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    Gpuz - Ati 7790 bug

    First of all, this bug is not exlusive to 7790. It happens on my 7950, likewise. When I was seeing a video on my player, there was over 50% chance to completely freeze my PC. I thought it was related to the fact that the player was using DXVA. Now it happened again ( v. 0.7.3 ) while...
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    Why does Nvidia brag about FXAA? It makes most of my games look like crap...

    It's not only the blurriness, for me it's mostly when you're moving it does absolutely nothing. It's like many objects are blinking/flickering. For instance, do you like BF3 only with post-AA? I can't play without at least 2xMSAA on some maps ( and post-AA only on Low because BF3 is made to...
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    Windows 8 Graphics Performance

    No Win8 for me either. I just made a clean Win7 installation and I'm not looking... back. Up until now the only program I stopped updating is uTorrent ( 2.2.1 ). None else. Now Win7 is being added in the shooort list.
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    AMD HD 7950 Boost Clock BIOS Update

    Red or Dead, dude... You got a gem there! By the way, I can do 1000Mhz with 1.056... Does this mean probably my card consumes less than Wizard's reference card in those graphs ( the ref at 800Mhz with 1.07 ) ? I'm curious because I really do care for power consumption. This was the reason I...
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    MSI Radeon HD 7950 Twin Frozr III 3072 MB

    Extremely important for me... My next card would be the 7950 or 660/670GTX depends... I'd really like to see a manufacturer who will innovate and will let us easily extract and clean the mechanism... It's such a pain... For cleaning Ι use a whole box of cotton buds for ears and much time. By...
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    Will you wait for NVIDIA's next-generation Kepler GPU?

    Right now I'm into this dilemma... I can order the 7950, but I really want to wait for Kepler... The 7950 is too expensive, I never in my 10+ years of PC-Gaming had ATI... But still, now it got into my mind and I want to buy the normal Saphire 7950... Honestly, I don't know what to answer...
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    PowerColor HD 7950 PCS+

    I could really give 300-320€ right now, but the rumors in my country say 410€ for the cheaper 7950. Not a chance to give 'em, dam. Maybe better 'cause I'll see what Nvidia will have to offer.
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    Poll: Did the 7970 and 7950 launch meet your expecations?

    If the cost of 7950 was 320€ and not 420€, I'd buy one today. Now, not a chance. And it could be my first time I'd get something other than Nvidia + Intel ( 4PCs - 10Years ). Now I'm gonna wait for Nvidia. I've 350€ to spend, but IF the new cards will worth. I'd really like a GTX670 being...