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    Need advice on first build

    or if you want take a look at my build and build from there, should be cheaper by now besides the processor and gpu and you can change stuff inside
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    What is better in terms of gaming, and general one off rendering?

    well all things are cool, if you don't have an i5 then just don't buy the i7 unless you really need to then just build a whole new system with the i7 makes you more I-peen
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    i3 + AsRock H61 won't boot

    well not sure if iget everything but, did you try testing each ram slot and they work? how about each ram stick? and this is a weird phenomenon.
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    Best Bang for Buck - Gigabyte 2xWindforce 7950 Crossfired (Tests on 1080 and 1440)

    wow awesome, more update here please ^_^
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    [BiP] Jadzia's Jalopy, it begins :D

    agreed go for the K version, as it should be worth it IMO... unless you already bought the entire stuff >.<
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    i5 for MSI N670 Power Edition OC

    well having a nice cooler won't make much difference since you can't overclock your cpu so far as I know but well it might help give lower temps and extra cooling inside the case so it's all good
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    building a ITX rig or matx

    so far i've never built a itx rig before the last one i built as a lan party rig was a m-atx. but right now i'm thinking of making a smaller size gaming machine was using the nzxt vulcan housed inside are amd phenom II and a asus mobo with 4gb ram, and a 6670. so now I'm itching of trying out...
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    New CPU Vote underway

    things should be like what people owned right now (doesn't count what relatives own)
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    New CPU Vote underway

    agreed with the above, most of us herehave more than 3 pc or more
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    whats my system worth ?

    1000$-1500$ (brand new but well used will be lower) not sure about other stuff with the water cooling posting your awesome build would be nice ^_^
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    New CPU Vote underway

    oh sorry about that, already 2:36am here hehehe didn't read it properly, well those choices above are great, people should also post a pic of their (even processor will do) as also saying they use this or that or at least vote for the cpu they had most good memories with ^_^
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    New CPU Vote underway

    Intel i7 3930k for me ^_^
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    The graphics card with the hottest looks!

    lol at the anus part (it's long ago but still) btw couldn't find any pick but there was a video on motherboards about this xfx small card size of his hand or something.
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    Best Bang for Buck - Gigabyte 2xWindforce 7950 Crossfired (Tests on 1080 and 1440)

    awesome that should be a kick ass system ^___^ upload more stuff once your system gets shipped. looking forward to it hehehe
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    Budget build for Skyrim

    so did he take the apu and the games? if i read it right that they get free 6 games or something.
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    Best Bang for Buck - Gigabyte 2xWindforce 7950 Crossfired (Tests on 1080 and 1440)

    oh damn, such a nice gaming area so hows your 7950 going? how far are the clocks right now? did you overclock them higher? are you using water cooling?
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    Want new Vcard

    no problem, hey btw once you get it, show some results on how it went I actually wanted one vapor-x but it's never available in my country and should be expensive as F*&K
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    Want new Vcard

    that's actually a monster card ^_^ and will really serve you well
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    Want new Vcard

    well so far based on my other post. HIS one isn't that great but still I got no solid proof of stuff to show but I do hear a lot about Sapphire, Gigabyte, MSi, and I read around some topic about asus 7970 gets hot or something along the line so it's not good. try the 7950 based on...
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    what CPU do you have vote! part 2

    Intel i7 3930k for me, found my old box so thought of taking a pic of it for the gist :toast: edited it to a smaller pic.
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    which amd gpu is worth for the price?

    for the sapphire 7970 oc ed (474.724$) and the 7950 oc ed (372.651$) from these 2 how far can one oc these 2? well overclocking/temperature/fan noise/quality of these cards? and how is the current driver for amd? and how comparable is it compared to the gtx 670 msi/asus and the 680...
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    which amd gpu is worth for the price?

    I looked into the 7950 and these are the prices, HIS HD 7950 IceQ 3GB GDDR5 384bit = PHP 15500.00 = 375.803$ Sapphire HD 7950 3gb/384bit (OC Ed) = PHP 15370.00 = 372.651$ Power Color HD 7950 3gb/384bit ddr5 PCS+ (OC Ed) = PHP 13340.00 = 323.433$ these are the only available 7950...
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    which amd gpu is worth for the price?

    1 US dollar = 41.2450 Philippine pesos XFX HD 7970 Double Dissipation 3gb/256bit ddr5 = PHP 22730.00 = 551.097$ Power Color HD 7970 3gb/384bit ddr5 PCS+ (OC Ed) = PHP 17900.00 = 433.991$ Asus HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP 3gb/384bit (OC Ed) = PHP 18430.00 = 446.842$ Sapphire HD 7970 OC Ed...
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    Need advice on first build

    well since you got such a big budget how about going for the intel 256 ssd? a 850w seasonic platinum i7 3770k nice cooler (like cm 212 +/evo) 660 ti asus/560ti msi/570 msi should well serve the things you need to do (or a 670) nice msi or asus motherboard x3 monitor for 150$ each ducky...
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    does a zotac gtx 680 amp fit on a level 10 gt both sli and non sli.

    ok that helps but now here's another one does it have no problem with the extended copper pipes of the zotac 680 amp??? also since were here might as well ask since while browsing the net, we saw a Point of view gtx 670, comparing it to the asus or msi 670 and the 680 amp, how good is it...