaming pile.
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    ASRock Launches the Z77 Extreme6/TB4 Motherboard with Thunderbolt

    Just like: firewire did? As well as Power PC CPU's for the desktop Have taken off?
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    ASRock Announces A Pair of New Socket FM2 Motherboards

    Nice 4 port SATA 3 and a PCI-e slot. Would make for a nice nas with a decent PCI-E raid card :-)
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    Windows 8 Arrives

    False. Windows Me was 5% to 25% worse than windows 98. I wrote a comparison. Even games such as Half Life ran slighlty worse on windows ME. Windows 98Se was awesome in the days. As for windows 8 its just another reason to duel boot. Run linux as the main OS and windows 7 to play games.
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    Apple Announces 7.9-inch iPad Mini

    So there is a Samsung Glaxay Tab 2 7inch which is cheaper and better ... Or I can get a Google Android thing :P Apple seems to have missed the mark with the IpadMini
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    Windows 8 Gets "Overwhelmingly Negative" Response from Vendors, Expectations Plummet

    Windows 8 is a great thing. If its half as crap as windows Vista it will mean more uses will try other options. Mac OS and or Linux. A few people I know left windows behind after windows Vista and now run Desktop BSD and or Debian etc. So don't look at windows 8 as a steaming pile of ...
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    Xi3 Corp. Intros Two New Xi3 Modular Computers, Cuts Price of Older Model

    So its a small modular X86 Pc? More powerful than a Via ? Pittiy its not arm based with 6 sata ports
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    AMD A10-5800K Capable of 6.50 GHz over LN2: Company

    That is what drives sales the passionate hatred or love for one or the other. At the end of the day both us X86 which is old and not the most efficient architecture. But at the end of the day most people use X86 because its cheap and the games. With out this love hate relationship and...
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    2K Games and Gearbox Software Announce Borderlands 2 Now Available in North America

    The game is just as fun as the first one. Ive only played a few hours. Yes BL2 it uses Cell shaded graphics. So do many games. Who cares what it looks like as long as it is fun. I still play dungeon keeper 1 in dos box with NO 3D why because the game is and epic master peace and fun as...
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    ASRock Z77 OC Formula Sets a New World Record

    I though Asrock where Asus's sister company? Also it is only 1 core and 1 thread. Thats like saying I have a V8 that dose 24,000 RPM but only on 1 cylinder.
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    Despite Estimates Cuts, Analyst Bets on Haswell Success

    Intel and AMD have helped kill Dec Alpha Mips Pa-Risc Intel 860... Amd helped alot with there 64bit X86 Intel helped with there itanium. Rather than try and just dominate the Chip market why dosn't intel take its head of of its backside and help.... I think intel will be...
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    WD Introduces Its Fastest My Book External HDD System Ever

    Wd forgot to put a slot in the middle so you can make toast. $900 way over priced. Then again its thunderbolt just look at who invented it ....
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    Windows 8 Graphics Performance

    Only if steam ran native in Linux then Id have no need for a windows OS. After Vista which I consider windows ME Version 2 which was SPOS. (Steaming Pile of S...) Me and more of my friends moved away from Microsoft. So I congratulate MS for pissing more people off and I hope they explore...
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    Gigabyte Outs First Dual-Thunderbolt Micro-ATX Motherboard

    awesome 2 ports that 0.00001% of people might use.. Remember fire-wire ????
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    OUYA Up For Pre-Order

    Does it have a sata port? If so id get one. Other wise ill add it to the list of arm devices with out sata. one usb port :S thats a bit backwards in todays standards
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    Windows 8 a Catastrophe, Want Linux to Thrive: Gabe Newell

    Windows * brings SFA to the PC platform IMO the default GUI is a retarded backwards step. In vista and 7 aero is the first thing I turn off. I just like a win95 style start bar and its been that way since win 95. Windows Vista was a steaming Pile. Windows 7 was an epic improvement. What does...
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    Windows 8 Out for Consumers in October, Enterprises and Partners in August

    ME may have worked but it was slower than win98. And vista was a steaming pile. As for win 8 the Gui sucks. I windows vista / 7 the first thing I do is turn of Aero i have never liked it. I run a minimalist shell in linux LXDE... Unless windows 8 brings something to the table. Vista was 64...